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"Comedy Bang! Bang!" The Complete Second Season DVD Review

Comedy Bang! Bang! The Complete First Season DVD cover art - click to buy from Amazon.com Comedy Bang! Bang! Season Two (2013)
Show & DVD Details

Creator: Scott Aukerman / Executive Producers: Scott Aukerman, Dave Kneebone / Director: Benjamin Berman

Writers: Scott Aukerman, Neil Campbell, Eva Anderson, Dave Ferguson, Mike Hanford, Tim Kalpakis, Seth Reiss, Paul Rust

Regular Cast: Scott Aukerman (Host), Reggie Watts (Bandleader)

Multi-Episode Guest Stars: Paul F. Tompkins (Garry Marshall, Andrew Lloyd Webber), Andy Daly (Don DiMello, Dalton Wilcox), Matt Walsh (L. Jefe Maninchargo), Aidy Bryant (Segment Producer), Echo Kellum (Tiberius Jones)

Talk Show Guests: Andy Samberg, Aziz Ansari, Anna Kendrick, David Cross, Zoe Saldana, Gillian Jacobs, Andy Richter, Sarah Silverman, Bill Hader, Casey Wilson, Rainn Wilson, Paul Reubens (Pee-Wee Herman), Jessica Alba, Rashida Jones, Jim Gaffigan, Andy Dick, Clark Gregg, Jason Schwartzman, Cobie Smulders, Zach Galifianakis (Santa Claus)

Other Notable Guest Stars: Jordan Peele (Tan Fu), Lance Reddick (Angelfire), Selma Blair (xratedsexttube.com), Nick Kroll (Fabrice Fabrice), Christopher Meloni (Dr. Phillip Banhauser), Cedric Yarbrough (Donald), Kulap Vilaysack (Dr. Sheila), Ben Schwartz (Rodney Waber), Will Forte (Felix Dewhurst), Tim Meadows (J. Milo Beauregard), Bob Odenkirk (Agent), "Weird Al" Yankovic (Himself), John Carroll Lynch (Sgt. Ned Dooley), Jason Mantzoukas (Emeril Lugosi), Michaela Watkins (Amber), Chris Hardwick (Himself), Adam Scott (Himself), Mike Hanford (Tom Perdy), Rob Huebel (Larry Jetski), Jon Daly (The Devil), Joe Lo Truglio (Stan Couples), Adam DeVine (Nick), Bobby Moynihan (Orphan Fourvel), Jimmy Pardo (Duke Scorpio), Thomas Lennon (The Phantom), Laraine Newman (Melrose Ballrod), Harry Anderson (Himself), Katie Dippold (Janet Villalobos), Derek Mears (Mr. Hellman), Kristen Schaal (Gina Guppies), Nat Faxon (Earl of Crathmore), Tony Hale (King of Cards), Tig Notaro (Cop), Jim Rash (Sir Zanifer), Horatio Sanz (Daryl Drummond), Dave Foley (The Bomber), Jack McBrayer (Chad), Matt Besser (Hooch the Mooch), Tim Kalpakis (Dr. Lloyd Fleen), Brandon Johnson (Marvin McFerrin), Bobcat Goldthwait (Himself), Todd Glass (Lou Parvone), Mark Proksch (Alternate Reality Man), Eva Anderson (Paula Kilorock), John Gemberling (Andrew Jacks Playdough), Kyle Kinane (Lenny Spruce), Natasha Leggero (Judy Elevenuda), D.C. Pierson (Rich Neckstein), Brent Weinbach (Carlo Smencia), Neil Campbell (Cody Gossman), Josh Homme (Dale), Andy Kindler (Heckler), Andrew Rannells (Quinn Abernathy), Harris Wittels (Justin Fitzgibbons), Paul Rust (Jack Blade), Jason Sklar (Reggie's Son), Randy Sklar (Reggie's Son), Doug Christie (NBA Player), Thomas Jones (NFL Player), Samantha McCullough (Stacey Aukerman), Phil LaMarr (Ricky Nichols), Zach Woods (The Remarkable Greg), Topher Grace (Himself), Dave Thomas (Bert Aukerman), Lynne Marie Stewart (Linda Aukerman)

