Favorite Ariel Costume Changes?
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Author:  Disney's Divinity [ Sat Jan 25, 2020 8:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Favorite Ariel Costume Changes?

I almost included the sea witch outfit she has from the series, but I'm assuming not everyone remembers that. :P

Author:  blackcauldron85 [ Sat Jan 25, 2020 11:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Favorite Ariel Costume Changes?

I chose Mermaid (classic!), Sails "Dress" (so unique and creative!), Pink Nightgown (simple but so pretty), & Blue Dress w/ Bow (I've adored this outfit since I was a little kid- she's so beautiful, and happy!, in it, and I love her hair).

Author:  UmbrellaFish [ Sat Jan 25, 2020 11:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Favorite Ariel Costume Changes?

So, I may or may not have been bored a few days ago and already compiled this list in advance. I have one extra look. I never realized how many outfits Ariel wore between the two films! I don’t recall that sea witch dress, Divinity, and googling “Ariel sea witch” of course brings up results for Ursula. Could you share a pic to refresh my memory?

1. Mermaid- What can I say, this is Ariel. It’s such a wonderfully simple design, I’m glad they held back from adding dorsal fins or extra jewelry. Ariel may not like it— but she’s perfect as the mermaid she is.

2. Purple sea foam dress- Very simple and very pretty. So sad she wears it so briefly in the movie.

3. Turquoise makeover dress— okay, okay, okay, hear me out: I know it’s a little “frou-frouey,” but this dress is so wonderfully evocative of her mermaid form. The green color which recalls her tail and the sheer fabric which simulates her fins. Red and green are complementary colors so the whole look is naturally appealing to the eye, just like her mermaid form. The seashell accents... are a bit much. If Disney is going to market Ariel in her human form, I’d rather they market her in this gown. To be honest, I wish she’d worn a dress more like this in the original film, at least instead of the pink gown.

4. Yellow nursery gown (TLM2)- Y’know as shit as the movie is, the yellow gown she wears to christen Melody at the beginning is actually very pretty. I especially love the folds around her chest that almost resemble a seashell. And the big yellow ribbon for her hair. Melody’s christening gown is also very pretty in this scene.

5. Blue dress w/ bow- Pretty. The blue colors are nice.

6. Blue dress w/out bow- Not a big deal, just looks a little bit better with the hair bow! In fairness, Ariel is going through a pretty rough time when she’s wearing this.

7. Sails dress- I like the asymmetrical design. Ariel looks cute in this. But I’d never wear it!

8. Purple ballgown (TLM2)- I don’t want to be too hard on this outfit. The color is pretty. The neckline is a little matronly and I hate seeing Ariel’s hair up like that, but that’s the point of the movie— Ariel’s become an old fuddy duddy.

9. Wedding dress- Princess Di owed Ariel an apology. Listen, I loved this one as a kid, but it looks silly next to the more timeless wedding gowns of Cinderella, Rapunzel, even Tiana’s 1920’s church wedding gown. I mean, look at those truly ginormous sleeves! Or would you call them shoulder pads?

10. Pink dress- I just hate it. Too much red! It also didn’t work as her official Princess TM dress because it was just a cobbled up design based on Snow, Cindy, and Aurora’s gowns.

11. Pink nightgown- this is a granny’s nightgown.

Author:  Disney's Divinity [ Sun Jan 26, 2020 1:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Favorite Ariel Costume Changes?

You know, I always think that I don't really like Ariel's outfits that much, but then I had a hard time narrowing it down to just four for this poll. :lol:

