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"Tosh.0" on Blu-ray and DVD: Hoodies Deep V's Cardigans Plus Casual Jackets

"Tosh.0" Deep V's Blu-ray Review

Tosh.0: Deep V's Blu-ray cover art - click to buy from Amazon.com Tosh.0: Deep V's (2010)
Show & Blu-ray Disc Details

Executive Producers: Daniel Tosh, Charlie Siskel / Directors: Scott Y. Zabielski, Sara Niimi

Writers: Joe Borden, Eddie Gossling, Nick Malis, Jim Patton, Brian Rubenstein, Charlie Siskel, Daniel Tosh

Host: Daniel Tosh / Guest Stars: Samwell, Darrell Bluett, Brandon Boucher, Kevin Shea, Elliot Smith, Jessica Chatfield, Josh Homme, Tommy Lee, Fesnik the Kangaroo, Pauly Shore, Nick White, Amazon Amanda, Brandi Chastain, Jim Patton, Megan Abrigo, Katie Cleary, Frank Gandolfi, Lisa Gleaves, Molly McAleer, Nickolas Mirando, Chris Niemi, Nathan Webnar, Stephen Quire, Michael Winslow, Ant, Darrell Bluett, Lavell Crawford, Arsenio Hall, Andy Kindler, Bobby Slayton, Jillian Reynolds, Louis Badalament, Katrina Bakmadzha, Carrot Top, Susie Culini, Dory Lieblein, Mickey O'Connor, Beth Richter, Nathan Webnar, Spirit of Truth, David Archuleta, Natalie Brivitch, Natalie Burchesky, Maddie Shemansky, Perez Hilton, Paul Vasquez, Jonathan Ware, Gallagher, Sebastian Robertson, Fannie Abbott, Carol Krabit

Running Time: 345 Minutes (16 episodes) / Rating: Not Rated (TV-14 on air)

1.78:1 Widescreen / Dolby TrueHD 5.1 (English), Dolby Digital Stereo 2.0 (English)
Subtitles: English; Not Closed Captioned; Extras Not Subtitled or Captioned
Episodes Originally Aired June 2, 2010 - September 29, 2010
Blu-ray Release Date: December 21, 2012 / Suggested Retail Price: $22.98
Two single-sided, dual-layered discs (BD-50s) / Blue Keepcase
Also available on DVD ($19.99 SRP) and Amazon Instant Video

Buy Tosh.0: Deep V's from Amazon.com: Blu-ray DVD

Having recently aired its 100th episode and soon to start running its fifth season, "Tosh.0" is easily one of the most successful shows in the 20-year history of Comedy Central. It isn't yet in the same league as "South Park" and "The Daily Show", but it has already exceeded seemingly every other one of the cable channel's cancelled programs host Daniel Tosh has mentioned in his running gag.

"Tosh.0" had a clear model for success in "The Soup." That interminable E! show, which Tosh jokingly accuses of ripping him off, finds unintended humor in television programming with a sarcastic comedian
standing in between a green screen and a small but vocal audience. Instead of just TV, though, "Tosh.0" has the world at its disposal. The World Wide Web, that is. Fifteen years after the Internet became a household staple and nearly ten since online video took off, there is positively no shortage of amusement to be had in finding and sharing funny, unusual, and cringeworthy clips.

Not only is "Tosh.0" one of Comedy Central's biggest draws on the air and online, but the show has even managed to find an audience on home video, something that non-traditional comedy shows have rarely attempted, let alone mastered. Last June's DVD and Blu-ray release of the series' first ten episodes, subtitled Hoodies, has now been followed by two new compilations, this review's Volume 2, subtitled Deep V's, and the Walmart-exclusive DVD-only third set, Cardigans Plus Casual Jackets.

Deep V's (which refers to the neckline of the shirts its host wears to unify this lot) picks up not where Hoodies left off but at the beginning of the show's fourth lap, a third of the way into Season 2. Why Comedy Central would jump from episode 10 to episode 26, I don't know. But continuity isn't much of an issue from one stretch to another.

