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August 7, 2007

Title -Link- Year Studio Details
The Muppet Show: Season 2 1977-78 Buena Vista 4-disc set: 24 episodes; 1.33:1, DD mono; 1974 pilot "The
Muppets Valentine Special", new character interviews, Weezer's
"Keep Fishin'" music video; $39.99 SRP; Review; Season 1
The Simpsons: Season 10 1998-99 Fox 4-disc set: 23 episodes; 1.33:1, DD 5.1; $49.95 SRP
Also available with standard packaging
Rome: The Complete Second Season 2007 HBO 5-disc set: 10 episodes, 1.78:1, DD 5.1; $99.98 SRP
featurettes, interactive on-screen historical guide
Full House: Season 7 1993-94 Warner 4-disc set: 24 episodes; 1.33:1, DD 2.0; $29.98 SRP; Review
Home Improvement: Season 7 1997-98 Buena Vista 3-disc set: 25 episodes; 1.33:1, DD 2.0; $23.99 SRP; bloopers reel;
Review; Season 1-6 Reviews
Daniel Boone: Season 5 1968-69 Goldhil 7-disc set: 26 episodes; 1.33:1, DD 2.0 mono; $49.98 SRP
Disturbia 2007 DreamWorks 2.35:1, DD 5.1 EX; $29.99 SRP; audio commentary, 4 deleted
scenes, making-of, "Hitchcock Flare", Serial Pursuit trivia track,
bloopers, This World Fair - "Don't Make Me Wait" music video,
trailer, photo gallery; Review; Also on Blu-ray and HD DVD
TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) 2007 Warner 2.35:1 & 1.33:1, DD 5.1; $29.99 SRP; Review; commentary,
deleted scenes and test animation, voice cast featurette,
Also available on Blu-ray and HD-DVD/DVD Combo
Are We Done Yet? 2007 Sony 1.85:1, DD 5.1; $28.95 SRP; blooper reel, film quiz,
"A Kid's Eye View of Movie-making"; Also on Blu-ray
Unaccompanied Minors 2006 Warner 2.40:1 & 1.33:1, DD 5.1; Review;
deleted scenes, outtakes, commentary; $28.98 SRP
I Think I Love My Wife 2007 Fox 1.85:1 & 1.33:1, DD 5.1; $29.99 SRP; Chris Rock audio
commentary, deleted scenes, bloopers, 2 featurettes,
2 FX Movie Channel specials, Brand New Heavies music video
8 Simple Rules: Season 1 2002-03 Buena Vista 3-disc set: 28 episodes; 1.78:1; bloopers; $23.99 SRP; Review
Darkwing Duck: Volume 2 1991 Disney 3-disc set: 27 episodes; 1.33:1, DD 2.0; $34.99 SRP; Review
Volume 1 Review; early '90s Disney Afternoon animated series
My Hero: Season 2 2000-01 BBC Warner 6 episodes, Christmas special, cast bios; 1.33:1, DD 2.0; $19.99 SRP
Roseanne: Season 8 1995-96 Anchor Bay 2 double-sided disc set: 25 episodes; 1.33:1, DD 2.0; $39.98 SRP
SuperFriends: The Legendary Super
Powers Show: The Complete Series
1984 Warner 2-disc set: 16 15-minute episodes; 1.33:1, DD 2.0; $26.98 SRP
featurettes on cultural diversity, toy industry; 5 episode commentaries
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:
Season 5
1991 Lionsgate 3-disc set: 18 episodes; 1.33:1, DD 2.0; $24.98 SRP
The Tick vs. Season 2 1995-96 Buena Vista 2-disc set: 12 episodes from '90s superhero cartoon; 1.33:1,
DD 2.0; $34.99 SRP; Review; Season 1 Review
The Film Crew: Killers from Space 2007 Vivendi 1954 Peter Graves B-movie with commentary from MST3K guys
Flash Gordon:
Saviour of the Universe Edition
1980 Universal 2.35:1, DD 5.1, 2 featurettes, trailer; $26.98 SRP
Invasion of the Body Snatchers:
Collector's Edition
1978 MGM/Fox 2-disc set: 1.85:1, DD 2.0; commentary by director Philip Kaufman,
making-of retrospective, trailer, featurettes on sound effects,
visual effects, and cinematography; $19.98 SRP
Saved By The Bell: Hawaiian Style &
Saved By The Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas
1992-94 Lionsgate Double feature holds two TV movies; 1.33:1, DD 2.0; $19.98 SRP
The Dresden Files: Season 1 2007 Lionsgate 3-disc set: 12 episodes; $39.98 SRP
The Hills: Complete Second Season 2007 MTV/Paramount 3-disc set: 12 episodes; 1.33:1, DD 2.0; $38.99 SRP; deleted
scenes, interviews, premiere party, photo shoot, remixes
That Girl: Season Three 1968-69 Shout! 4-disc set: 26 episodes; 1.33:1, DD mono
The Suite Life of Zack & Cody:
Sweet Suite Victory
2007 Disney 3 episodes of Disney Channel comedy; Review
1.33:1, DD 5.1, gag reel, "The Suite Life's Sweet Lift Challenge"
trivia game; $19.99 SRP; Vol. 1 Review; Brenda Song Interview
Cory in the House: All-Star Edition 2007 Disney 4-episode compilation of "That's So Raven" spin-off;
"Behind the Scenes with The Rock", "Behind the Scenes with
Raven", poster; 1.33:1, DD 5.1; $19.99 SRP; Review
Myrna Loy and William Powell
1934-41 Warner 5-disc set contains Manhattan Melodrama, Evelyn Prentice,
Double Wedding, I Love You Again, and Love Crazy; 1.33:1
OAR, DD mono; $49.98 SRP; classic cartoons, trailers,
comedy/musical/Crime Doesn't Pay shorts, radio broadcast
Elvis: The Hollywood Collection 1964-69 Warner 6-disc set contains Kissin' Cousins, Tickle Me, Girl Happy,
Live a Little, Love a Little, Stay Away, Joe, and Charro!; $49.98 SRP
Elvis: That's the Way It Is:
2-Disc Special Edition
1970 Warner 2-disc set: 2.35:1, DD 5.1 & DD 1.0; $20.98 SRP; Review
original theatrical and special edition cuts, featurette,
trailer, outtakes, notes & Elvis bio, photobook
This is Elvis: 2-Disc Special Edition 1981 Warner 2-disc set; $20.98 SRP
Viva Las Vegas: Deluxe Edition 1964 Warner 2.35:1; $19.98 SRP
Jailhouse Rock: Deluxe Edition 1957 Warner $19.98 SRP
Blu-ray Disc/HD DVD Debuts     Misc. New to Blu-ray: Disturbia, TMNT, Arlington Road, Are We Done Yet?,
Viva Las Vegas, Jailhouse Rock, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.
New to HD DVD: TMNT, Viva Las Vegas, Jailhouse Rock.

