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October 2, 2007

Title -Link- Year Studio Details
Fantastic Four:
Rise of the Silver Surfer
2007 Fox 2-disc Power Cosmic Edition: 2.40:1, DD 5.1, 2 commentaries, extended/
deleted scenes, documentary, 5 featurettes, trailers, galleries; Review
Also available in Single-Disc Edition with WS & FS on flipper and 2 audio
commentaries; low-priced 2-Movie Collection; Blu-ray Disc with all DVD
extras plus trivia game, strategy game, D-Box, high-def trailers
The Jungle Book: Platinum Edition 1967 Disney 2-disc set: 1.75:1, DD 5.1; Review; audio commentary, "The Bare
Necessities" making-of documentary, "The Lure of The Jungle Book"
animators featurette, deleted scenes, 7 deleted songs, "Mowgli's Return
to the Jungle", discarded 1963 film treatment, all-new music video,
art gallery, English learning feature, Baloo's Virtual Swingin' Jungle
Cruise, "Lost Character: Rocky the Rhino"; $29.99 SRP
Funny Face: 50th Anniversary Edition 1957 Paramount 1.85:1, DD 5.1, mono; "The Fashion Designer and His Muse",
"Paramount in the '50s", "Parisian Dreams", trailer, photo gallery;
$14.99 SRP; Review; Also in new 5-movie Audrey Hepburn Collection
Misery: Collector's Edition 1990 MGM/Fox 1.85:1, DD 5.1, screenwriter William Goldman commentary,
director Rob Reiner commentary, 5 all-new featurettes, 2 additional
movie featurettes, trailer and teaser; $19.98 SRP; Review
1408: Two-Disc Collector's Edition 2007 Weinstein 2-disc set: $32.95 SRP; Also available in single-disc edition; $29.99 SRP
Entourage: Season 3, Part 2 2007 HBO 2-disc set: 8 episodes; $39.98 SRP; 1.78:1, DD 5.1; 3 commentaries,
season finale, behind-the-scenes, Museum of TV & Radio panel discussion
How I Met Your Mother: Season 2 2006-07 Fox 3-disc set: 22 episodes; 1.33:1, DD 5.1; extras TBA
Criminal Minds: The Second Season 2006-07 Paramount 6-disc set: 23 episodes; 1.78:1, DD 5.1
Jericho: The First Season 2006-07 Paramount 6-disc set: 22 episodes; 1.78:1, DD 5.1; "Building Jericho", "What
If?", deleted scenes, 5 cast/crew episode commentaries; $49.99 SRP
The Secret World of Alex Mack:
Season 1
1994-95 Genius 2-disc set: 13 episodes; 1.33:1, DD 2.0; $22.95 SRP
Shark: Season One 2006-07 Fox 6-disc set: 22 episodes; 1.78:1, DD 5.1; 2 commentaries,
deleted scenes, gag reel, "Creating Shark" featurette; $59.98 SRP
Star Trek: The Next Generation
The Complete Series
1987-94 Paramount 49-disc set: 178 episodes; 1.33:1, DD 2.0; $455.95 SRP
includes bonus disc with 3 new featurettes; custom packaging
I Love New York: Season 1 2007 Paramount 3-disc set: 11 episodes; 1.33:1, DD 2.0; $39.99 SRP
Metalocalypse: Season One 2007 Warner 2-disc set: 21 episodes; 1.33:1, DD 2.0; $29.99 SRP
Sarah Silverman Program: Season 1 2007 Paramount 6 episodes; 1.33:1, DD 2.0; $19.99 SRP; audio commentary,
musical performances, karaoke sing-along, never-before-seen footage
Bram Stoker's Dracula:
Collector's Edition
1992 Sony 2-disc set: 1.85:1, DD 5.1; $24.96; director Francis Ford Coppola
commentary and intro, deleted scenes, trailer, making-of
documentary; featurettes on costumes, visual effects, and
visualization; Review; Also on Blu-ray Disc
Caligula: Three-Disc Imperial Edition 1979 Image alternate versions of film, 3 commentaries by cast and writer,
new interviews, making-of documentary, trailers, photo gallery,
DVD-ROM (screenplay, articles, production notes); $39.99 SRP
Also available in single-disc Unrated and R-rated editions
