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TaleSpin on DVD: Volume 1 Volume 2

TaleSpin: Volume 2 DVD Review

Buy the TaleSpin: Volume 2 DVD from Amazon.com TaleSpin: Volume 2 (1990-91)
Show & DVD Details

Supervising Producer: Jymn Magon / Associate Producer: Ken Tsumura

Producer/Directors: Jamie Mitchell, Robert Taylor, Ed Ghertner, Larry Latham

Regular Writers: Steve Roberts, Mark Edens, Michael Edens, Julia Jane Lewald, Chuck Tately, Steve Sustaric, Libby Hinson, Mark Zaslove / Story Editors: Ken Koonce, David Wiemers, Duane Capizzi, Karl Geurs

Voice Cast: Ed Gilbert (Baloo, others), R.J. Williams (Kit Cloudkicker), Sally Struthers (Rebecca Cunningham), Jim Cummings (Louie, Don Karnage, others), Tony Jay (Shere Khan), Pat Fraley (Wildcat, others), Michael Gough (Colonel Spigot), Janna Michaels (Molly Cunningham), Lorenzo Music (Sergeant "Dundy" Dunder), Chuck McCann (Assorted), Jack Angel (Assorted), Charlie Adler (Assorted), Frank Welker (Assorted), Michael Bell (Assorted), Hamilton Camp (Assorted), Ellen Gerstell (Katie Dodd), Tim Curry (Thaddeus E. Klang), Ken Mars (Buzz), Susan Silo (Assorted), John Stephenson (Assorted), Ron Feinberg (Assorted), Whitby Hertford (Ernie), Jennifer Darling (Mrs. Snarly) / Notable Guest Voices: Patrick Pinney (Professor O'Bowens), Robert Ito (Wan Lo), Hal Smith (Joe McGee), Ben Ganger (Oscar Vandersnoot), Edie McClurg (Mrs. Vandersnoot), David Doyle (Sheriff Gomer), Kath Soucie (Clementine), Maurice LaMarche (Owl Capone), Victoria Carroll (Princess Grace), Dan Castellaneta (Prince Rudolph), Billy Hayes (Babyface's Mother), Liz Georges (Myra Foxworthy), Mark Taylor (Douglas Benson), Alan Oppenheimer (Mr. Pomeroy), Corey Burton (Miniversal President), Roger Bumpass (Dr. Axelotte), David Lodge (MEL)

Running Time: 616 Minutes (27 episodes) / Rating: Not Rated (TV-Y equivalent)
1.33:1 Fullscreen, Dolby Digital Stereo (English, French)
Subtitles: English for Hearing Impaired; French; Closed Captioned
DVD Release Date: November 13, 2007
Original Airdates: October 16, 1990 - February 7, 1991
Three single-sided, dual-layered discs (DVD-9s); Suggested Retail Price: $34.99
Cardboard box with three clear slim keepcases

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Page 1: Show Discussion, Disc 1, and Disc 2
Page 2: Disc 3, Video/Audio, Bonus Features, Menus & Packaging, and Closing Thoughts

Kit stands out as the only non-Thembrian enrolled in Thembria's flight training program. Rebecca, Baloo, and Kit dress up in old gangster garb in "Bringing Down Babyface." A crazed mummy stands behind Baloo in an upside-down pyramid in "In Search of Ancient Blunders."

Disc 3

19. "Flight School Confidential" (22:45) (Originally aired January 10, 1991)
Since Baloo won't let him fly a plane, Kit goes to Thembria where the flying age has just been lowered to 12.
Suffice it to say, he's not too happy to learn that the Thembrians don't actually intend to let the young pilots in the sky.

20. "Bringing Down Babyface" (22:47) (Originally aired January 17, 1991)
Baloo runs into trouble with both gangsters and the law after he fails in his mission to fly the notorious Babyface Half-Nelson to prison.

21. "Jumping the Guns" (22:46) (Originally aired January 21, 1991)
To go along with their usual mischief, Don Karnage and his pirates have new tricks, including stealing the Sea Duck. In trying to make things right, Baloo and Louie team up with Barney O'Turret, an old pig who's seen a lot more than he's done

22. "In Search of Ancient Blunders" (22:54) (Originally aired January 30, 1991)
Baloo delivers an ancient stone tablet to an in-construction natural history museum in Aridia. Adventure ensues in an upside-down pyramid, where Baloo, Wildcat, and curator Myra are targeted by Don Karnage, his goons, and a crazed mummy.

His name is Benson, but he's no butler. Khan's uninspired employee illustrates what will happen to Louie's contract in "Louie's Last Stand." Baloo's business Pizza Pie in the Sky has trouble keeping an arctic customer's pie warm. Unbeknownst to him, "Bullethead Baloo" thwarts a robot who poses a genuine threat outside the Khan Industries building.