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August 14, 2007

Title -Link- Year Studio Details
Wild Hogs 2007 Buena Vista 2.35:1, DD 5.1; $29.99 SRP; Review; making-of featurette,
deleted scenes, alternate ending, director/writer commentary,
motorcycle featurette, outtakes, Easter Egg; Also on Blu-ray
David Lynch's Inland Empire 2006 Absurda 2-disc set: $29.98 SRP
Fracture 2007 New Line $28.98 SRP
Vacancy 2007 Sony 2.35:1 & 1.33:1, DD 5.1; $28.95 SRP; cast/crew featurette,
deleted scene, alternate opening, extended "snuff films";
Review; Luke Wilson, Kate Beckinsale; Also on Blu-ray Disc
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon
Movie Film for Theaters for DVD
2007 Warner 2-disc set: 1.85:1, DD 5.1; Review; featurette, commentary,
music video and performances, deleted scenes, fake endings
"Xmas Spectacular" episode trailers and promos, gallery
The Lookout 2007 Miramax 2.40:1, DD 5.1; $29.99 SRP; Review; commentary,
2 featurettes; Also on Blu-ray Disc
Back to School: Extra-Curricular Edition 1986 MGM/Fox 1.85:1, DD 5.1 & 2.0; $19.98 SRP; Review; making-of,
Rodney Dangerfield and Kurt Vonnegut tributes, "Dissecting the
Triple Lindy", original wrap segments, trailer, TV spots, gallery
The Dark Crystal: 25th Anniversary Ed. 1982 Sony 2-disc set: 2.35:1, DD 5.1, commentary by designer Brian Froud,
making-of documentary, deleted scenes, work print scenes,
character drawings, 2 all-new documentaries; $24.96 SRP; Review
Labyrinth: Anniversary Edition 1986 Sony 2-disc set: 2.35:1, DD 5.1; Review; audio commentary,
making-of documentary, 2 all-new documentaries; $24.96 SRP
Taxi Driver: Limited Collector's Edition 1976 Sony 2-disc set: 1.85:1, DD 5.1; $24.96 SRP; 2 new commentaries,
"Martin Scorsese on Taxi Driver", "Producing Taxi Driver", "God's
Lonely Man", "Influence and Appreciation", "Taxi Driver Stories",
making-of documentary, "Travis' New York", "Travis' New York
Locations", storyboard-to-film, galleries, original screenplay
William Shakespeare's Hamlet 1996 Warner 2-disc set; 2.35:1, DD 5.1; $26.99 SRP; introduction,
audio commentary, "To Be on Camera: A History with Hamlet",
1996 Cannes Film Festival promo, Shakespeare movie trailers,
Also available in Shakespeare Collection with A Midsummer
Night's Dream
(1935), Romeo and Juliet (1936), and Othello (1965)
All Creatures Great and Small:
The Complete Series 7 Collection
1990 BBC Warner 4-disc set: 12 hour-long episodes plus Christmas special;
2004 cast interviews; $79.98 SRP
Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme 2007 Lionsgate new animated direct-to-video film; includes "Best of
Marvel Video Game Cinematics"; Also on Blu-ray
Dynasty: The Second Season 1981-82 Paramount 6-disc set: 22 episodes; 1.33:1, DD 2.0 mono; $38.99 SRP
The Fugitive: Season One, V1 1963-64 Paramount 4-disc set: 15 episodes; 1.33:1, DD 2.0 mono; $38.99 SRP
McLeod's Daughters: Season 3 2003 Koch 8-disc set: 30 episodes; 1.77:1, DD 5.1; $79.98 SRP