Running Time: 452 Minutes (20 episodes) / Rating: Not Rated (TV-14 on air)

1.78:1 Anamorphic Widescreen / Dolby Digital Stereo 2.0 (English)
Subtitles: English for Hearing Impaired, Spanish; Not Closed Captioned; Extras Not Captioned or Subtitled
Season 2 Airdates: July 12, 2013 - December 20, 2013
DVD Release Date: June 24, 2014 / Suggested Retail Price: $39.98
Four single-sided, dual-layered discs (DVD-9s) / Black Keepcase
Also available on Amazon Instant Video

Buy Comedy Bang! Bang!: Season 2 from Amazon.com: DVD Instant Video

The talk show, one of television's oldest formats, has lost its appeal to me. It's always the same drill: guest comes on, makes small talk, plugs their newest project and leaves. It's a creative way to promote something and can be very entertaining when done right, but it's still promotion
and the kind you have to sit through 18 minutes of commercials to get 42 minutes of. Even the most beloved host -- for me, Conan O'Brien whose hasty treatment from "The Tonight Show" still bothers me -- isn't enough to get me to tune in with any kind of regularity. The episodes are freely available online, with minimal commercial interruption? That's nice, but if I'm going to watch something nowadays, it might as well be a scripted television series or film.

"Comedy Bang! Bang!", however, is an altogether different story. This half-hour IFC program gives the format the makeover it needs. Adapted from the podcast of the same name, this Scott Aukerman-hosted series features real celebrity guests and a one-man house band (Reggie Watts), but its tongue is planted firmly in cheek. Guests are booked not to promote something, but to entertain with their partially improvised banter with Aukerman, a 43-year-old comedy veteran whose credits include writing "Mr. Show with Bob and David" and co-creating "Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis."

I watched the first season of the show on DVD in January with no expectations and so thoroughly enjoyed those ten episodes that I quickly blazed through the next ten when they were made available on Netflix streaming. As the third season currently airs Thursday nights at 10:30 PM Eastern, The Complete Second Season hit DVD this week from Anchor Bay Entertainment.

The gag of identifying host Scott Aukerman by a variation on his name may get old someday, but "Font Jokerman" will never not be funny. Reggie Watts supplies the show's off-beat music.

Expanded to twenty episodes, Season 2 is every bit as funny as its predecessor and that is very, very funny. Anything can happen on this show, which keeps things interesting with always in flux circumstances and a willingness to change forms as it sees fit. One episode finds an omniscient janitor nostalgically narrating the episode like some old movie. Another treats us to a murder mystery. There are original songs, imaginative cold opens, a couple of holiday episodes, and fantastical detours. The offbeat chats between Aukerman and his guests, both the big ones after whom the episodes are named (typically B-list actors and comedians) and the secondary ones playing odd characters, consistently amuse with their random, free-flowing nature. But you don't mind when the show changes gears for behind-the-scenes conflict or plunges into some surreal tangent. Some are better than others, but all of them display wit and creativity you rarely find on "real" talk shows.

That Aukerman can continue to put out a weekly 1-2 hour podcast and fill IFC's growing episode orders without any signs of exhaustion or creative fatigue demonstrates he possesses talent and drive far beyond most entertainers. He, Watts, and their writers create an appealing atmosphere of comedy that guests from seasoned stand-ups (Jim Gaffigan, Aziz Ansari, Sarah Silverman) to actors not too versed in comedy (Zoe Saldana, Jessica Alba, Clark Gregg) can easily get on board with and enjoy contributing to.

Anchor Bay's DVD divides twenty Season 2 episodes across three discs, adding a fourth platter strictly for video bonus features.

