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Author:  Luke [ Fri Nov 26, 2004 12:28 am ]
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12th on Film Threat's Frigid 50 (The Coldest People in Hollywood)!

Between the feuds, family problems and radio station rants, this lady gets more tiresome every time her name appears in print. Lindsay’s the perfect example of overstaying a welcome.
Anti-Freeze: Read a book. (And no cheating, it has to be a book without pictures.)

Link: http://www.filmthreat.com/Features.asp?Id=1264

Author:  2099net [ Fri Nov 26, 2004 9:53 am ]
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In an interview with Extra, Lohan says that exhaustion is the most likely reason for her physical breakdown, but not necessarily the only culprit.

"We haven't really found out," she told the TV show before running down a host of ailments: "I was really overworked and really tired...had a kidney infection...stress...wasn't eating right...wasn't getting enough sleep...I had an asthma attack..had a cold...a form of mono. I was really sick. I was really scared. I'm trying to take care of myself."

Anything you didn't have Lindsay? Stubbed toe? Oh no, I remember, you did that one the way to the bed. Broken fingernail? Oh no. That was done when you first fainted? Er. Broken Neck. Yes, you certainly didn't have a broken neck.

However, Papa Lohan still managed to irk his daughter when he spoke about her illness in a magazine interview, saying, "I've heard the rumors, and I won't condone drinking and drugs."

It was enough to make the Freaky Friday star freak out. She lashed out at her father in an interview of her own earlier this month, in which she told Access Hollywood she was sick of staying mum about her pop.

"I have tried to keep quiet long enough," Lohan said. "Unfortunately, my father has continued to move forward with his actions as a cry for attention. He has started false allegations regarding myself and the cause of my illness. I feel this is hurtful, and it angers me to see that my own father would stoop to such a level."

Rumours, or could this be... the tapes?!? [dramatic musical sting]

I don't know. Can you feel the love between them. Precious isn't it, a father and daughter.

Perhaps her disappointment in her own parental figure inspired Lohan to start thinking about starting a brood of her own. The thesp tells Jane that she was already planning the next stage in her life.

L'il Lohans? :o

Word of advice Lindsay. Form a meaningful relationship with a man first.

Author:  Loomis [ Wed Dec 01, 2004 11:48 pm ]
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From the ever-reliable IMDB:

Lohan's Ex "Returns to Mandy Moore"
Friends of Lindsay Lohan expect the actress to find a high-profile boyfriend to punish her former lover Wilmer Valderrama for returning to his old flame Mandy Moore. The Mean Girls actress has always been jealous of the relationship the That '70s Show actor enjoyed with Moore, and has reportedly made a statement about her availability by hitting the town with friends and family at the weekend. A close friend says, "I don't know if she knows that Wilmer has been hanging out with Mandy. If she did, she would lose it. That was always one of the trouble spots in their relationship. It was that threatening-ex-girl friend type thing. She doesn't have her eye on anybody yet, but her new man will definitely be high profile - to get back at Wilmer."

"She doesn't have her eye on anybody yet, but her new man will definitely be high profile - to get back at Wilmer."

It is nice to know that the friends of Lindsay can look beyond the shallow outer surface that the media portrays and see the sensitive side that lurks within.

Actually, on a related note, I was listened to the Jersey Girl commentary yesterday, and they mention the fact that you can pretty much print anything as long as you have A source, even if it is the coffee boy who doesn't actually know anything. "Insiders say..."

Author:  JaneMccoy [ Sat Dec 04, 2004 10:07 pm ]
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Don't know if this was mentioned already:

Z100's Jingle Ball Guest Hosts are:
Lindsay Lohan, Gavin DeGraw, Bowling For Soup and Jesse McCartney!
With Performances By:
Destiny's Child, Hilary Duff. Ashlee Simpson, Ryan Cabrera, Maroon 5 (special acoustic performance), Good Charlotte, Vanessa Carlton, Switchfoot, Kelly Clarkson, JoJo, & Radio Star winner Natalie Loftin!


I wonder if anything will happen at the concert.

Author:  Escapay [ Sun Dec 05, 2004 1:25 am ]
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A backstage catfight of epic proportions. Then for the next eighty months, we'll be hearing conflicting reports of who started it and how they both don't know each other really and that one of them just wants to be friends.

I'm guessing that the smartass that decided to book both Lohan and Duff wanted to see some action on the night of the concert.


Author:  2099net [ Sun Dec 05, 2004 10:28 am ]
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Good grief, he's at it again!

Lindsay Lohan's father in trouble again

At this rate, Lindsay Lohan's father will soon out-ink his daughter in the tabloid headlines.

