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January 31, 2008 - Disney has issued an official Classic Caballeros Collection DVD press release. Saludos Amigos and The Three Caballeros, the two South American-flavored anthology features that moved Walt Disney away from his ambitious, pioneering streak of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to Bambi, will be accompanied in the low-priced collection by a handful of bonuses: the travelogue featurette "South of the Border with Disney", an unidentified Walt Disney interview, and two bonus Donald Duck shorts. In addition, the two films will sport new Dolby Digital 5.1 remixes.
From the films' 2000 Gold Collection DVDs, the original theatrical trailers and a couple of other vintage Disney cartoons will not be carried over. The announcement makes no statement on whether Saludos will suffer the same digital edits of its former DVD. Read on...

Our latest DVD review looks at Saving Sarah Cain, Michael Landon, Jr.'s adaptation of a Beverly Lewis novel which premiered on Lifetime last year. In the title role, Lisa Pepper stars as a Portland columnist who suddenly receives custody of her five Amish nephews and nieces. The movie, which also features Tess Harper and Elliott Gould, got a solid DVD release from Fox earlier this month. Full review.

January 29, 2008 - Don't forget to consult our DVDizzy.com General DVD Schedule for an overview of the more than a dozen major titles that debut today on DVD, Blu-ray, and HD DVD. Click here to view.

Twitches Too is the subject of another new DVD review by Aaron Wallace. This Disney Channel Original Movie follows the 2005 hit closely, probably too closely, in revisiting the twentysomething twin witches played by Tia and Tamara Mowry (of "Sister, Sister" fame). Cheap effects and a flat, redundant story thwart an effort to recapture the predecessor's fun, but Mowry fans will probably still want to check this out anyway. Disney's disappointing DVD serves up only a fullscreen transfer, a fluffy featurette, and a 94-second alternate scene. Read more.

Christopher Disher reviews Lake Placid 2: Unrated. The Sci-Fi Channel's made-for-TV sequel follows 1999's unspectacular crocodile thriller with pedestrian production values and a cast whose biggest star is out-of-place octogenarian Cloris Leachman in the role originated by Betty White. It's on DVD today from Fox and needless to say, it's not pretty. Read on.

January 28, 2008 - Another one of this week's new DVDs gets covered in our review of The Comebacks. David Koechner stars as Lambeau Fields, an unlucky, unorthodox coach who tries to mold a Texas college football team into champions in this innuendo-filled send-up of sports films. Poorly reviewed and attended, the comedy isn't as bad as some of its parody kin,
but it still squanders a likable cast which includes Carl Weathers, Matthew Lawrence, and "The Office"'s Melora Hardin. Our review examines the Unrated Edition, which runs 20 minutes longer than the PG-13-on-appeal theatrical cut. Fox's disc includes 13 minutes of deleted scenes, a lifeless commentary, and 7 short bonuses. More...

In our newest DVD review, Kelvin Cedeno takes a look at "Hannah Montana": One in a Million, the fourth compilation devoted solely to episodes of the Disney Channel's top-rated sitcom. Available tomorrow, this one serves up four unrelated 2007 episodes plus two music videos, a bonus episode of "That's So Raven", and a countdown of the "Top 10 Disney Channel Character Feuds" hosted by the ageless Jason Earles. Read the full review.

The latest out-of-print Disney sequel to return to DVD will be The Jungle Book 2, which will get Special Edition treatment this summer. The theatrically released 2003 film will be joined by a new Mowgli's Story Time Adventure game and will be available for a limited time only. A release date hasn't yet been announced, but the studio's traditional scheduling suggests a late June debut.

January 25, 2008 - Muppet fans will be happy to know that they won't have to endure the same two-year wait that separated the first and second season DVD releases of "The Muppet Show". Season 3 of the 1970s syndicated variety show will reach stores on May 20th. The 4-disc, 24-episode set (SRP: $39.99) will include the bonus documentary "The Making of The Muppets", "Muppets on Puppets" with Jim Henson and characters, and "much more" to be announced. Click here for the "flocked" cover artwork, which employs Fozzie's face. "The Muppet Show": Season 3 is now up for preorder at Amazon.com, for 30% off the list price.

Disney has issued some details on National Treasure: Book of Secrets, which will be coming to DVD and Blu-ray sometime this spring. Customers will get to choose from two widescreen DVD versions, a single-disc with only an audio commentary by Jon Voight and Jon Turteltaub ($29.99 SRP) and a slipcovered 2-Disc Collector's Edition with the commentary, deleted scenes, bloopers, and 7 additional featurettes. The Blu-ray edition (also $34.99 SRP) will hold all the 2-disc DVD's extras plus 2 more deleted scenes and an exclusive feature. The covers of all three versions will add the number "2" before the subtitle. After a month in theaters, the PG-rated Nicolas Cage sequel has earned $200 million domestically and another $140 million overseas, making it Disney's third highest-grossing 2007 release.