Bandleader Reggie Watts goes to great lengths to read a tweet in a "Tron"-inspired scene from Season 2's premiere. Scott Aukerman tries to avoid offending anyone (except Italians) in his segment "That's a Spicy Meatball."

Disc 1

1. Andy Samberg Wears a Plaid Shirt & Glasses (22:37) (Originally aired July 12, 2013)
Prunes are delivered to the set. Samberg discusses his abusive father as he and Scott imagine what they should have said. Reggie goes into the Internet Tron-style to read a tweet. Psychic Tan Fu (Jordan Peele) uses a crystal ball to predict the future.

2. Aziz Ansari Wears a Charcoal Blazer (22:37) (Originally aired July 19, 2013)
A team of scientists (led by Christopher Meloni) shrinks down and enters Scott's body to relieve his cold. Ansari talks stand-up, Twitter,
and the emoji movie he's planning, while his security team fends off physical contact from Scott. Hidden camera show "Soap or Dope" captures bathroom uses' hygiene. The Flamboyant Fabrice Fabrice (Nick Kroll) discusses his career in craft services and shares a poem about marsupials.

3. Anna Kendrick Wears a Patterned Blouse & Burgundy Pants (22:37) (Originally aired July 26, 2013)
Scott and Reggie raise an abandoned baby. Scott reads "wacky" headlines. Reggie gets a Bahama Mama Maker. Kendrick reflects on her career and a recent time-traveling experience. Reggie and Scott show a trailer for their The Godfather-meets-Citizen Kane movie. Harrison Ford's "publicist" Rodney Waber (Ben Schwartz) comes in his place. Scott tries to avoid controversy in the segment "That's a Spicy Meatball."

A happy janitor (Tim Meadows) narrates the season's fourth episode like an old-time movie. Tom Perdy (Mike Hanford) shows off his smart, funny oil-centric political cartoons to the bafflement of Andy Richter and everyone else.

4. David Cross Wears a Red Polo Shirt & Brown Shoes with Red Laces (22:37) (Originally aired August 2, 2013)
An old janitor (Tim Meadows) wistfully narrates. Cross promotes charity causes. An agent (Bob Odenkirk) sparks a search party when Reggie goes missing. "Comedy Bang! Bang!" cruise promo. Hidden camera segment "Date-zaster" documents an entirely staged terrible blind date. Senatorial candidate Felix Dewhurst (Will Forte) comes as clean as he can.

5. Zoe Saldana Wears a Tan Blouse & Glasses (22:37) (Originally aired August 9, 2013)
Reggie does a "Cop Swap", switching places with humorless Officer Dooley (John Carroll Lynch). Prompted, Saldana describes her new movie in detail. "Scottie Scares 'Em" frightens random pedestrians and grows to include former targets. Director Garry Marshall (Paul F. Tompkins) announces plans to restart "Happy Days", right where it left off.

6. Gillian Jacobs Wears a Red Dress with Sail Boats (22:37) (Originally aired August 16, 2013)
A disastrous ending is foreshadowed throughout, with Chris Hardwick's "Comedy Talk! Talk!" encouraging viewers to tweet predictions. Reggie is joined by his girlfriend Amber (Michaela Watkins). Scott tries to guess where Jacobs is from with a game of "Hot and Cold." "This Day in History" details how a short-sighted billionaire lost his entire fortune in mere hours. Vampire chef Emeril Lugosi (Jason Mantzoukas) endures Scott's vampire puns.

7. Andy Richter Wears a Suit Jacket & a Baby Blue Button Down Shirt (22:37) (Originally aired August 23, 2013)
Michael Ian Black shows Scott and Reggie where to get good food in New York City. Reggie and Scott listen to an investment opportunity about teddy bears. A segment producer makes Richter's story (and movie clip) funnier. Crime-solvers "Aukerman & Watts" chase down The Devil. Tom Perdy (Mike Hanford) shares his "smart, funny" political cartoons.