KISS: Kissology 3
The Ultimate Kiss Collection, Volume 2
1978-91 VH1 4-disc set: concerts, TV performances, music videos
Charlie Chan, Volume 3 1931-37 Fox 4-disc set contains Charlie Chan's Secret, Charlie Chan on Broadway,
Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo, Charlie Chan, The Black Camel;
commentaries, featurettes, galleries, restoration comparisons;
1.33:1; DD mono; $49.98 SRP
Blu-ray Disc/HD DVD Debuts     Misc. New to Blu-ray: Wild Hogs, Vacancy, Doctor Strange, The Lookout.

New to HD DVD: What Dreams May Come, Meet the Fockers,
Mercury Rising, Erin Brockovich

August 21, 2007

Title -Link- Year Studio Details
House, M.D.: Season Three 2006-07 Universal 5-disc set: 24 episodes; 1.78:1, DD 5.1; $59.99 SRP
Ugly Betty: The Complete First Season 2006-07 Buena Vista 6-disc set: 23 episodes; 1.78:1, DD 5.1; $59.99 SRP
commentaries, deleted scenes, bloopers, "Becoming Ugly",
"A La Mode", "Green is the New Black"; Review
'Til Death: The Complete 1st Season 2006-07 Sony 3-disc set: 23 episodes; 1.78:1, DD 5.1; $39.95 SRP; behind-the-
scenes, bloopers, Brad Garrett interview, "The Wedding"
Dexter: The First Season 2006 Paramount 4-disc set: 12 episodes; 1.78:1, DD 5.1; $39.98 SRP; "The Academy
of Blood", two cast commentaries, 2 bonus "Brotherhood" episodes
JAG: The Fourth Season 1998-99 Paramount 6-disc set: 24 episodes; 1.33:1, DD 2.0; $64.99 SRP; gag reel
South Park: The Complete 10th Season 2006 Paramount 3-disc set: 14 episodes; 1.33:1, DD 2.0; $49.99 SRP
Perfect Stranger 2007 Sony 2.40:1, DD 5.1; making-of; $28.95 SRP; Also on Blu-ray
The Ultimate Gift 2007 Fox 1.85:1, DD 5.1; $27.98 SRP; Review; author's intro,
behind-the-scenes featurette, 2 music videos, trailers, Bill
Cobbs "Leave a Legacy" PSA, Redemption of Sarah Cain preview
The Ex 2007 Weinstein Unrated DVD: DD 5.1
The Lives of Others 2006 Sony 2.35:1, DD 5.1; $26.96 SRP; deleted scenes with commentary,
director's interview, making-of featurette; Also available on Blu-ray
Serenity: Collector's Edition 2005 Universal 2-disc set: $26.98 SRP
Robocop: 20th Anniversary Collector's Edition 1987 MGM/Fox 2-disc set: 1.85:1, DTS/DD 5.1; $22.98 SRP; theatrical
and extended cuts, commentary, deleted scenes, storyboard
with commentary, 6 featurettes (1987 & new), photo
gallery, trailers and TV spots, Easter Egg
Little Einsteins: Rocket's Firebird Rescue 2007 Disney 1.33:1, DD 5.1, bonus episode, Magic Viewing Mode; Review
Handy Manny: Tooling Around 2007 Disney 5 episodes; 1.33:1, DD 5.1; game; Review
Reel Talent: First Films by Legendary Directors 1966-
Fox 12 short films directed by George Lucas, Robert Zemeckis, Shawn
Levy, Stephen Sommers, Richard Kelly, Jon Turtletaub, more;
interviews with Zemeckis, Richard L. Bare, and Lucas; $19.98 SRP
Blu-ray Disc/HD DVD Debuts     Misc. New to Blu-ray: The Lives of Others, Perfect Stranger, Immortal Beloved,
National Lampoon's Van Wilder: Unrated.

