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Mickey Mouse Cartoon Shorts on DVD: Black and White • Black and White, Volume TwoLiving ColorLiving Color, Volume Two

Mickey Mouse in Black & White Volume 2 DVD Review

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Disc 1: (Click title to view that portion of the review)
Mickey Mouse Shorts
1929: The Barn Dance, The Opry House, When the Cat's Away, The Barnyard Battle, The Plowboy, Mickey's Choo-Choo, The Jazz Fool, Jungle Rhythm, Wild Waves;
1930: Just Mickey, The Barnyard Concert, The Cactus Kid, The Shindig, The Picnic;
1931: Traffic Troubles, The Castaway, Fishin' Around, The Beach Party, Barnyard Broadcast; 1932: The Mad Dog, Barnyard Olympics

Bonus Material: Mickey Mania: Collecting Mickey Merchandise, Mickey's Portrait Artist

Disc 2: (Click title to view that portion of the review)
Mickey Mouse Shorts
1932: Musical Farmer, Trader Mickey, The Wayward Canary; 1933: Mickey's Pal Pluto, Mickey's Mechanical Man, 1934: Playful Pluto, Mickey's Steam-Roller, Mickey Plays Papa;
1935: Mickey's Kangaroo
From the Vault
1929: The Haunted House; 1931: The Moose Hunt, The Delivery Boy;
1932: The Grocery Boy, Mickey in Arabia, Mickey's Good Deed;
1933: Mickey's Mellerdrammer, The Steeplechase; 1934: Shanghaied;
1935: Mickey's Man Friday

Bonus Material: Galleries, Mickey's Sunday Funnies

Running Time: 334 Minutes (5 hours, 34 minutes) / Rating: Not Rated
Disc Two: 164 minutes (146 - shorts, 3 - introductions, 15 - extras)
1.33:1 Fullscreen (Original Ratio) / Dolby Digital Mono (English)
Originally Released between 1928 and 1932
Subtitles: English; Closed Captioned / DVD Release Date: December 7, 2004
Two single-sided, dual-layered discs (DVD-9); Suggested Retail Price: $32.99


Page 1: Video and Audio, Disc 1 - Shorts and Bonus Features
Page 2: Disc 2 - Shorts, From the Vault, Bonus Features, and Closing Thoughts

Review by Jack Seiley


Just like the first disc, Maltin gives an Introduction (1:42) to the second platter’s contents. He touches on the way Depression-era audiences admired Mickey’s upbeat cartoons as a sort of pick-up during rough times. The film historian also notes how Disc 2’s shorts were being made around the same time Walt was thinking about doing a feature-length cartoon, thus the emphasis on stronger stories and characters. This is particularly noticeable in the second batch of shorts, which surpass Disc 1’s cartoons with rather inventive plots and more amusing gags. In addition, Mickey’s characterization and the nature of his shorts had evolved since the '20s. He was further humanized by being portrayed as a sort of domestic everyman, who has a house and a job. This change also brought about a new star in the series – his faithful dog, Pluto, who would often times take the spotlight of the mouse’s cartoons (a sign of things to come, as Mickey would soon share his stardom with Donald and Goofy).

"Trader Mickey" "Mickey's Pal Pluto" "Mickey's Mechanical Man"


The Musical Farmer (1932) (6:58)
Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto perform their barnyard chores amidst spurts of song and dance. However, everyone’s attention is drawn when one of the resident hens lays a humungous egg.

Trader Mickey (1932) (7:12)
When Mickey and Pluto venture deep into the mysterious jungle, they meet some very goofy natives (so goofy, in fact, that they all possess the signature Goofy laugh). At first, they’re only interested in cooking the two adventurers, until Mickey wins them over with his musical abilities.

The Wayward Canary (1932) (7:21)
Mickey buys Minnie a canary and a group of baby canaries as a gift. The pets are plenty of fun, except when the babies get into some ink and begin showering the mouse’s pad with black markings.

Mickey’s Pal Pluto (1933) (7:37)
There’s a new addition to the Mouse household – a litter of kittens! Pluto doesn’t take too kindly to the bunch of fur balls, though, and faces an internal struggle with his good side and bad side. When the batch of felines gets stuck in a well, will Pluto be able to overcome his dislike to save them? Let’s hope!

Mickey’s Mechanical Man (1933) (6:51)
Our old Mick proves to be quite the mechanic, as he constructs a boxing robot to go up against the giant Killer Kong in the ring. The Mech Man isn’t the sturdiest machine, but Mickey and Minnie discover that he goes ballistic when he hears the sound of a horn.

"Playful Pluto" "Mickey Plays Papa" Mickey's Kangaroo"

Playful Pluto (1934) (7:54)
This cartoon showcases a series of misadventures Pluto gets into, stemming from his curiosity of the goings-on at Mickey’s house.