Christmas Television Favorites 1966-79 Warner 4-disc set contains How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Horton Hears a Who,
The Year Without a Santa Claus, Rudolph's Shiny New Year, Nestor the Long-
Eared Christmas Donkey
, Frosty's Winter Wonderland, 'Twas the Night Before
, and Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July; 1.33:1; $39.72 SRP
A Flintstones Christmas Carol 1994 Warner 1.33:1, DD 2.0; $14.98 SRP; bonus special A Flintstone Christmas
The Year Without a Santa Claus:
Deluxe Edition
1974 Warner 1.33:1, DD 2.0; $19.97 SRP; "We are Santa's Elves" documentary
on Rankin/Bass legacy, "School of Stop Motion" demonstration
The War: A Ken Burns Film 2007 PBS New 7-part Ken Burns miniseries (to air in fall); $129.99 SRP
Species: Collector's Edition 1995 MGM/Fox 2-disc set: 2.35:1, DD 5.1; $19.98 SRP; 4 featurettes,
alternate ending, trailer, photo gallery; Species IV sneak peek
Species IV: The Awakening 2007 MGM/Fox Unrated DVD; 1.85:1, DD 5.1; $26.98 SRP; direct-to-video
The Inspector Lynley Mysteries 5 2007 WGBH 4-disc set: 4 episodes; 1.78:1, DD 2.0; $39.95 SRP
Blu-ray Disc/HD DVD Debuts     Misc. New to Blu-ray: Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Nip/Tuck: The
Complete 4th Season
, Bram Stoker's Dracula: Collector's Edition,
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, Halloween, Dawn of
the Dead
, Day of the Dead, The Day After Tomorrow, A Room with a View,
Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn, Galapagos.
New to HD DVD: Top Gun, A Room with a View, Galapagos.

October 9, 2007

Title -Link- Year Studio Details
Evan Almighty 2007 Universal 2.35:1, DD 5.1; Review; deleted scenes, outtakes, "Steve
Carell Unscripted", "Becoming Noah", "Training the Animals",
Ark Animals game, "Environment-Friendly Set", "Designing the
Visual Effects"; $29.98 SRP; Also on HD DVD / DVD Combo
Surf's Up 2007 Sony 1.85:1, DD 5.1; Review; commentary, technical and voice
cast featurettes, storyboard-to-surfboard multi-angle feature,
Arnold's Zurfinary, "Meet the Penguins", Lauryn Hill
music video, 3 games, new short The ChubbChubbs Save Xmas
plus original ChubbChubbs short; $28.95 SRP; Also on Blu-ray
Reign Over Me 2007 Sony 2.40:1, DD 5.1, "A Still Reign", "Behind the Reign", Jam Session
with Adam Sandler & Don Cheadle; $28.95 SRP; Also on Blu-ray
28 Weeks Later 2007 Fox 1.85:1, DD 5.1, commentary, "Code Red" making-of featurette,
make-up and action featurettes, Flash-animated graphic novel,
deleted scenes, trailers; Review; Also in low-priced 2-pack
Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Season 3 1957-58 Universal 5-disc set: 39 episodes; 1.33:1, DD mono; $39.98 SRP
CSI: NY: The Complete Third Season 2006-07 Paramount 6-disc set: 24 episodes; 1.78:1, DD 5.1; $64.99 SRP
Everybody Hates Chris: Season 2 2006-07 Paramount 4-disc set: 22 episodes; 1.78:1, DD 5.1; $38.99 SRP
Family Ties: The Second Season 1983-84 Paramount 4-disc set: 22 episodes; 1.33:1, DD mono; $38.99 SRP;
3 featurettes, episode promos; Review
Murder, She Wrote: The 7th Season 1990-91 Universal 5-disc set: 22 episodes; 1.33:1, DD 2.0; "The Perils of Success"
Roots: The Next Generations 1979 Warner 4-disc set: 2.55:1, DD 2.0; 7-episode miniseries; $59.98 SRP
Creature Comforts America:
The Complete First Season
2007 Sony 2-disc set: 6 episodes; 1.78:1, DD 5.1; $29.95 SRP;
live-action videos, deleted/alternate scenes, more scenes;
stop-motion animation series from Aardman (Wallace & Gromit)
