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PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2018 2:02 am 
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Aw I'm so sad to hear more of the situation and how awful you feel before sleep and when you wake up. It must get better!

You know, I think cooking is the best option. Because you should do what you enjoy, and if you really want the bad feelings you have to go away, I think a job you really like and are good at is what would make you feel great!

I really don't think there could ever be the possibility you have Down's. But anxiety and depression, yes. That sucks. I have depression myself. Doctors really need to be able to tell what you have.


PostPosted: Sat Aug 04, 2018 4:53 pm 
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Thank you, thedisneyspirit. Lucy had her surgery on July 25th; we're still waiting for the biopsy results to come back to see if they got all the cancer. She has a gnarly lump on the side of her face/neck area; she gets her stitches out in a few days.

theidsneyspirit: With jobs, experience often is what matters, no matter what the degree is in. It honestly is getting your foot in the door that often makes or breaks you; I know that it's not always easy to get your foot in the door ((I graduated in 2008 from college, when there was the recession, and I couldn't even get a job for 2 years, but I did volunteer work, and ended up getting a [crappy, but still a paying!] job at one of the nonprofits I volunteered at, then I went to grad school, living on student loans (I think it was worth it); even though I failed a class & was a semester shy of getting my Master's degree, the internships I had there look good on my resume, and have helped me get jobs close to what I was looking for. It just can take time.)). In my opinion, it's absolutely worth it to apply for the Diplomatic Academy- this is a case of, you never know unless you try, and if you get accepted- boom- stable employment!

With a background in linguistics, I'm thinking that, even as temporary or part-time work, you could apply to be a tutor, maybe? You could still try to find another job, of course, but you could utilize your language skills to help students. You could also do that while attending Master's or cooking classes.

As far as cooking as a job goes, I recommend trying to get an apprenticeship, whether at a restaurant, bakery, brewery, etc. You'd be learning and getting paid, seeing if you like the field, and it'd look great on your resume if you persue the cooking field.

As far as publishing books, there are many self-publishing companies out there. My brother has used Lulu.com. It may be worth checking out. But there are many other companies, too. Not only would you be getting your work out there and making some money, you could send actual published copies of your work to publishing houses.

It's not like when our grandparents were our age or even younger, when you could work even what is now considered a low-paying job, and buy a house and have a one-income family. Inflation sucks when incomes don't go up enough to keep up.

As far as the social issues you mentioned- my anxiety was a huge reason why grad school didn't work out for me. My social anxiety was really bad, plus mixed with all the assignments, in grad school, but working has helped a lot...I had worked before, but having jobs where I was forced to use the phone, for example, forced me to be comfortable calling up complete strangers and talking with them. I work in health insurance now, and I do have to talk with strangers on the phone, and sometimes they get mad, but I've learned that I can't take it personally, that they don't know me...I just wanted to let you know that, at least for me, just going through life and working has helped my social anxiety. My other anxiety is still pretty bad, and I'm learning to say "NO" to outside commitments/obligations to focus on myself right now.

I'm so sorry that you don't have a strong support system- that can be hugely scary. I ended up in an abusive relationship because I didn't and felt I had nowhere else to go; that forced me to have to rely on my parents to get out, and now we have a good relationship. I think that with your extended family, it's never too late to start building a relationship. Even by just sending out an email or a text, saying, "Long time no talk, was thinking of you, how are you?" can be a good starting point. Maybe then if you ever do need them for something bigger, they'd be more willing to help?

Once you do get a job, no matter how low- or high-paying, I highly advise making a budget. That way you can see what bills you must pay...I'm not sure if you're currently living with your parents, but if you're allowed to live with them, even for a while, that could help you save money, especially if you don't have the biggest paycheck, and then you could try finding a roomate or 2 or 3 once you have some money saved up.

My parents didn't want me to get my Master's degree, either. But I had a crappy job, I was fresh off a divorce, I needed a change for myself. And I got a couple internships out of it. At the end of the day, you have to do what feels right for you. I know that it feels like your time is wasting away, but you truly can start a different career if that's what you want to do.

For me, anxiety pills just make me too tired to have racing thoughts...but I have found that counseling and journaling have been very helpful. And with the internet, there are even internet counseling options, if you're more comfortable chatting online/email than going into a counselor's office.

I know we don't "know" each other, but I'm here for you.

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