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21. Treasure Island (1950)
As a youngin', I was enchanted with Pirate lore - Hook was my favorite movie character, Pirates of the Caribbean was my favorite ride, and Treasure Island was my favorite book. My obession with the book transferred over to Walt Disney's screen rendition the first time I saw it, and from that point on, every Saturday afternoon I'd pop in the VHS, put on my pirate hat, and watch the movie. It was exciting and scary at the same time - but all of it was fun. Today, it serves as a great piece of nostalgia for me and an enjoyable escape for an hour or so.

-Jack Seiley

What I like best about Treasure Island (1950), first of all, is the fact that it is the first of the purely live action Disney films. The films that came earlier, while qualifying for your criteria for this Countdown, had a good deal or at least signigicant segments that were fully animated. Treasure Island proved that Walt Disney was capable of branching out from being just a cartoon house. In the context of the history of Walt Disney Pictures, that alone would qualify the film as one of the top 20 for me.

However, it also happens to be a very entertaining movie. Long John Silver and his band of pirates clearly left a lasting impression - and no doubt lent a lot of inspiration to those imagineers who later developed the "Pirates of the Caribbean" amusement ride. Great color; exotic locations; great music and a great cast - all of these became hallmarks of the Disney style of entertainment that we love, and they all started right here.

-Geoff Gardner

Treasure Island is one of those movies that instantly grabbed my attention as a child. Everything about it just seemed so amazing--the search for treasure, pirates, betrayals, and more. It's hard to make a movie live up to the potential of a book, but that's exactly what Disney managed to do here. A classic that's aged well, people who fell in love with Pirates of the Caribbean should do well to see Disney's earlier live-action pirate movie.

-Greg McElhatton

Truthfully its been many years since I've seen the film,but I just have some cherished childhood memories of watching it MANY times. Disney needs to release a cool Vault Disney version of the film instead of the current version.

-Alec Eiffel

DVD Details
Long-awaited on DVD, Treasure Island finally bowed on DVD April 2003, part of Disney's efforts to cross-promote with the DVD release of Treasure Planet, its underperforming animated reimaginging of Robert Louis Stevenson's tale. The good news is the film is presented uncut (with a PG rating) and dramatically remastered for quality picture and sound. The bad news is that there's no supplemental content of any kind. With a much-needed price drop later occurring, though, the new SRP of $19.99 makes the lack of bonuses a bit easier to overlook.
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