Degrassi High: The Complete Collection 1987-90 WGBH 4-disc set: 70 episodes; 1.33:1, DD 2.0; $49.95 SRP
Ghost Hunters: Season 3, Part 1 2006 Big Vision 3-disc set: 6 episodes; 1.33:1, DD 2.0; $24.98 SRP
Whose Line Is It Anyway? S1, V2 1999 Warner 2-disc set: 10 uncensored episodes (US version); $26.98 SRP
Girlfriends: The Second Season 2001-02 Paramount 6-disc set: 22 episodes; 1.33:1, DD 2.0, "Creating the
Show", closer look at "Trick or Truth?", "Getting the Girls
Together", episode guide; $36.99 SRP
Poltergeist: 25th Anniversary Edition 1982 Warner 2.40:1, DD 5.1, $19.98 SRP; Review
2-part documentary "The Real World of Poltergeists Revealed"
Twilight Zone: The Movie 1983 Warner 1.85:1, DD 5.1, trailer; $19.98 SRP; Also on Blu-ray and HD DVD
Rise: Blood Hunter 2007 Sony 1.85:1, DD 5.1; $24.96 SRP; 8 featurettes; Also in Unrated DVD
The Vicar of Dibley:
A Holy Wholly Happy Ending
2006-07 BBC Warner final 2 episodes: "The Handsome Stranger", "The Vicar in
White", "The Vicar of Dibley Story" featurette, 2007 Comic
Relief sketch; 1.78:1, DD 2.0; $19.98 SRP
Homie Spumoni 2007 Warner 2.35:1, DD 5.1; gag reel, featurette; $24.98 SRP; Review
Wrong Turn 2: Dead End 2007 Fox Unrated DVD: 1.78:1, DD 5.1; $26.98 SRP; 2 commentaries,
3 featurettes, trailer; direct-to-video in US
Hannah Montana: Life's What You Make It 2007 Disney 1.33:1, DD 5.1; $19.99 SRP; 4 episodes; "Backstage Pass: The
Secrets of Hannah", Billy Ray Cyrus music video; Review
Johnny Kapahala: Back on Board 2007 Disney 1.33:1, DD 5.1; $26.99 SRP; Disney Channel sequel; "The Dirt
on Dirtboarding", multi-angle board stunts, musical performances
by T-Squad and Jonas Brothers; Press Release
Blu-ray Disc/HD DVD Debuts     Misc. New to Blu-ray: Surf's Up, Reign Over Me, 28 Weeks Later,
Robocop, Edward Scissorhands, Twilight Zone: The Movie
New to HD DVD: Evan Almighty, Twilight Zone: The Movie

October 16, 2007

Title -Link- Year Studio Details
Transformers 2007 DreamWorks 2-Disc Special Edition: Review; 2.35:1, DD 5.1, commentary,
9 featurettes, concept sketches, trailers; $36.99 SRP
Also available in single-disc DVD (with commentaries only)
and 2-disc Special Edition HD DVD with additional extras
Grindhouse: Planet Terror 2007 Weinstein 2-disc Extended & Unrated set: 2.35:1, DD 5.1; $27.95 SRP
A Mighty Heart 2007 Paramount 2.35:1, DD 5.1; making-of documentary, PSA, "Committee to
Protect Journalists"; Also on HD DVD
The Hoax 2007 Miramax 1.85:1, DD 5.1, 2 audio commentaries, deleted/extended scenes,
featurette, "Mike Wallace: Reflections on a Con"; Review
The Invisible 2007 Hollywood 2.35:1, DD 5.1, 2 audio commentaries, deleted scenes,
music videos: 30 Seconds to Mars' "The Kill" and Sparta's "Taking
Back Control" ; $29.99 SRP; Also on Blu-ray
The Reaping 2007 Warner 2.40:1 & 1.33:1, DD 5.1, "AnnaSophia Robb's Scary Story",
"Science of the Ten Plagues", "The Characters", "A Place Called
Haven", "The Reaping: The Seventh Plague"; $28.98 SRP
Also available on Blu-ray and HD DVD
MacGyver: The Complete Series 1985-94 Paramount 39-disc set: 139 episodes (7 S) plus two TV movies: Lost Treasure of
, MacGyver: Trail to Doomsday; 1.33:1, DD 2.0; $195.99 SRP
Medium: The Third Season 2006-07 Paramount 6-disc set: 21 episodes; 1.78:1, DD 5.1; $54.99 SRP;
audio commentary, deleted scenes
Roseanne: The Ninth Season 1996-97 Anchor Bay 4-disc set: 22 episodes; 1.33:1, DD 2.0; $39.98 SRP; new interviews