Little orphan Fourvel (Bobby Moynihan) gives Bill Hader a big scare with a knife. "Comedy Bang! Bang!" gets musical with The Phantom (Thomas Lennon) and Casey Wilson.

Disc 2

8. Sarah Silverman Wears a Black Dress with a White Collar (22:37) (Originally aired August 30, 2013)
A sick Reggie takes the day off. Scott ignores a crew member's (Adam DeVine) request to incinerate stop-motion Little Ladder. Reggie coaches Scott via earpiece through his interview with Silverman. Scott reveals his everyday make-up process. Stan Couples (Joe Lo Truglio) aims to set the world record for fastest talking.

9. Bill Hader Wears a Grey Button Down Shirt & Sneakers (22:37) (Originally aired September 6, 2013)
Reggie contributes by satellite. The show shares a set with game show "Spin 2 Win." Hader's interview is marked by startling discoveries. A segment celebrates a Zero to Hero. Little orphan Fourvel (Bobby Moynihan) threatens Scott and Hader with a large knife.

10. Casey Wilson Wears a White Lace Dress & a Black Blazer (22:37) (Originally aired September 13, 2013)
Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber (Tompkins) turns the show into a Broadway musical and appears as the second guest. The Phantom of the "Bang! Bang!" set (Thomas Lennon) crashes Wilson's interview and kidnaps her for song.

11. Rainn Wilson Wears a Short Sleeved Plaid Shirt & Colorful Sneakers (22:37) (Originally aired October 18, 2013)
A microwave accident gives Reggie the ability to see through tortillas. A vote is taken to add a cuddly new friend to the set's taxidermy creatures. Wilson talks "The Office" and answers a 4 million part question. Scott advises healthy eating in "Chews to Lose." Cowboy-poet Dalton Wilcox shares his sexual nature poetry.

A cowboy-costumed Pee-Wee Herman savors a single piece of his all-chocolate trail mix in the Halloween episode. Jessica Alba's Double Points Video of the Day reveals that Scott's specific question isn't as original as he thought.

12. Pee-Wee Herman Wears a Halloween Costume (22:37) (Originally aired October 25, 2013)
"Scotcha Gotcha" exposes a haunted house for children. Pee-Wee Herman (Paul Reubens) dresses like a cowboy, shares his special trail mix and other cowboy treats, and puts spells on Scott and Reggie. Cookies jog Scott's memory about a childhood trauma.

13. Jessica Alba Wears a Jacket with Patent Leather Pumps (22:37) (Originally aired November 1, 2013)
"Comedy Bang! Bang!" is a girl's dollhouse. Cue card supplier King of Cards is involved in a dramatic murder plot. Alba refers Scott to her board of Frequently Asked Questions. Reality show "Make the Sweater Better" takes Scott down Route 66. Gina Guppies (Kristen Schaal) promotes gross-flavored girl scout cookies.

14. Rashida Jones Wears a Black Blazer & Flowered Pants (22:37) (Originally aired November 8, 2013)
A terrorist (Dave Foley) has set a bomb that will explode if the show does not come in at exactly a half-hour. Jones clears up some rumors about herself and is encouraged to try eating bugs. Reality shows "Fornicators", "Voyeurs", "Prudes", and "Location Permit Cops" collide. Monster truck champ Daryl Drummond (Horatio Sanz) reveals there's more to his work than meets the eye. Scott reveals not-so-minor gripes about Moby Dick and Broadway in "My One Problem."

A "Sliding Doors" scenario from the Andy Dick episode shows Scott's day going much better in the reality where he catches the bus. Clark Gregg proudly displays a stapler he stole from the set of "Iron Man."

