When Worlds Collide: Remake News

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When Worlds Collide: Remake News

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I know Lazario was keen on the original 50's movie, as discussed in the War of the Worlds (2005) thread.

Now perhaps Lazario has more talent than we know. Because this months SFX magazine in the UK reports that Steven Spielberg has become be involved in the remake!

Steven Speilberg is set to follow this summer's War of the Worlds by unloading his fairy dust on this 21st Century take on the 1951 original. The daddy of every "Big Rock Coming Our Way" film from Meteor to Amageddon, When Worlds Collide told of a rogue planet heading for the Earth. There's no word of whether Spielberg will direct or simply produce, be he replaces incurable CGI fiend Stephen Sommers, who's gone on to set up a monsters-on-the-loose flick called A Night at the Museum.

Looks like a Special Edition of the 1951 will be available in the next year or two to tie-in with the remake.
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