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip:
The Complete Series
2006-07 Warner 6-disc set: 22 episodes; 1.78:1, DD 5.1; audio commentary
on pilot, documentary; $59.98 SRP
That '70s Show: Season 7 2004-05 Fox 4-disc set: 25 episodes; 1.33:1, DD 2.0; audio commentaries on
3 episodes by director David Trainer, 24 episode promos,
featurettes on Don Stark, writing, 7th season; $49.98 SRP
The Jazz Singer: 3-Disc Deluxe Edition 1927 Warner 3-disc set: 1.33:1, DD mono; $39.92 SRP; film historians'
commentary, new feature-length documentary The Dawn of Sound,
5 rare cartoons & shorts, Al Jolson movie trailer gallery,
1947 Lux radio theater broadcast, 5 vintage studio shorts on
the early sound era, Gold Diggers of Broadway excerpts, over 3
hours of Vitaphone comedy & music shorts, photo and lobby card
reproductions, souvenir program reproduction, booklet with vintage
document reproductions, reproduction of post-premiere telegram
Jimi Hendrix: Live at Monterey 2007 Exp. Hendrix The Definitive Edition: 1.33:1, DD/DTS 5.1; $19.99 SRP
Hollow Man: Director's Cut 2000 Sony 1.85:1, DD 5.1; $19.94 SRP; 15 featurettes, "Hollow Man:
Anatomy of a Thriller"; Also on Blu-ray Disc
Return to House on Haunted Hill 2007 Warner direct-to-video sequel to 1999 remake; 2.40:1, DD 5.1
"Character Confessions", "The Search for an Idol: Dr. Richard
Hammer's Quest", Mushroomhead music video "Simple Survival";
$27.99 SRP; Also available on Rated DVD, Blu-ray, HD DVD
The House Without a Christmas Tree 1972 Paramount 1.33:1, DD mono; $12.99 SRP; Review
Jingle All The Way: Family Fun Edition 1996 Fox 1.85:1, DD 5.1; theatrical & extended cuts, featurettes: "The Making
of a Hero", "Super Kids", "Turbo Man: Behind the Mask"; set-top
games "Christmas Rush", "Guess the Gift"; $19.98 SRP; Review
MGM Holiday Classics Collection 1934-61 MGM/Fox 3-disc set contains Laurel and Hardy's March of the Wooden Soldiers,
The Bishop's Wife, and Francis Capra's Pocketful of Miracles
1.33:1, 2.35:1, DD 2.0; $29.98 SRP
Absolutely Fabulous: White Box 2004 BBC Warner $14.98 SRP; "How to Be Absolutely Fabulous" featurette, "Ab Fab
Moments", "French & Saunders: Modern Mother and Daughter"
Deadliest Catch:
The Complete Second Season
2006 Discovery 3-disc set: 13 episodes; 1.33:1, DD 2.0; $29.99 SRP
Blu-ray Disc/HD DVD Debuts     Misc. New to Blu-ray: Hollow Man: Director's Cut, The Invisible, The Reaping,
Return to House on Haunted Hill: Unrated
New to HD DVD: Transformers, A Mighty Heart, The Reaping,
Return to House on Haunted Hill: Unrated

October 23, 2007

Title -Link- Year Studio Details
Meet the Robinsons 2007 Disney 1.78:1 16:9, DD 5.1; $29.99 SRP; director's audio commentary,
deleted scenes, "Inventing the Robinsons", "Inventions That
Shaped the World", Rob Thomas and Jonas Brothers music
videos, Family Function 5000 game, 5.1 effects-only track
Review; Original Movie Review, Soundtrack Review
Also available on Blu-ray ($34.99 SRP) with
more deleted scenes and exclusive game; Disney Blu-ray List
Warner Director Series: Stanley Kubrick 1968-99 Warner 10-disc box set contains new 2-disc special editions of 2001:
A Space Odyssey
, A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, and Eyes Wide Shut;
plus Full Metal Jacket and Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures,
documentaries, featurettes, commentaries; $79.98 SRP; Review
Available separately, repackagings of Barry Lyndon, Lolita
A Christmas Carol:
Ultimate Collector's Edition