Disc 3

15. Jim Gaffigan Wears a Blue Jacket & Plum T-Shirt (22:37) (Originally aired November 15, 2013)
Scott's producer (Matt Walsh) threatens to cancel the show if one more thing goes wrong. Hooch the Mooch crashes the couch. Gaffigan talks stand-up, his career, and his new reality show "Keeping Up with the Gaffi-Clan." A preview for the video game Comedy Bang! Bang!: Call to Action. Animated wall fish Big Mouth Billy Bass' hit song "Don't Be Anxious, Be Joyful" prompts a Bobby McFerrin lawsuit. Quantum physicist Lloyd Fleen unveils a new invention, a very limited application of teleportation.

16. Andy Dick Wears a Black Suit Jacket & Skinny Tie (22:37) (Originally aired November 22, 2013)
Like Sliding Doors, Scott experiences parallel realities, after narrowly making/missing a bus, resulting in one fine interview and one terrible one with Dick. A mechanic break room is the site of a thriving comedy world that is documented.

17. Clark Gregg Wears a Navy Blazer & White Collared Shirt (22:37) (Originally aired November 29, 2013)
Gregg shows off some props he's taken from Marvel movies and tries to remember the title of a Stephen King book he's recommending. A temp fills in for Bookie. Reggie chases love. Cody Gossman stands up for bad little boys in song. Scott gives a tabloid target a reality check.

The "unaired pilot episode" (featuring Cobie Smulders) found "Comedy Bang! Bang!" opting for a more conventional format and set. For his second appearance on the show, Zach Galifianakis plays a not terribly jolly Santa Claus in Season 2's finale.

18. Jason Schwartzman Wears a Striped Shirt & High Top Sneakers (22:37) (Originally aired December 6, 2013)
Scott opens the show with a really bad version of a "Seinfeld" stand-up bit. Scott's angsty teenage daughter and Reggie's creepy adult twin sons are on hand for Take Your Kid to Work Day. Schwartzman presents his own "son", a creepy doll. Scott and Reggie attend the opera. Scott becomes a pro basketball player and makes further career changes and talks parenting in "Daddy Knows Best!"

19. Cobie Smulders Wears a Strapless Black & White Dress (22:37) (Originally aired December 13, 2013)
In this "previously unaired pilot episode", we see how "Comedy Bang! Bang!" quickly evolved from a conventional talk show to its current state. Smulders protects her good side, while a magician (Zach Woods) downplays his telekinetic powers.

20. Zach Galifianakis Wears a Santa Suit (22:37) (Originally aired December 20, 2013)
Santa Claus (Galifianakis) is among those concerned by the sudden disappearance of holiday bonus checks. Also, Scott's parents visit and a stop-motion short explains how a grumpy elf became grumpy.

When they're not working together on "Comedy Bang! Bang!", Scott Aukerman and Reggie Watts are catching the opera with champagne flumes in one hand and theater binoculars in the other.


While this isn't a show you turn to for impressive picture and sound, the DVD's presentation is certainly adequate. It lacks the detail and clarity of HD broadcasts/downloads, but stays clean and sharp enough. Similarly, the Dolby 2.0 stereo soundtracks won't blow your mind, but do a fine job of distributing dialogue and music. English SDH and Spanish subtitles are kindly included on the show but they're not extended to the wealth of bonus material.

Scott Aukerman gets an update from the shrunk-down scientists exploring his body to ward off a cold in this deleted scene. Ben Schwartz provides Season 2's longest extended interview.


As on Season 1, every episode of "Comedy Bang! Bang!" is equipped with audio commentary by Scott Aukerman and guests. Writers/actors Neil Campbell and Eva Anderson join the host on every track. In character as their Season 2 guests for episodes are Bobby Moynihan as Orphan Fourvel and Ben Schwartz as Harrison Ford's supposed publicist (he stays for a second episode).
Paul F. Tompkins joins in on six episodes as Garry Marshall, himself, a world-weary Santa Claus, and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Also contributing: Casey Wilson, director Benjamin Berman, and writers/actors Paul Rust, Mike Hanford, Tim Kalpakis, and, on one episode, composer/actor Watts.