A naked man with a teacup gets 20 seconds of jokes on "Tosh.0" Daniel Tosh strips down to his sports bra for the cartwheeling goalie's Web Redemption.

Not much has changed since that first batch of episodes. The production values are clearly elevated, allowing for some less disjointed celebrity guest participation, more elaborate sketches, and even some visual effects. What worked before (Video Breakdown) still does. What usually doesn't (viewer-submitted videos) still doesn't. The most ambitious segment, Web Redemption, in which the subject of Internet infamy gets a chance to redeem themselves is often a highlight and comes with a thoughtful Tosh monologue. Tosh's other sketches aren't always great and the new tactic of inserting himself into featured videos does not produce many laughs.

All things considered, "Tosh.0" entertains much more often than it doesn't. The combination of videos popular enough to go viral and sardonic commentary is generally a winning one. With that said, Tosh is more divisive than someone like Joel McHale or Chris Hardwick (of G4's cancelled and similar "Web Soup"). His stand-up persona is a bit brash and his comedy is more than a little mean-spirited.
You don't much mind that when the video is of people succumbing to their own stupidity or bad judgment. It isn't as easy to laugh when the subject is mentally or physically disabled.

All about pushing the envelope, Tosh provides an unmistakable and persistent undercurrent of racism, misogyny, and homophobia. I'm not a big fan of political correctness, excessive sensitivity, and self-censorship, but the race and gender stereotypes that Tosh regularly resorts to are a bit discomforting, especially as they play to the dark and very jaded young, male Internet demographic. In addition, it's hard to find humor in videos where someone seems to experience serious trauma. You don't want it to take the "America's Funniest Home Videos" approach and draw the line at crotch shots without corresponding comedic sound effect. But it's definitely possible and maybe even likely for viewers to be disturbed by some of the material. You can't really expect anything less from twenty-tens Comedy Central programming.

Deep V's presents the final sixteen episodes of Season 2 in chronological order across two Blu-rays. Here is a fairly thorough sampling of what you'll find here...

Using suggestions from pot convention attendees, Tosh.0 creates this colorful Ultimate Stoner Video. Nick White and Daniel Tosh try to best White's record of spending 41 straight hours in an elevator.

Disc 1

1. Episode 26 (21:37) (Originally aired June 2, 2010)
A baby waddles unusually. A lightning ball-throwing live-action role player gets Web Redemption. A pot convention visit prompts the ultimate stoner short video. A video of a young woman who chokes after eating three consecutive cupcakes is broken down. A bizarre family dancing video gets "Guess What Happens Next" treatment. And Tosh jokes about events that occurred during the show's hiatus.

2. Episode 27 (21:22) (Originally aired June 9, 2010)
A young girl's adult-assisted dunk prompts a rant on Paul Pierce. A man with an horrific face gets 20 seconds of jokes. Two Russian men's unusual fight gets a Video Breakdown. The home shopping personality who mistook a butterfly for a horse on-air gets web redemption, unsatisfyingly, as he maintains his error was deliberate. Tosh makes an "I Hate" video

3. Episode 28 (21:22) (Originally aired June 16, 2010)
An inappropriate DJ's antics yields a Tommy Lee drumming sketch. Video Breakdown is performed on a golf cart mishap. "What What in the Butt" singer Samwell gets redemption, complete with an acoustic duet with Josh Homme. Tosh interviews a girl who nine years earlier made an upbeat video singing into the mirror standing atop a bathroom sink.

4. Episode 29 (21:20) (Originally aired June 23, 2010)
A skateboarding stunt gone wrong is dissected. Nick White, trapped in an elevator for 41 hours in 1999, gets his Web Redemption as he and Tosh try to crush his record in comfort. A Tosh short advises to be healthy by combining bathroom breaks and push-ups. The best viewers' hate videos are sampled. A film idea developed in tweets to Tosh is amusingly shared.