Mickey’s Steam-Roller (1934) (6:56)
While Mickey and Minnie do some serious flirting, their two baby nephews decide to take a ride in their uncle’s giant steamroller. As expected, they aren’t able to control it, and Mickey has to go on a crazy chase to get his prized vehicle back.

Mickey Plays Papa (1934) (8:59)
On a dark and spooky night, a baby is left in a basket on Mickey and Pluto’s doorstep. The two take the youngster in, but soon find it quite a chore to entertain the little guy.

Mickey’s Kangaroo (1935) (8:56)
Pluto gets jealous when Mickey gets a new bouncing, boxing kangaroo and her little joey. Though they manage to get on the dog’s nerves with their destructive antics, the smaller one soon begins to grow on him.


This section contains several cartoons that haven’t been shown in their unedited form in years. Maltin makes another intro for this section (1:20), putting the racial stereotypes in the following cartoons into context.

"The Haunted House" "The Moose Hunt" "The Delivery Boy"

The Haunted House (1929) (6:48)
Mickey finds himself trapped in a creepy mansion with a group of live skeletons, who happen to love music. They put him to work on the piano as they sing and dance, reminiscent of the well-known Silly Symphony short, “The Skeleton Dance.”

The Moose Hunt (1931) (7:23)
Mickey and Pluto go hunting together, encountering all sorts of forest creatures. After some goofy gags and Pluto faking his death, the duo runs into a very large and hostile moose.

The Delivery Boy (1931) (8:12)
While on his delivery route, Mickey stops by Minnie’s backyard to do some flirting. The two play a duet on the piano while Pluto gets in trouble with some dynamite.

The Grocery Boy (1932) (7:09) (7:05)
Minnie calls Mickey & Pluto up to deliver the groceries she needs to make dinner. When they arrive, Mickey helps his beau prepare turkey and cake, beside Pluto’s antics.

Mickey in Arabia (1932) (6:56)
The two mice lovers take a vacation to Arabia to soak up the sun and take in the sights. Their tour is interrupted when Pete kidnaps Minnie, forcing Mickey to come to rescue on a drunken camel.

"Mickey's Good Deed" "Mickey's Mellerdrammer" "Mickey's Man Friday"

Mickey’s Good Deed (1932) (7:34)
On a snowy Christmas night, Mickey and Pluto play some tunes in the streets to get some much-needed change. When the cylindrical mouse spots a poor mother with several children, he sadly sells his dog for some doe, so he can buy the kids presents for the holiday. His self-sacrificing deed pays off for him in the end.

Mickey’s Mellerdrammer (1933) (8:18)
Mickey and the gang put on a version of “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”, while Goofy provokes some tomato throwing from his antics backstage.

The Steeplechase (1933) (7:48)
When Mickey’s horse becomes too drunk to compete in the race, he has two steeple workers dress up in a horse suit for him to ride on the track. As one may expect, things don’t go too smoothly, as they run into some problems with big puddles and bees.

Shanghaied (1934) (7:07)
The cartoon begins with Peg-leg Pete having captured Mickey and Minnie on a sailing ship in the middle of the ocean. What’s left for the rodents to do? Escape, of course!

Mickey’s Man Friday (1935) (8:00)
Once traveling to a tropical island, Mickey discovers a band of natives and proceeds to scare them all off . . . all but one. He makes this rather stupid character his “Man Friday," who helps Mickey defend against the natives’ attack once they return.

Galleries "Mickey's Sunday Funnies" Video "Mickey's Sunday Funnies" Stills


First up are the rather large thumbnail Galleries. Art from the various cartoons on this set includes “Background Paintings” (25 stills) and “Animation Drawings” (152), which contains storyboards. “Mickey’s Poster Archive” (19) has advertisements for nearly every short in this volume, and “Mickey Mouse Fully Covered” (43) holds covers for books, magazines and records.

Next, the Mickey’s Sunday Funnies comic strips can be viewed in two different ways. One can watch a video (15:19), which includes an introductory biography on comics artist Floyd Gottfredson, before linking the various comics together in a single presentation. Or, there is a stills gallery that allows the viewer to flip through each strip individually. In this gallery, the 90 stills are sectioned under the 8 dates that they premiered at.


Mickey Mouse in Black and White, Volume 2 is a solid presentation of the shorts from Mickey’s early career, and very much on par with previous releases of the mouse’s cartoons. This particular batch isn’t my personal favorite from Mickey’s career, but the shorts remain noteworthy and full of history and nostalgia. For Disney fans and animation buffs, this set is a must-have, especially if one already owns the previous Mickey volumes.

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Page 1: Video & Audio, Disc 1 - Shorts and Bonus Features
Page 2: Disc 2 - Shorts, From the Vault, Bonus Features, and Closing Thoughts

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Mickey Mouse Cartoon Shorts on DVD: Black and WhiteBlack and White, Volume TwoLiving ColorLiving Color, Volume Two

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Review posted December 8, 2004.