Far from standard and only sometimes sincere, these spontaneous, oft-tangential (Michael Crichton adaptations, "Voyagers!", editing Wikipedia, and Santa Claus' M & M commercials are just a few topics addressed on Disc 1), regularly diverting tracks double the entertainment value of every episode and warrant a listen even from fans of the show who aren't sold on the format.

Video-based bonus features appear on Disc 4 and begin with a giant section of Deleted/Bonus Scenes and Extended Interviews. Nineteen of the season's twenty episodes are represented here in unused material that's often every bit as funny as what made it onto the air. The section could use a "Play All" option, instead of making you return to the menu 40 times to watch it all, but at least the menus clearly identify every inclusion.

The deleted/extended bits are as follows: Andy Samberg (4:12) on Bob Dylan, Aziz Ansari (1:42) on acting and Twitter, alternate Reggie banter (0:39), Medi-Ship complications (1:06), Fabrice Fabrice (4:21) performing a poem on a lost city, Anna Kendrick (1:47) recalling her Tony nomination as a 12-year-old and eating a cat's liver, Rodney Waber (5:34) dishes more Harrison Ford gossip, dances, and reveals a senior citizen ticket price trick, David Cross (2:49) talks talking animals and white toilets, Senator Dewhurst (3:14) confesses strange sex dreams about his aunt and his plan to drive drunk, Zoe Saldana (2:03) answers questions about movies and acts out a Jerry Maguire reboot, "Garry Marshall" (1:19) explains why he's done with movies, Gillian Jacobs (1:38) discusses the ghost of Christopher Marlowe and the conflict in Nebraska, Chef Emeril Lugosi (0:34) endures a pun about sun-dried tomatoes, Andy Richter (4:59) delivers a kid-friendly version of "The Aristocrats" joke, pulls a gun after not answering a fart question (a task handled by Andy Samberg on the show itself), and responds to the 1990s TV movie The Shining, Tom Perdy (0:44) shows off a couple of additional cartoons.

Continuing, Sarah Silverman (1:50) talks about being a comedian and being vegetarian like Hitler, Stan Couples (0:42) criticizes the Guinness Book of Records' answering machine, Bill Hader (4:27) describes being diagnosed with narcolepsy by a country doctor in a car and sizes up a PA, Orphan Fourvel (1:46) brandishes a knife and talks about actors he doesn't like, "Topical Monologue" (2:20) from the musical episode adds lyrics about the hot weather, Casey Wilson (0:44) clears up that she's not "The New Girl", a clip extends Reggie's attempt at Seinfeld-like stand-up comedy (1:57), Rainn Wilson (1:25) addresses fans of "The Office", Dalton Wilcox (1:44) elaborates on his vampire encounters, an extension of a dollhouse clip (0:29), Jessica Alba (4:00) recalls the LA Riots and The Fab Four, but refuses to demonstrate her favorite dance, the booty drop, Gina Guppies (1:05) describes her family's cookie company succession, Rashida Jones (0:54) acknowledges acting challenges, Daryl Drummond (2:26) further tries to justify what he does, Reggie (0:32) banters with Scott about wills and '67 cars, Jim Gaffigan (3:05) discusses the "Family Matters" dad and half-shirts, Andy Dick (2:51) mentions Ellen in both the good and bad interview, "Scott's on a bus" (0:40) shows us how the bus full of Scotts was achieved, Clark Gregg (2:04) recalls writing for Harrison Ford, more Reggie banter (0:39), Bookie's temp offers extended banter (1:10), Jason Schwartzman (2:42)recalls auditioning for Rushmore and what a sequel might be like, answers a train question, and compares movies to music, Cobie Smulders (3:48) discusses The Avengers and has some funny stories ruined, and Santa Claus (4:23) addresses Jesus, getting caught by children, and other fantastical characters.

Assuming you don't want to add that all up and count, I've done the math and found you get a total of 84 minutes and 24 seconds of footage from these 39 clips, or about four episodes' worth of quality content.