Those who have noticed Saludos Amigos and The Three Caballeros quietly vanish in availability from Amazon.com and other retailers have suspected new versions are afoot. Those suspicions were confirmed today, as Disney has just announced a Classic Caballeros Collection for DVD release on April 29th. The two 1940s animated anthology films will arrive on a single DVD together at the low list price of $14.99. Disney has released no information whatsoever on bonus material, nor even specified whether we might get Saludos uncut (the 2000 Gold Collection disc digitally edited out Goofy's cigarettes). Two things are certain: the low-priced double feature is timed to precede Cinco de Mayo and will include a snazzy slipcover. We've posted cover art on our Upcoming DVD Art page, where you can also preorder this upcoming DVD.

Disney's profit-turning comedy The Game Plan is the subject of our newest DVD review. Former wrestler Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson plays an egotistical star quarterback whose life is changed by the revelation that he has an 8-year-old daughter (Madison Pettis, "Cory in the House"). Predictable contrasts ensue.

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Released earlier this week, the DVD serves up a 20-minute featurette, 20 minutes of deleted scenes, Marv Albert-narrated bloopers, two ESPN SportsCenter shorts, and some mood menus. Read the full review.

January 24, 2008 - Kelvin Cedeno looks at "The Odd Couple": The Third Season, released to DVD this week from CBS/Paramount. Tony Randall and Jack Klugman still delight as the neurotic Felix and the carefree Oscar, regularly clashing men living as roommates after their respective marriages fall apart. The 4-disc set holds no extras, some disappointments, and 23 episodes from the 1972-73 season. Read on.

Our latest review covers "Sabrina, The Teenage Witch": The Third Season, now available on DVD from CBS/Paramount. The 1998-99 season of the Melissa Joan Hart TGIF sitcom stays remarkably close to its immediate predecessor, though this one's year-long arc finds the half-witch, half-human Sabrina having to unravel a puzzling family secret to be able to use her long-sought witch's license. More...

January 23, 2008 - Christopher Disher brings us back to our regular review schedule with his critique of Joshua, a little thriller Fox acquired at last year's Sundance Film Festival which came to DVD earlier this month after a very limited theatrical run. Sam Rockwell, Vera Farmiga (The Departed), and Michael McKean headline this R-rated tale of an odd young boy (effectively played by newcomer Jacob Kogan) and his family. The DVD includes a commentary featuring rookie writer-director George Ratliff, deleted scenes, raw cast/crew interviews, Kogan's audition tape, the trailer, and a Dave Matthews music video. Read the full review.

January 20, 2008 - Our latest DVD review looks at Daddy Day Camp, the 2007 family comedy that follows the hit Daddy Day Care but replaces all cast members, with Cuba Gooding, Jr. claiming the top-billed part from Eddie Murphy. Once again, two well-meaning but inexperienced fathers try to make a business out of caring for kids, though this time it's a mishap-laden summer day camp that serves as setting in this feature directing debut of "The Wonder Years" star Fred Savage. Sony's DVD serves up a widescreen film presentation, a featurette, and a trivia quiz. More...

January 18, 2008 - Paramount has confirmed that Beowulf, the $80 million-grossing motion capture adventure, will arrive on DVD and HD DVD on February 26th. The PG-13-rated theatrical cut will be released only in a single-disc DVD with a making-of featurette. Many will be more excited by the two-disc Director's Cut, an unrated extended edition that will also add four more featurettes, 6 deleted scenes, the trailer, and a John Malkovich Easter Egg. The HD DVD will contain all of that plus five additional deleted scenes, 12 more featurettes, and web features to be announced. The film represents the final credit of director Robert Zemeckis (Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Polar Express) before settling in at Walt Disney Pictures, where his next mo-cap feature is A Christmas Carol. You can now preorder Beowulf from Amazon.com: Director's Cut DVD, Theatrical Cut DVD, Director's Cut HD DVD. As always, be sure to check our regularly-updated Upcoming DVD Schedule at DVDizzy.com for a week-by-week look at forthcoming releases up to three months in advance.

