Little Einsteins: Mission Celebration! DVD Fact Sheet

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Little Einsteins: Mission Celebration! DVD Fact Sheet

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<center><b><u>Disney’s Little Einsteins Mission Celebration
DVD FACT SHEET</b></u></center>

Walt Disney Home Entertainment

<i><b>Disney’s Little Einsteins: Mission Celebration!</b></i> takes preschoolers on thrilling
adventures in the real world where they help solve an important mission and learn along
the way. Leo, June, Quincy, Annie and their musical ship, Rocket, guide the way in three
interactive musical adventures. This fun-filled DVD features a bonus game, “You’ve Got A
Mission,” and includes a never-before-seen episode, “The Birthday Machine.” From the
remarkable series from Disney and the award-winning Baby Einstein Company.™

June, Leo, Quincy and Annie invite viewers to put on their hats, grab their goodie bags and
blast off! Viewers will follow their adventures as the kids climb aboard Rocket for a rootin’-
tootin’ time in the Wild West, meet playful penguins in Antarctica as they search for
runaway balloons, and travel all the way to Italy on an expedition to bring home a magical
machine that makes today everyone’s birthday. <b><i>Disney’s Little Einsteins: Mission
Celebration!</b></i> is an invitation to the biggest, best, most amazing party ever.

<b><u>Bonus Features</b></u>
<b>• ‘You’ve Got A Mission’ Game</b>
In this interactive game, each player gets a chance to enter the Little Einsteins’
world, and go on their very own mission as a new member of the Little Einsteins’
team. The items for a party have all been lost and it’s the player’s job to pilot
Rocket to go and find them – the player gets to fly Rocket just like Leo, Quincy,
Annie and June.

<b><u>Street Date: August 22, 2006
Direct prebook</b></u>: June 27, 2006
<b><u>Distributor prebook</b></u>: July 11, 2006
<b><u>Suggested retail price</b></u>: $19.99 DVD
<b><u>Rating</b></u>: Not rated
Bonus features not rated, nor subtitled.
<b><u>DVD aspect ratio</b></u>: 1:33.1 formatted 4x3
<b><u>Sound</u></b>: Dolby Digital 2.0
<b><u>Languages</b></u>: English audio; French, Spanish audio

<a name="menus"><b><u>MENUS</b></u>
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Main Menu

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Bonus Features Menu

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