[UK] Total Film Magazine: Art of Pixar Supplement

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[UK] Total Film Magazine: Art of Pixar Supplement

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Are you unable to afford the expensive hardback "Art of... " books? Does paging through hundreds of pictures on your DVDs tire your clicker finger? Do you like in the UK?

If so, then check out this month's Total Film magazine, with a free 36 page "Art of Pixar" supplement showcasing development artwork from all of Pixar's films, with an extra special introduction from John Lasseter.

It's not just pictures. As large and beautiful as they are, but there's a surprising amount of text and commentary from the creators in its pages too.

And there's a huge Pirates of the Caribbean 2 feature and cover too.

Go on, you know you want it!

* This issue of Total Film give Cars 3/5 (the same issue gives Over the Hedge 4/5) - with the following summary "Amazing bodywork, but one or two duff parts under the hood... It's still a wild ride, but just not as smooth as Pixar usually demands."
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