Michael Lohan, the teen queen's troubled father, was arrested for criminal contempt Monday on New York's Long Island, reports E!Online.

The elder Lohan allegedly violated an order of protection taken out by the "Mean Girls" star's mom, Dina. It's the second time in as many weeks that he has been charged with the same crime.

Although Michael Lohan was arrested Monday, he managed to stave off jail time. After cops collared him, he complained of chest pains and was subsequently taken to Winthrop-University Hospital for evaluation.

He was charged with criminal contempt and driving under the influence and is scheduled to be arraigned upon his release from the hospital


Still, it will make for an interesting Lindsay biopic! :up:

Oh I like this too:

Overexposing Lindsay Lohan?

Did you hear about the pictures of Lindsay Lohan eating toast? Give it a few days.

"Once a rising star breaks the ice in the tabloids, just about everything they do becomes fair game," says Mark Lisanti, editor of the gossip blog, Defamer.com. "If Lindsay Lohan is caught eating toast, pictures will instantly wind up on the Internet, and the next day, on Page Six."

Overexposure? Who would do such a thing? I mean, does anyone find Linday's life and that of her family that interesting? Who would want to read about it? Or, worse yet, keep reporting on it? Only utter morons!

Author:  Luke [ Sun Dec 05, 2004 11:01 am ]
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In the midst of this, Paramount is hoping Lindsay and her film <i>Mean Girls</i> will bring him the Oscar gold:


Author:  2099net [ Fri Dec 10, 2004 6:07 pm ]
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Oh my word:

Lindsay Lohan's parents splitting!

[Hollywood News]: Washington, Dec 10 : Actress Lindsay Lohan's parents, Michael and Dina, have decided to file for divorce.

Dina told the People magazine that she is getting mentally prepared to end her marriage with Michael after it became clear that he would seek treatment at an in-patient alcohol and substance abuse centre.

Michael was recently arrested on charges of violating an order of protection against his estranged wife.

"Michael has problems that he needs to deal with. He needs to take care of himself," said Dina. (ANI)

And they were getting on so well with each other too!

Oh you know things are bad when Even Tara Reid thinks Lohan parties too much (based on some of the stories I've heard about Ms. Reid herself).

Even Tara Reid thinks Lohan parties too much

Whether it's true or not, Lindsay Lohan has developed such a reputation for partying that even Tara Reid thinks she should slow down.

Reid tells "Stuff" magazine that Lohan is "way more wild" than she was at her age. Reid says "don't put me with her, I don't want to be dragged into her (expletive)."

And here's the Lohan ongoing success story in brief:

The evolution of Lindsay Lohan

Author:  MickeyMouseboy [ Fri Dec 10, 2004 7:20 pm ]
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ichabod wrote:
StevEnrique wrote:
There's some samples of a few of the songs from her album on MTV.com. I don't like her album cover. It's so borring. I was expecting something skanky. What a let down. :lol:

MTV The Leak: Lindsay Lohan - Speak


It looks like something from the 80s!

That;s the album cover, you havent seen the skanking pic inside the booklet hehehe :) i will have to scan it and post it!

Author:  Luke [ Thu Dec 16, 2004 9:34 pm ]
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The forum's five-day reversal has left the Lohan Report rather in need of an update. I'll try my best, and 2099net will do the rest!

From New York's The Daily News...

Doubt not that <b>Lindsay Lohan</b> and <b>Colin Farrell</b> hooked up last week. Our source for Tuesday's item was practically under the bed. Plus, a spy tells us, the "Mean Girls" actress playfully flipped the "Alexander" star the bird when she saw him chatting up another woman at the "Saturday Night Live" wrap party at Viscaya. But Lohan and Farrell then entered into intense discussions to see who would leave first from the club, which was surrounded by paparazzi ...

I guess Colin can pin another feather in his cap! Another article on the subject here. I hope Dina approves of Colin!

From India's New Kerala

<b>My love life was "too much work", says Lindsay Lohan: </b>

[Hollywood News]: Washington, Dec 15 : Actress Lindsay Lohan feels that her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama, did not work because it was " too much work."

The 'Mean Girls' star has recently admitted that she was dumped by Wilmer, but nevertheless, insists that their relationship was too demanding and difficult for it to be sustainable.

"It was too much work with a boyfriend - well, that relationship was. Being in a relationship should never be work. If there's work then you should get out of it," rate the music quoted Lohan as saying.

Lohan and Wilmer broke up last month after dating for six months. (ANI)

"If there's work then you should get out of it." Words to live by!

The Boston Herald reports...

Lohan to Playboy: Nudity isn't me

`Mean Girl' queen Lindsay Lohan's peeps have been peddling the hard partyin' hottie to the skin sultans at Playboy, reports Star maggie.