As part of his Web Redemption, a guy seeking a girlfriend goes on dates with Daniel Tosh supervision. Michael Winslow and a loudspeaker try to coerce a confession out of the World of Warcraft freakout kid in a "Web Investigation."

5. Episode 30 (21:22) (Originally aired June 30, 2010)
A photo of a man's prominent nipples gets 20 seconds of jokes. An Eastern European man's narrow near-hit by an out-of-control car on the sidewalk is broken down. The cartwheeling goalie gets Web Redemption and a chance to defend a goal against Olympic gold medalist Brandi Chastain. Tosh interviews a big fetish-feeding lady named Amazon Amanda.

6. Episode 31 (21:37) (Originally aired July 7, 2010)
An old man lifts a fridge. A fat kid jumps from a playground slide. A living photograph guy gets 20 seconds on the clock. A street fight gets a Video Breakdown. a guy looking for a girlfriend gets Web Redemption and goes on a series of dates. The Guido Sensation gets to explain himself and to the target of his irate video. The best viewer-submitted inappropriate dance videos are shared.

7. Episode 32 (21:37) (Originally aired July 14, 2010)
A death metal band's blunder and a middle-aged man determined to shop in a closed mall are ridiculed. While being ridden, horses fornicate in the middle of a parade. The first "Web Investigation" segment tries to determine the veracity of the boy freaking out over his mother's cancellation of his World of Warcraft account with some help from the Man of 10,000 Sound Effects, Police Academy's Michael Winslow. Tosh does a speedrun through his office and speculates which celebrities he could beat up.

"World's Worst Comedian" Darrell Bluett performs a set on an Arsenio Hall Show recreation. Jillian Reynolds and Daniel Tosh help the Awful Weatherman Louis Badalament get comfortable with greenscreen in his Web Redemption.

8. Episode 33 (21:37) (Originally aired July 21, 2010)
Slide and swing mishaps are discussed. Embarrassing and vomit videos are shared. Darrell Bluett, "The World's Worst Comedian", gets tips from pros and a chance to perform on a recreation of "The Arsenio Hall Show."

9. Episode 34 (21:37) (Originally aired July 28, 2010)
A souped-up carousel backfires. An awesome old DJ rocks out. A one-legged man dances. A jet skier's ride into a van gets the Video Breakdown. The Awful (but incredibly good-natured) Weatherman gets Web Redemption, including green screen tips from Jillian Reynolds. Tosh reunites with the lion cub he had to let go and spoils The Human Centipede.

10. Episode 35 (21:38) (Originally aired August 4, 2010)
Wheelchairs on an escalator go wrong. An obese baby gets 20 seconds of jokes. Drunken gunplay backfires. Two actresses from a doomed high school Peter Pan production get Web Redemption. Tosh rubs sunscreen in on Carrot Top. An old magician dazzles at home.

A woman's wedding reception vomit is noticed and skewered in Episode 36. Daniel Tosh goes hiking with the Double Rainbow guy.

Disc 2

11. Episode 36 (21:37) (Originally aired August 11, 2010)
A beach faceplant, an atrocious trampoline accident, and a man who inflates a balloon in his underpants are ridiculed. The Angry Black Preacher gets a profane Web Redemption in a confessional,
a Sunday school classroom, and at a pulpit. There are also bits on workplace attacks and a dog poops on a beach.

12. Episode 37 (21:37) (Originally aired August 18, 2010)
Small kids dance inappropriately. Tosh recreates a baby in a floating tube and sees what he can crush with his biceps. A sword stunt gone wrong is given the Video Breakdown. Girls embarrassingly upset about David Archuleta's "American Idol" loss hope to get a chance to meet him in a segment inspired by the reality show. A Ugandan press conference on homosexuality is skewered.

13. Episode 38 (21:37) (Originally aired August 25, 2010)
A seemingly random assault gets the Video Breakdown treatment. In the first "Web Retreat", Tosh goes camping with the Double Rainbow guy. Tosh talks to a Caribbean man named Tosh Daniel. An Asian woman's unusual music video is the viewer submission.

