Haunted Mansion (GC, PS2, Xbox) Discussion

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Haunted Mansion (GC, PS2, Xbox) Discussion

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This thread is for discussing gameplay, presentation, hints, tips and secrets on Haunted Mansion on the GC, PS2 and Xbox platforms.

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Well, this is going for quite a cheap price now, and it's fantastic. Really, it is. I know it sounds cheap, and I know from the screenshots and reviews you won't be expecting much. But we love this game.

The game gets bonus points right away for not being based on the live-action film, but instead based on the theme park attraction.

The game shows a lot of imagination throughout. The mansion itself is a "hub world", with the various doors leading to separate rooms, or in some cases, other "hubs". Doors can only be opened when a certain number of ghosts have been captured, so although you have the illusion of free-roaming, in effect most of the decisions about which room to explore next are made for you. But this isn't a problem. The presence of locked doors only increases your curiosity and make you more determined to open them!

Each room has its own challenge, to get to a switch to turn the lights on. All involve a combination of skill and puzzle solving, but the emphasis can alter. Our favourite room is the games room! You're in for a surprise when you first see what you have to do in that room to turn the lights on! When the lights are on, the ghosts are revealed, and you need to capture them in your magic lantern.

Graphics are very good, with a lot of fine detail. Just stand in a corridor and watch the leaves blowing by the window outside, or watch the giant spider crawl up the outside of the conservatory in the library. Somehow, you just know you'll be seeing him again! The game can get quite spooky in places, even though it has a cartoony look.

However, I do have a complaint. The 3D viewpoint means that sometimes you can be attacked from behind, without seeing the culprit. It really is most frustrating. This is a problem common to a lot of 3D games and platformers, and I would have thought that by now a solution would have been found and implemented. People complain about CGI taking over movie animation, well, the news is, it's taken over video game animation, and it's not always to the benefit of the game.

It’s a shame, as this marks the game down. But I think for the price, anybody with an interest in the attraction will love exploring Disney's Haunted Mansion on their console.
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