But just days after Lohan's managers pitched Playboy, they back-peddled, saying their girl has a `no nudity' clause in her Disney contract that extends through the release of ``Herbie: Fully Loaded.''

Besides, her publicist told Star, Lindsay isn't the skin mag type: It's `not who she is,' said Leslie Sloan.

But apparently, the flame-haired teen queen is about posing in just sheer pantyhose, as seen here in a recent Entertainment Weekly pic!

<img src="http://thetrack.bostonherald.com/images/more_track/llea12152004.jpg">
(Photograph by James White for Entertainment Weekly)

Earlier this week, Lohan, the supermarket tabs' latest It Girl, told MSNBC that she's had enough exposure.

``If I could have one thing for the holidays, it would be for no tabloids to write anything about me,'' the buxom 18-year-old sniffed to The Scoop.

Lohan has experienced just about every type of scandal in the past month: breaking up with her first love, ``That 70's Show'' star Wilmer Valderrama; the frequent arrests of her annoying papa, Michael; and her own lip-syncing snafu while belting out her hit single on ``Good Morning America.''

And then there was the hospital stay for `exhaustion.'

And there you have it!

Author:  deathie mouse [ Thu Dec 16, 2004 10:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Lohan found naked all over magazine store

ok, this is the new version of dethi's Lohan report

Luke originally, a few backups back before, mentioned she was topless on the cover of entertainement weekly, and i said...

I wouldn't call it topless, i would consider that "in the nude". When I went to Borders yesterday I saw this naked woman staring at me in all the magazine racks. Apparently everyman had taken a copy of the magazine for closer examination and after being done with her left her there wherever he was at the moment. When i saw who she was, I chuckled and couldnt help think of this thread. Her nakedness was everywhere! At least her pic was kind of "discrete". Hasn't Ann-Margaret or somebody done this same pose before.? Not like in Penthouse.
That's for next year

Me? I bought a copy of Disney magazine with the Incredibles and of Star Trek Communicator with return of the Orions

I like my nekked wimmen green


Then Luke posted his original 'Lohan almost does Playboy but does ET instead' story and 2099net posted a CNN interview which I hope he can repost, since the world cant miss those words of wisdom in their original setting, and I saw some strange psicology there.

So my reply; and pharaphrasing:

CNN wrote:
CNN: What things would you do if you could get away with it?

Lohan: I would do EVERYTHING the tabloids say Lindsay Lohan does

Lindsay, you know you wanna

and, do you always talk about yourself in the third person?

The way she's going, after that she'll be in Showgirls II and Species IV

And the magaxzines


Author:  Luke [ Thu Dec 16, 2004 11:26 pm ]
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Nice restorian job, deathie.

This one too needs to be preserved...

From IMDb (naturally...)

<b>Lohan Begs Press To Back Off</b>
14 December 2004 (WENN)
Teen star Lindsay Lohan has asked for one Christmas gift - that the press leave her alone for the festive season. The Mean Girls actress has been constant tabloid fodder this year, with her love life, a rift with fellow starlet Hilary Duff, her party girl lifestyle and her parents divorce making her the subject of close media focus. But the 18-year-old is desperate for a stress and press-free Christmas. She begs, "If I could have one thing for the holidays, it would be for no tabloids to write anything about me."

Hope Dina didn't already get her some wool product! Think of what she really wants! :santa:

Author:  2099net [ Tue Dec 21, 2004 5:12 pm ]
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Oh good grief:

NEW YORK: A quirky new poll by the website Heavy.com, has found that teen actress Lindsay Lohan and Al Queda chief Osama Bin Laden are considered the 'naughtiest people of 2004' by most Americans.

While the 'Mean Girls' actress was singled out for her lip- syncing scandal on US TV show "Good Morning America" earlier this month, Bin Laden pipped the likes of Michael Jackson and Scott Peterson to make it to the top, reports The New York Post.

The surveyors were surprised that Lohan left hotel heiress Hilton far behind, "Interestingly, the American public finds lip-syncing to be naughtier than making homemade porno tapes. And as you can see, Lohan won by a whopping margin," the report quoted the poll director as saying.


Author:  orestes. [ Tue Dec 21, 2004 5:57 pm ]
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Lindsay Lohan is pretty attractive. That's all I have to say right now. She looks a lot like this girl I liked in high school that I always liked but never did anything aobut... :(

Author:  Luke [ Wed Dec 22, 2004 6:22 pm ]
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IMDb has a new development!

Lohan and Valderrama Back Together?