23. "Louie's Last Stand" (22:44) (Originally aired January 31, 1991)
Douglas Benson, an employee of Shere Khan who's lacking a solid business plan, decides he'll take over Louie's nightclub, with some help from a forged document and Khan's elite pilot squad. Baloo and Kit help Louie defend his prized 5-year-old establishment.

24. "Sheepskin Deep" (22:52) (Originally aired February 4, 1991)
After being snubbed from the class reunion, Baloo pulls a Billy Madison, going back to grade school to get the diploma he never earned.

25. "Pizza Pie in the Sky" (22:46) (Originally aired February 5, 1991)
With Rebecca away at a business seminar, Baloo comes up with a venture of his own involving long-distance pizza. Kit and he soon find it difficult to make and produce all the pies ordered while staying good to their guarantees.

26. "Baloo Thunder" (22:47) (Originally aired February 6, 1991)
Baloo and Kit try to help Buzz, an eccentric inventor whom Shere Khan suspects of stealing the big secret project that's supposed to provide Khan Industries with a financial rebound.

27. "Bullethead Baloo" (22:52) (Originally aired February 7, 1991)
To reclaim some of the awe of Kit and his Jungle Aces club, Baloo has Buzz fashion him the look and gadgetry of comic book hero Bullethead. Alas, rejected inventor Dr. Axelotte and his robot MEL have a bone to pick with Shere Khan, putting not-so-super Baloo in the middle.

How to heat up hundreds of pizza pies in just a few minutes? Why, fly over a live volcano with an ice cube strapped to your head... everybody knows that. Meet Buzz, the eccentric inventor who appears in the final two episodes of Volume 2. Not all of his ideas are entirely original.


Like any of Disney's animated series DVDs,
"Tale Spin": Volume 2 delivers erratic, unexceptional picture quality with its 1.33:1 fullscreen presentation. In addition to some shortcomings found in the budget original animation, there are print intrusions, erratic colors, and other anomalies that ought not to be as prominent on 17-year-old episodes from one of the world's biggest studios. Though far from satisfactory, "TaleSpin" isn't as troubled as some of the other Disney Afternoon sets I've encountered.

The soundtrack is a plain two-channel Dolby Digital Stereo track, a slight and curious downgrade from Volume 1's surround tracks. On rare occasions, you can pick up some directional effects, but for the most part it's indistinguishable from two-channel Mono. The sound elements usually hold up pretty well. One episode stands out for its track being slightly distorted and muffled, but that's the most noticeable problem. English subtitles fill in any uncertainty and this time, they're joined by French subtitles as well.

The TaleSpin Volume 2 DVD's main menu: The side characters, front grass, and backdrop color change for each disc, but the idea is the same. Can't get it out of my head. Miss it, kiss it, love it (wrong move, you're dead)... that menu is poison! Choose your poison via the Episode Selection menu.


As usual, the DVD is void of bonus features and its design shows very little effort. I've already ranted on both issues in a number of past reviews before and if Disney still doesn't believe that a tiny bit of effort in these departments
would considerably increase both sales and customer satisfaction levels, then I don't think it's worth anymore time to chastise their ludicrous thriftiness and laziness.

The still menus awkwardly piece together character clip art with screencaps while maddeningly looping the end credits' chorus-only version of theme song. The packaging can't really be faulted for continuity; the box's artwork is merely the negative of Volume 1's European map back. Between the recycled imagery and general lack of inspiration, I'd guess all of the covers were knocked out in as short a time as humanly possible. The observant will notice that the series' title has inexplicably changed from "Disney's TaleSpin" to "Disney TaleSpin"; the apostrophe and s has also been dropped on the concurrently-issued "DuckTales" Volume 3 set.

Ads at the start of Disc 1 promote 101 Dalmatians: Platinum Edition, Wall-E, The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause, and the Disney Movie Rewards program. The same platter's Sneak Peeks menu holds these plus additional preview of Return to Never Land, Underdog, High School Musical 2: Extended Edition, and Wish Gone Amiss.

Kit, Rebecca, and Baloo share a flight in the trusty Sea Duck. Kit helps Baloo do some last minute cram-peddling for his elementary school equivalency test in "Sheepskin Deep."


"TaleSpin" holds up as a series that is readily able to entertain today's youths and, perhaps even more, those who were youths when it first aired. There's lots of fun to be had in the 27 episodes of this set, which improve upon Volume 1's and are about as original and intelligent as any episodic cartoon from the past two decades. Once again, Disney fails to give one of their most loved programs any love on DVD; the 3-disc set supplies mediocre audio/video and no bonus features whatsoever. The lack of effort lowers the set's collectibility, but the low price still makes this a mighty appealing collection as the best legal way to see these episodes whenever you'd like.

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Page 1: Show Discussion, Disc 1, and Disc 2
Page 2: Disc 3, Video/Audio, Bonus Features, Menus & Packaging, and Closing Thoughts

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Reviewed November 13, 2007.