Scott Aukerman, Casey Wilson, Andrew Lloyd Webber (Paul F. Tompkins) and The Phantom (Thomas Lennon) resort to musical counting of seconds at the end of their CineFamily Musical Episode Talkback panel. Horatio Sans lets Reggie Watts do most of the singing in their "Reggie Makes Music" performance.

"Musical Episode Talkback" (43:46) gathers Scott Aukerman, Casey Wilson, Andrew Lloyd Webber (Paul F. Tompkins), and The Phantom (Thomas Lennon) at CineFamily for a discussion following the August 2013 premiere of the musical episode. They have fun reflecting on the episode,
especially the two in character and costume, answering some audience questions. They do, however, run out of things to say; the final 6 minutes or so are spent counting the seconds musically they have yet to fill.

"Reggie Makes Music" gives us clips of Reggie collaborating musically with guests from 14 Season 2 episodes on more nonsensical songs: Andy Samberg (2:08), Chelsea Peretti & Adam Pally (1:19), Jordan Peele (1:41), Aziz Ansari (2:19), Nick Kroll (1:20), Anna Kendrick (1:58), Ben Schwartz (2:03), Adam Scott (2:05), Gillian Jacobs (1:41), Michaela Watkins (1:32), Andy Richter (1:28), Rob Huebel (1:54), Adam DeVine (2:25), Joe Lo Truglio (1:42), Sarah Silverman (2:08), Andy Daly (1:14), Paul F. Tompkins (2:05), Thomas Lennon & Casey Wilson (1:13), Rainn Wilson (1:04), Jessica Alba (1:51), Kristen Schaal (1:47), Horatio Sanz (2:07), Rashida Jones (2:36), Andy Dick (1:18), Josh Homme (2:00), Jason Schwartzman (1:27), the Sklar Brothers (1:58), and Zach Galifianakis (1:08). They're random and pretty unremarkable, especially for all the time it will take you to watch them (there's no "Play All" option).

"Reggie's Season 2 Music Supercut" (18:10) gathers seemingly most of the brief bits of varied transitional and introductory music played this season by Reggie Watts, including at least one unused bit, in no particular order. It's an experience.

Director Ben Berman and company test out the VFX planned for Season 2 in this bonus reel. Famous people like "Weird Al" Yankovic make magic behind the scenes of "Comedy Bang! Bang" according to "Meet the Crew."

"VFX Tests" (3:13) show us some simple tests for visual effects planned for Season 2, like the animated ladders, giant microwave, and undersized orphan Fourvel.

"Meet the Crew" (1:23) introduces us to the show's crew, which happens to be comprised entirely of Season 2 guest stars.

"CBB Crew Dance Party" (3:50) is what it sounds like. It captures crew members dancing during down time in filming to some Reggie Watts musical improvisation.

Herb Roost (Paul Rust) coaches two actors supposed to play a couple on a blind date. Andy Dick looks troubled on the Disc 4 menu.

"An Acting Class with Herb Roost" (3:41) extends the brief scene of an acting coach (Paul Rust) coaching a couple pretending to be on the "Date-zaster" blind date.

Disc One opens with a 30-second trailer for "The Birthday Boys": The Complete First Season.

The animated main menus make use of clips, opening title animation, and the theme song.

Two swinging trays enable the four discs share a standard-sized black keepcase, which isn't fitted with a slipcover or any inserts.

With help from animation, Scott Aukerman and Reggie Watts encourage Rashida Jones to try eating a bug in a Season 2 "Comedy Bang! Bang!" episode.


"Comedy Bang! Bang!" doesn't lose anything in the jump from a 10-episode first season to a 20-episode second one. It remains one of few reliably funny television shows in production with its creative and offbeat humor.

Once again, Anchor Bay has treated the show to a DVD loaded with the type of high quality, must-see/hear bonus features we rarely find these days. It's a set that is super easy to recommend and one that should have you laughing for many an hour.

Buy Comedy Bang! Bang!: Season 2 from Amazon.com: DVD / Instant Video

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