Singer Lindsay Lohan has fueled reports she's dating former love Wilmer Valderrama again, after shunning a launch party to dine with him. Last week, pop beauty Lohan assured organizers of new fashion line People's Liberation she would be attending their launch party at plush Los Angeles club Nacional. However, Lohan left organizers frantically seeking an emergency replacement when she ditched her commitment to enjoy an intimate meal at Mr Chow with That '70s Show star Valderrama, reports website Pagesix.Com. Fortunately for People's Liberation, the excitement stirred by the clothes launch managed to attract celebrities like Eve, Chris Tucker and David Alan Grier to the party. Lohan and Valderrama split last month after a six-month relationship.

Wow, I bet that Colin Farrell feels pretty let down!

Author:  2099net [ Fri Dec 31, 2004 5:23 am ]
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Well, here's my last Lohan post of 2004! Bring on 2005 and more mini-dramas in the life and loves of everyone's favourite up and coming film star!

A busy New Years for Lindsay Lohan

Freaky Friday and Mean Girls actress Lindsay Lohan has agreed to attend more than one party this New Years Eve.

The main problem is that she is expected in California, New York, and Miami.

Lohan, 18, is hosting a party in South Beach's Opium Garden in California, however she has also agreed to perform on MTV's Total Request Live late in New York. She will then fly to Miami in a private jet.

A source told Teen Hollywood, "She will have to get through all the New Year traffic to Teterboro [Airport], fly to Miami and then drive from the airport.

"I don't know what she is thinking. No way she'll make it to that club before 4am."

Lohan was recently hospitalised for exhaustion.

Emphasis in the final sentance is mine. But knowing that, what does Dina think of the jet-set New Year?

Lindsay Lohan To Film Movie In New Orleans

New Regency Pictures will film "Lucky," starring Lindsay Lohan, in New Orleans and other Louisiana locations beginning in February.

"Isn't she Lucky, this Hollywood girl?"

Depp & Lohan head IMDb's 2004 list

Johnny Depp and Lindsay Lohan are in first and second place on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb.com) STARmeter rankings for 2004.

The rankings are compiled from the online search behaviour of the 20m-plus users of the IMDb site.

The Top Five for 2004 is completed by Orlando Bloom in third place, Keira Knightley in fourth and Angelina Jolie in fifth.

Others to make the IMDb's Top 25 stars list for 2004 are Brad Pitt (sixth), Jennifer Aniston (16th), Tom Cruise (eighth), Kirsten Dunst (12th) and 'Harry Potter' leads Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe (13th and 20th places respectively).

Depp and Lohan together at last! What an idea. Sod, Knightley, sign Lohan for the Pirates sequels. Imagine the box office Disney! Imagine them!

Oh, and the UK Daily Mail reports Kate Hudson has stolen the I Dream of Genie movie role from Lindsay Lohan... Could Lohan's star be fading?

Author:  Andy [ Fri Dec 31, 2004 8:18 am ]
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What have you guys got against Lindsay??
I really like her.......... :!: :!: :!:

Author:  Escapay [ Fri Dec 31, 2004 4:22 pm ]
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*Andy* wrote:
What have you guys got against Lindsay??
I really like her.......... :!: :!: :!:

Andy, Andy, Andy...we don't have anything against Lindsay. The whole thread is devoted to her!!!! We lobsterlove Lindsay, and thus, we've got The Lohan Report.

Hilary Duff, on the other hand, is UD-universally liked by probably 10 people, not enough to merit a Duff Report.


Author:  Andy [ Sat Jan 01, 2005 8:25 am ]
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Oh ok..... :lol:
Yeh i hate hilary....she sucks!

Author:  2099net [ Fri Jan 07, 2005 4:59 am ]
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2005 starts out our thread did... with news on Lindsay's breasts!

Lindsay Lohan's Breasts: A New Debate For 2005

"I’m sure you have read the rumors about LL’s recent trip to the Cedar’s Celebrity Exhaustion Clinic and her suddenly smaller chest size upon being un-exhauster-ized. Obviously the girl lost weight and that can make anyone’s boobs smaller. But, what if the weight loss was part of the “I got my hair cut and colored at the same time I got my nose job so no one would notice the rhinoplasty” deception plan?"

More on this shocking Breast Reduction Conspiracy Here

Meanwhile the family saga continues...


LINDSAY LOHAN's troubled father MICHAEL has thanked his family and God for helping him in his darkest hour.

Lohan Senior spent Christmas (04) in a New York rehab facility after assaulting family members, violating a protection order brought against him by his estranged wife DINA - Lindsay's mother.

But Michael insists he is on the road to recovery and hasn't given up hope of achieving a reconciliation with Dina - even though divorce proceedings have reportedly begun.

More on his rehab Here. Sadly, Ultimate Disney is not mentioned, despite our hard work in trying to get him to admit to his problem.

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