January 17, 2008 - Disney has just issued an Enchanted DVD/Blu-ray press release. The official announcement confirms what we reported earlier: the $120 million-grossing, part-animated, part-live-action romantic fairy tale comedy musical Enchanted will arrive in three separate versions on March 18th with a modest number of bonus features. Read the full press release. Enchanted is now available for preorder on Widescreen DVD, Fullscreen DVD, and Blu-ray at Amazon.com. Though each is initially selling for 30% off list price, you can expect those to drop on what's sure to be one of the Easter season's hottest releases. Alas, per Amazon's Pre-Order Price Guarantee, you can buy now and be sure to receive the lowest price.

Recent Disney DVD and CD Reviews:
Holidays Disney CD Roundup / 2007: Year in Review - New reviews of the Enchanted Soundtrack, Disney Channel Holiday, Disney's Karaoke Series: High School Musical 2, Disney's Karaoke Series: Girlz Rock, and two CD singles are complemented by a look back at 2007, culminating with a countdown of the year's best albums and also granting some special attention to other highs and lows.

Recent Non-Disney DVD Reviews:
Wedding Daze - Comedian Michael Ian Black makes his feature-length writing-directing debut in the story of a guy (Jason Biggs) whose haphazard marriage proposal to an unknown waitress (Isla Fisher) is accepted, thrusting the strangers into a serious relationship.
An Affair to Remember: 50th Anniversary Edition - Director Leo McCarey's famous remake of his own film tells of two individuals who fall in love while away from their newly betrothed. Fox's two-disc reissue of the 1957 Cary Grant/Deborah Kerr drama that gained renewed interest after Sleepless in Seattle paid it homage includes an audio commentary, profiles of the stars and two filmmakers, a piece on the film's CinemaScope sensibilities, an episode of AMC's "Backstory", the trailer, a newsreel, two galleries, and in-package lobby cards.
When Harry Met Sally...: Collector's Edition - Considered a landmark romantic comedy, the Nora Ephron-scripted, Rob Reiner-directed 1989 film stars Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan as opposites who become friends and tread a fine line to a romantic relationship. MGM's single-disc reissue delivers a new commentary by Reiner, Ephron, and Crystal in addition to over an hour of new featurettes, but it loses a few things from the earlier Special Edition.
Sunshine - The writer, director, and star of acclaimed horror film 28 Days Later reunite for this sci-fi thriller about a crew's mission to reignite the dying sun. Resembling such classics as Alien and 2001, this well-made work deserves attention after getting overlooked in a limited theatrical release. The DVD includes two audio commentaries, 19 minutes of deleted scenes, 47 minutes of production diary shorts, 2 bonus shorts, and the trailer.
"The Tudors": The Complete First Season - Showtime's hour-long drama recreates King Henry VIII's eventful reign. After a bumpy start, the show and its large cast improve enough to provide an involving and (mostly) historically accurate experience. On the 4-disc, 10-episode set, the cinematic feature presentation is complemented by 3 featurettes, cast bios, a photo gallery, and sample episodes from 3 other Showtime series.
Mr. Bean's Holiday - Marking the second visit of Rowan Atkinson's mostly silent character to cinemas, this G-rated comedy that follows Bean on a prize vacation to Cannes, on which he encounters a lost boy, a French actress, and a pretentious American film director. Better received critically than its 1997 predecessor, this one was dealt the same fate with the public, becoming a huge worldwide hit but making a little splash in the US. Universal's DVD includes 24 minutes of deleted scenes and three featurettes.
Eagle vs Shark - This little comedy from New Zealand shares a writer-director and star with the HBO sitcom "Flight of the Conchords", but it's Napoleon Dynamite that's closest in spirit; Eagle applies its quirky sensibilities to a romance between two adult social misfits and delivers plenty amusement in the process. Miramax's DVD includes deleted scenes, an audio commentary, outtakes, and a Phoenix Foundation music video.
Death Sentence - Saw director James Wan's gritty action film pits a vengeful father (Kevin Bacon) against the criminals responsible for his son's death. Fox's disc includes both the R-rated theatrical cut and a new extended "unrated" cut, plus two Fox Movie Channel pieces and ten Webisodes.
Zodiac: 2-Disc Director's Cut - David Fincher's taut, gripping drama -- on the at-large Northern California serial killer who sent ciphers and taunts to area newspapers -- stands as one of 2007's very best. The new release corrects the movie's original barebones disc with two audio commentaries and a host of documentaries and featurettes on both the film and the real mystery that inspired it.
Braveheart: Special Collector's Edition - Mel Gibson's sophomore directorial outing, this epic 1995 drama about Scottish patriot William Wallace won Oscars for Best Picture and Best Director. Paramount's two-disc rerelease grants the film a wealth of new bonus features plus enhanced picture and sound.

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