About DVDizzy

Welcome to DVDizzy, a movie review blog by Luke Bonanno, a seasoned film critic and journalist with over two decades of dedicated experience in unraveling the magic of the big screen. With an insatiable passion for movies and films and an unerring eye for detail, Luke has become a trusted voice in the realm of movie criticism.

With a passion for the art of film, Luke invites you to explore the world of cinema through his lens. Whether you’re a cinephile seeking the next big-screen adventure or a home entertainment enthusiast in search of the perfect DVD addition, he is here to guide you through the captivating world of storytelling on both the big and small screens. From reviews on the newest movies in theaters to the latest DVD and Blu-ray releases and to timeless classics, DVDizzy provides thoughtful reviews on movies that go beyond a simple thumbs up or down.

History of DVDizzy Movie Reviews

DVDizzy began in January of 2001 as The Ultimate Guide to Disney DVD under the site name UltimateDisney.com. Luke Bonanno, a senior at Regis High School in Manhattan who had just turned 18, was recovering from a knee surgery in the midst of an epic growth spurt. He put together a number of lists of Disney movies that were and weren’t available on DVD and the site grew rapidly and extensively from there.

By the time he graduated from New York University in 2005, Luke was working on the site full-time. In the 20 years since DVDizzy has grown into a hub for film enthusiasts and a respected source of unbiased reviews for movie reviews in theaters and on DVD and Blu-ray discs.

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