1951 VCI 2-disc set: 1.33:1 & 1.85:1, DD mono; black & white and
colorized versions of film, audio commentary, "Spirit of
Christmas Past", "Richard Gordon Remembers George Minter &
Renown Pictures", "Charles Dickens: His Life & Times", before
/after restoration comparison, American & British trailers,
photo & press book gallery, cast bios, 1935 film Scrooge
I Love Lucy: The Complete Series 1951-57 Paramount 34-disc set: 194 episodes; 1.33:1, DD mono; $241.98 SRP
new digital restoration of pilot & Season 1 episodes, 1953's I Love
Lucy: The Movie
with never-before-seen scenes, 1954 Emmy Awards
clips, highlights from Lucy and Desi's first joint TV appearance,
plus all bonus material from existing season sets
The Sopranos: Season 6, Part 2 2007 HBO 4-disc set: 9 episodes; 1.78:1, DD 5.1; $99.98 SRP
4 commentaries, "Making Cleaver", "The Music of The Sopranos"
Veronica Mars: The Complete 3rd Season 2006-07 Warner 6-disc set: 20 episodes; 1.78:1, DD 5.1; $59.98 SRP
The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones:
Volume One
1992-94 Paramount 12-disc set: 1.33:1, DD 2.0; $129.99 SRP
NCIS: The Fourth Season 2006-07 Paramount 6-disc set: 24 episodes; 1.78:1, DD 5.1; $64.99 SRP
The L Word: The Complete 4th Season 2006-07 Paramount 4-disc set: 12 episodes; 1.78:1, DD 5.1; $55.98 SRP
The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians 1985 Warner 2-disc set: 8 half-hour episodes; 1.33:1, DD 1.0; $26.98 SRP;
"Super Friends Redux: Galactic Guardians" retrospective featurette
The Adventures of Aquaman:
The Complete Collection
1967-68 Warner 2-disc set: 36 episodes; 1.33:1, DD 1.0; $26.98 SRP
"Aquaman: The Sovereign of the Seas" retrospective featurette
Mind of Mencia: Uncensored Season 3 2007 Paramount 2-disc set: 16 episodes; 1.33:1, DD 2.0; $26.99 SRP; 1 episode
audio commentary, deleted scenes, Comedy Central Quickies
Tales from the Crypt: Season 7 1996 Warner 3-disc set: 13 episodes; 1.33:1, DD 2.0; $39.98 SRP
Thomas & Friends: Ultimate Christmas
Limited Holiday Edition
2007 Anchor Bay 1.33:1, DD 2.0; $14.98 SRP; 60 minutes
Mr. Brooks 2007 MGM/Fox 1.85:1, DD 5.1; $29.98 SRP; commentary, deleted scenes,
3 featurettes, trailers
Home of the Brave 2006 MGM/Fox 2.35:1 & 1.33:1, DD 5.1, commentary, 2 deleted scenes
Hostel, Part II 2007 Sony Unrated DVD: $28.95 SRP; Also on Blu-ray
Hostel: Director's Cut 2006 Sony 2-Disc Unrated DVD: $19.94 SRP; Also on Blu-ray
Hellraiser: 20th Anniversary Ed. 1987 Anchor Bay $24.98 SRP
Saw III: Director's Cut 2006 Lionsgate 2-Disc Unrated DVD: $26.98 SRP; Also available in 6-disc Trilogy set
The Tripper: Unrated 2007 Fox 1.85:1, DD 2.0; director & actors commentary, deleted scenes,
bloopers, trailers, "Behind the Spleens", Presidential
Campaign Tour footage; $27.98 SRP
Into Great Silence 2005 Zeitgeist 2-disc set: 1.85:1, DD 5.1
The Company 2007 Sony 2-disc set: 6-hour miniseries; 1.78:1, DD 5.1; $39.99 SRP
Burt Lancaster: Signature Collection 1950-73 Warner 5-disc set contains Flame and the Arrow, Jim Thorpe -- All American, South
Sea Woman
, His Majesty O'Keefe, and Executive Action; $49.98 SRP
Blu-ray Disc/HD DVD Debuts     Misc. New to Blu-ray: Meet the Robinsons, Hostel Part II, The Shining:
Special Edition
, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Full Metal Jacket: Deluxe
, A Clockwork Orange, Eyes Wide Shut, The Company,
Mr. Brooks, Hostel, Hostel: Director's Cut, The Sopranos: S6P2,
The Hills Have Eyes 2: Unrated, The King of New York, Scary Movie.