"I Like Turtles" kid Jonathan Ware ditches his signature zombie look for turtle make-up in his Web Redemption segment. Darrell Bluett, Fannie Abbott, Daniel Tosh, and Samwell compete for the honor of Season 2's MVP.

14. Episode 39 (21:37) (Originally aired September 8, 2010)
A child shoots his father. A baseball player shows off his handy bat work. A panda attacks a zoogoer's jacket. The "I Like Turtles" kid in zombie makeup gets Web Redemption. Viewers are asked to guess whether tattoos belong to prisoners or professional athletes.

15. Episode 40 (21:37) (Originally aired September 15, 2010)
A man hangs from another man's genitals. A tilting ship tosses everyone on board in the Video Breakdown. A young reporter who struggled to demonstrate an easy car break-in with a hammer gets Web Redemption. Tosh and friends create a circle of shocks with a taser. Viewers submit things you shouldn't yell when entering a room.

16. Episode 41 (21:22) (Originally aired September 29, 2010)
Teenaged boys dance. A man crams quarters into his belly button. A man is sent flying atop a stack of tires. The entire season is reviewed, with memorable guests competing for the MVP Award. The show creates the ultimate viral video using reliable elements and announces their most-wanted Web Redemption subjects.

Daniel Tosh impersonates the three judges of 2010 "American Idol."


The 1.78:1 1080p video looks terrific and even a tad better than HD broadcasts. Sound is offered in Dolby TrueHD 5.1 and plain Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo. Either way, the audio is uncensored, which means you're getting language far more profane than what flies on Comedy Central. The picture seems to remain censored, with certain things like nudity remaining pixelated as they were on the air, while middle fingers are freely seen. I'm not sure what Comedy Central's position on bone protrusion is, but you definitely see more of that than you'd prefer here.

Daniel Tosh spoils "The Human Centipede" at length in this Deep V's bonus feature. Daniel Tosh demonstrates more of what you should never run into a room and shout.


Eleven numbered but unnamed HD bonus features appear on Disc 2. It seems like it wouldn't have been hard for these to have been titled, although you realize, as the case suggests,
all of them are extended versions of bits that aired in this group of episodes. First comes Tosh's full spoiler of The Human Centipede (24:27). Previously made available online, this is an elaborate and extensive monologue that runs through that unusual Dutch horror film in vivid detail. He also reveals who he'd think would win in more hypothetical fights between celebrities and himself (4:09), the only thing on the set with censored audio.

The next eight videos extend Web Redemption videos, quite agreeably. They are as follows: Samwell (6:38), Guy Seeking Girlfriend (6:53), the "I Like Turtles" Kid (6:16), the Double Rainbow guy (7:35), the Angry Black Preacher (6:41), the Awful Weatherman (6:46), the established comics' advice for The Worst Comedian (11:42), the aforementioned comedian's interview (5:45).

Finally, we get an alternate version of "Things You Should Never Run Into a Room and Shout" (0:58).

The discs' simple silent menu simply places listings on a reformatted version of the cover art. Sadly, like all Comedy Central Blu-rays, these do not support bookmarks. They do, however, resume playback, provided that you stopped in the middle of watching something.

Daniel Tosh is amused by the sight of a young man celebrating his run past a speedometer.


"Tosh.0" can definitely be accused of contributing to society's desensitization, but that is more or less inevitable for a cable show that discusses Internet video. If you are okay looking away or being grossed out by the occasional graphic injury, then you should manage to find this show reliably entertaining. I would prefer it with a bit less snark, fewer cringeworthy moments, and none of the stereotype comedy. But this is the show that Daniel Tosh wants to make and clearly enough people are enjoying it exactly as it is. While I'm not sure a show like this has tremendous replay value, this Blu-ray is a terrific way to experience the show for the first time or to share with a friend.

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Reviewed December 31, 2012.

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