1. Mermaid ~ Even though the outfit is really just a bra :lol: , it's an unforgettable design. And it is how the merfolk dress, so... Not any different than Jasmine's top, really.
2. Wedding Dress ~ I know it's so '80s, just like Ariel's hairstyle, but I really like this. If I was a woman, I would never wear a wedding dress like this--because God knows it would look horrible in the real world, see Giselle in Enchanted--but in a cartoon it looks pretty. The golden tiara is my favorite part.
3. Purple Dress ~ I'm not as in love with it as other people (not the way I am with Cinderella's ballgown or Tiana's wedding dress, for example), but I do like how it sparkles. I like it more because I associate it with Triton.
4. Pink Nightgown ~ I think it's really cute.
5. Sails 'Dress' ~ I love this outfit because of how funny it is. The scene sort of gets more forgotten compared to "Kiss the Girl" and the scene with her singing to Eric on the beach.
6. Blue Dress w/out Bow ~ I don't love this outfit, but, oh, taking away that bow makes it so much better for me. :lol: Vanessa's dark blue outfit does the corset thing better, I think.
7. 'Disney Princess' Turquoise Dress ~ I actually don't hate this. Much easier to bear something original than a good outfit that's ruined like with Belle and Cinderella. I just never like the seashell earrings. Not that they're seashells, but they're a little big.
8. Blue Dress w/ Bow
9. Purple Dress from Return to the Sea ~ Yes, I completely forgot the yellow dress. I don't really like either one, which is a shame.

I also noticed I misspelled turquoise in the poll, what the...

Umbrella Fish wrote:
I don’t recall that sea witch dress, Divinity, and googling “Ariel sea witch” of course brings up results for Ursula. Could you share a pic to refresh my memory?
It's from "T'ank You For Dat, Ariel" when Sebastian is tired of being small. When I used Google Images, I saw that somebody uploaded a bunch of pictures of her in the outfit to a deviantart account. Here's one of them. The crown always made me think of the Queen of Hearts, but I like the rod.

Author:  UmbrellaFish [ Sun Jan 26, 2020 6:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Favorite Ariel Costume Changes?

Thank you for that pic of Ariel in that costume! Makes me want to rewatch the show.

Also, I don’t think you included the pink dress in your ranking?

Author:  Disney's Divinity [ Sun Jan 26, 2020 7:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Favorite Ariel Costume Changes?

Oh, how'd I miss that. :oops:

1. Mermaid
2. Wedding Dress
3. Purple Dress
4. Pink Nightgown
5. Sails 'Dress'
6. Blue Dress w/out Bow
7. Pink Dress
8. Sea Witch Ariel
9. 'Disney Princess' Turquoise Dress
10. Blue Dress w/ Bow
11. Yellow Dress from Return to the Sea
12. Purple Dress from Return to the Sea

Author:  Disney Duster [ Fri Jan 31, 2020 4:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Favorite Ariel Costume Changes?


1. Mermaid - perfect and iconic. Her red hair with the blu-green tail and purple seashells is perfect.
2. Purple sea foam dress - what a gorgeously simple dress. I love the design, color, and sparkles.
3. Turquoise Disney Princess dress - very pretty re-do of the pink dress, and it complements her hair well as UmbrellaFish said. I love the sleeves and bodice, and were the overskirt just a little rounder, I would like it as a perfect 19th century evening gown. I love the shell details as well.
4. Pink dress - yes, I know that according to what someone said on fanpop it's a mash of the three princesses before her, and maybe it really is, but I think it's rather pretty. It really looks like an interesting take on a 19th century evening gown, plus I love pink, though a purpler pink would suit her red hair more. I love the diamond slashes in her sleeves, and the round overskirt.
5. Blue dress with bow - It's really simple and pretty, though, come on now, it's such a rip-off of Briar Rose's gown.
6. Blue dress without bow - I really like that bow! lol
7. Sails dress - who new a makeshift gown from a shipwreck could look so fabulous!
8. Pink nightgown - It's pretty...for a nightgown.
9. Wedding dress - I loved it as a kid, but I don't like how they ripped-off Aurora's waist...thing and used it here. I understand originality sometimes means taking original things from somewhere else and using it originally, but it bothers me here. Love the sleeves, overksirt, and crown though.
10. Sea Witch Ariel - kinda cool actually!
11. Yellow Return to the Sea dress - you know, it actually is pretty, but...it's from the sequel so...whatever.
12. Purple Return to the Sea dress - yuck.

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