New to HD DVD: The Jack Ryan Collection, The Shining: Spec. Ed.,
Eyes Wide Shut, Full Metal Jacket: Deluxe Edition, A Clockwork Orange,
Inside Man, Carlito's Way, The Sopranos: S6P2, Seed of Chucky.


October 30, 2007

Title -Link- Year Studio Details
Spider-Man 3 2007 Sony Single-disc DVD: cast and crew commentaries, bloopers, gallery,
Snow Patrol music video; 2-Disc Special Edition DVD: 1-disc extras
plus global TV spots and 11 exclusive featurettes; Also available in
2-Disc Blu-ray, DVD Trilogy Box Set, Blu-ray Trilogy Box Set
License to Wed 2007 Warner 2.40:1 & 1.33:1, DD 5.1, deleted scenes (with commentary),
interactive feature "Ask Choir Boy"; $28.98 SRP; Review
Also available on Blu-ray and HD DVD/DVD Combo
Looney Tunes: Golden Collection,
Volume 5
1940-63 Warner 4-disc set: 60 cartoons; Disc 1: Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck,
Disc 2: Fairy Tales, Disc 3: Bob Clampett's films; Disc 4: Porky Pig
and other Classics; 2000 Chuck Jones PBS documentary
CSI: Miami: The Fifth Season 2006-07 Paramount 6-disc set: 24 episodes; 1.78:1, DD 5.1; $64.99 SRP
Magnum P.I.: The Complete 7th Season 1986-87 Univesral 5-disc set: 22 episodes; 1.33:1, DD 2.0; $49.98 SRP
My So-Called Life: The Complete Series 1994-95 Shout! 6-disc set: 19 episodes; 1.33:1, DD 2.0; $69.99 SRP; documentary,
1995 Museum of TV & Radio panel, Claire Danes interview, "A
Conversation with Claire Danes & Winnie Holzman", featurettes
on characters and music, photo gallery, deluxe book
October Road: Season 1 2007 Touchstone 2-disc set: 6 episodes; 1.78:1; DD 5.1; $29.99 SRP; featurette,
deleted scenes, bloopers, Season 2 preview; Review
Scrubs: The Complete 6th Season 2006-07 Touchstone 3-disc set: 22 episodes; 1.33:1, DD 5.1; commentaries,
alternate lines, deleted scenes, extended Judy Reyes interview,
behind-the-scenes of "My Musical"; $39.99 SRP; Review
Twin Peaks: Definitive Gold Box Edition 1990-91 Paramount 10-disc set: 29 episodes (Seasons 1 & 2) plus pilot, commentary
by David Lynch, Kyle MacLachlan, and Madchen Amick;
US network & international versions, deleted scenes,
featurettes: "Secrets from Another Place", "A Slice of Lynch",
interactive Twin Peaks map, "Falling" music video, complete
Log Lady introductions, Kyle MacLachlan's Saturday Night Live
monologue and sketch; 1.33:1, DD 5.1 and 2.0; $99.99 SRP
Angel: Special Collector's Set 1999-2004 Fox 30-disc set: 110 episodes; Seasons 1-5; companion
booklet, Joss Whedon's letter to fans; $139.98 SRP
Family Guy: Freakin' Party Pack 1999-2007 Fox 18-disc set: 1.33:1, DD 5.1; 89 episodes plus 2005 direct-to-video
movie Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story, 51 episode commentaries,
movie commentary, featurettes, hundreds of deleted scenes,
multi-angle scenes & table reads, guest star interviews, galleries,
animatics, trailers & promos, extended cuts, DVD-ROM; $149.98 SRP
The Wendell Baker Story 2007 Thinkfilm 2.35:1, DD 5.1; $27.98 SRP; audio commentary, deleted scenes,
song performance, featurettes, photo gallery, trailer; Review
Barbara Stanwyck: Signature Collection 1935-54 Warner 5-disc set contains Annie Oakley, My Reputation, East Side, West Side,
To Please a Lady, Jeopardy, Executive Suite; $49.98 SRP
Baby Einstein: Lullaby Time 2007 Disney 1.33:1, DD 2.0; $19.99 SRP; Review
Blu-ray Disc/HD DVD Debuts     Misc. New to Blu-ray: The Spider-Man Trilogy, Spider-Man 3, License to Wed
New to HD DVD: License to Wed, Face Off

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