August 28, 2007

Title -Link- Year Studio Details
Heroes: Season 1 2006-07 Universal 7-disc set: 23 episodes; 1.78:1, DD 5.1; $59.98 SRP
episode audio commentaries, 50 deleted scenes; 5 featurettes
unaired original pilot; also available on HD-DVD with exclusives
Blades of Glory 2007 DreamWorks 1.85:1, DD 5.1; $29.98 SRP; Review; 6 featurettes,
deleted scenes, outtakes, alternate takes, music video,
MTV interstitials, Moviefone "Unscripted" episode, photo gallery
Also in Fullscreen, HD-DVD
Friday Night Lights: The First Season 2006-07 Universal 5-disc set: 22 episodes; 1.78:1, DD 5.1; $29.98 SRP
The Odd Couple: The Second Season 1971-72 Paramount 4-disc set: 23 episodes; 1.33:1, DD mono; $38.99 SRP
Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction: Season 1 1997 Anchor Bay 6 episodes; 1.33:1, DD 2.0; $26.98 SRP
Samurai Jack: Season 4 2003-04 Warner 2-disc set: 13 episodes; 6 episodes; 1.33:1, DD 2.0; $26.98 SRP
Kickin' It Old Skool 2007 Fox 2.35:1, DD 5.1; deleted scenes, trailer; $27.98; Review
A Night at the Roxbury:
Special Collector's Edition
1998 Paramount 1.85:1, DD 5.1; $14.99 SRP; 4 featurettes; Review
Crocodile Dundee: Triple Feature 1986-98 Paramount 3-disc set contains Crocodile Dundee, Crocodile Dundee II, and
Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles; 2.35:1, 1.85:1, DD 5.1; $24.99 SRP
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse:
Mickey's Treat
2006-07 Disney 3 episodes of Playhouse Disney series including Halloween
one; 1.33:1, DD 2.0; bonus episode "A Little Einsteins Halloween",
DVD-ROM recipes, jack-o-lantern character stencils; Review
Return to Halloweentown 2006 Disney 1.33:1, DD 5.1; $19.99 SRP; "Ultimate Secret Edition"; featurette;
Review; 4th movie in Disney Channel series
Ned's Declassified School Survival
Guide: Special Field Trip Edition
2007 Nick/Paramount 1.33:1, DD 2.0; $16.99 SRP; hour-long series finale
plus two bonus episodes; outtakes; Review
Bob Saget: That Ain't Right 2007 HBO "Good Guy Gone Wrong" - HBO stand-up comedy special; $19.98 SRP
Blu-ray Disc/HD DVD Debuts     Misc. New to Blu-ray: Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds: Live at Radio City
Music Hall
(2-Disc Set)
New to HD DVD: Heroes: Season 1, Dawn of the Dead: Unrated,
Blades of Glory, Notting Hill, The Hurricane.

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