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22. Freaky Friday (2003) (2003)
I love Freaky Friday. It's very funny and Jamie Lee Curtis pulls out all the stops in performance as a mother transformed into her daughter. Lindsay Lohan is great as the mother. It makes me think of my mother when she talks to Curtis. I was a little apprehensive before watching this because most remakes aren't as good as the original, but in my opinion this surpasses the original. As with many family films, it reminds us how important family really is and how being your self and finding out who you are is also influenced by your family. When someone says, "if you were in my shoes", you should take a step back and really try to put yourself in their shoes because it can be very different than what you thought. Freaky Friday proves that over and over again. This is a film every family should own. Mothers and daughters should take the time to watch it together and you might just learn something about each other. I highly recommend everyone sees this movie. It's so laugh out loud funny and touching, you will want to watch it again and again.

-Monica Smith

I really liked this remake of Freaky Friday; it had everything I like in movies. It was so funny. When I saw it at the theaters, I was laughing so much I fell out of my seat. It's one of those movies that I can watch over and over again without getting tired of it. I really liked the cast too, Lindsay Lohan is a really great actress and I hope she does more movies with Disney. I like the original but I sort of like this one better, probably because its more modern.

-Allen Kirakosyan

DVD Details
Hitting stores just a week before last Christmas, the Freaky Friday DVD contains both widescreen and fullscreen versions of the film. Bonus features include deleted scenes, an alternate ending, two music videos, and the "Backstage Pass" featurette hosted by Lindsay Lohan. In June 2004, the DVD debut of the original was accompanied by a low-priced 2-pack containing both the original Freaky Friday and this remake.
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