Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure (GC, PS2, Xbox) Discussion

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Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure (GC, PS2, Xbox) Discussion

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This thread is for discussing gameplay, presentation, hints, tips and secrets on Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure on the Gamecube, PS2 and Xbox platforms.

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This game is perhaps the best of the most recent Disney games for the current consoles. The Disney atmosphere is carefully done through the character models, animations and environments. I defy anybody to see Woody, Buzz, Timon and Pumbaa skating and not be impressed. Woody especially moves just like his theatrical counterpart (but is voiced by Jim Hanks). The Tarzan levels don't seem to be as good as the Toy Story of Lion King levels, but there's still more care and attention gone into those levels than the average video game.

Gameplay is addictive and smooth. Its what you would expect coming from the same game engine as the successful Tony Hawks games. Movement is quick, graphics have no slowdown, and environments are huge and fully interactive. Highlights include The Elephant's Graveyard in the Lion King stage and Andy's Room in the Toy Story stage. Various hidden characters can be unlocked, including Jessie and Rafiki.

There are two control modes, and I find the advanced (which copies the Tony Hawk method) works much better than the simple controls, which actually make things harder to play.

The game, rather oddly, doesn't come with any Disney movie soundtracks or songs, but at least on the Xbox you can play to your own custom tunes.

I cannot recommend this game enough. Everything about it screams quality.
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