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PostPosted: Mon Oct 02, 2017 1:09 pm 

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I am thinking about buying “The Music Behind The Magic” CD box set, but I have a few questions I'd like to have answered before deciding whether or not to purchase it.

-Does the box set contain expanded versions of the soundtracks for the three movies? I've checked the names of the tracks in the box set (the ones that are the “Final” versions) against the names of the tracks on the original soundtrack version of “Aladdin”, the 2001 special edition version of “Beauty and the Beast” and the Legacy Collection version of “The Little Mermaid”, as these are the editions I own. As far as I can tell, the box set doesn't really expand on those versions very much. The only two tracks from “The Little Mermaid” that I didn't see in the Legacy Collection version are “Wedding Announcement” and “Eric To The Rescue”. However, I wonder if those cues are on the Legacy Collection release but under different names (perhaps “Ariel Left Behind” and “Interrupting The Wedding/Ursula's Defeat” respectively). Can anyone confirm or refute this?

-The last track on disc one of the box set is called “Part Of Your World/Happy Ending (Work Tape/Final). Does this mean that track is combination of a demo recording and the version heard in the movie?

-Out of all the Little Mermaid bonus tracks included in the box set, how many of them are also in the Legacy Collection? That edition includes two versions of “Poor Unfortunate Souls” (one labeled “Basic Synth Demo” and the other one called “Final Synth Mockup”). Is one of those the Demo Version included in the box set? The box set includes two versions of “Under The Sea” (“Work Tape” and “Demo Version”). Is one of these the same as “Synth Demo” in the Legacy Collection”?

-One of the tracks on the Beauty and the Beast disc is “Transformation #1 (Final)”. I noticed there's a “Transformation #2” in the bonus tracks. Does that mean “Transformation #1” is the version used in the movie and “Transformation #2” is an alternate take or demo recording?

-The only track name from “Aladdin” that I didn't see on the original soundtrack version is “On A Dark Night”. Is this on the original soundtrack album under a different name?

-Are the songs on disc 4 piano and vocal demos or orchestra recordings or something else?

-One question I have regarding the whole set is, what format are the demo versions in? Are they mainly just piano or synth demos, or are they alternate takes of orchestra recordings?

-Just to repeat my initial question; does this box set off expanded editions of the original soundtracks. I'm not interested in buying the set just to get a bunch of piano demos and stuff like that. Like I said earlier, I already own the Legacy Collection edition of “The Little Mermaid”, the 2001 Special Edition of “Beauty And The Beast” and the original soundtrack album of “Aladdin”. So how much new material (in it's final version) would I get by buying this box set.

Thank you.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 02, 2017 10:28 pm 
Special Edition
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It's a beautiful boxed set! I'll try to answer as many of your questions as possible. I'll preface it by saying the Legacy Collection soundtrack of The Little Mermaid is far more "complete" than the MBTM boxed set version.

In some cases, an additional "cue" of a film has been included in this boxed set that was not included in the individual soundtrack releases. Ie. "Sebastian and Triton" was added, and the "Prologue" of Beauty and the Beast is the version that does not have a voice-over narration. Wolf Attack is another cue that was not released on the Beauty soundtrack.

The tracks that are work tape + demo + final are usually a blend; they will start with a demo of the track and then it will cross fade into the finished version. Or, they will do a partial work tape and then a full final recording after that. Part of Your World/Happy Ending is a blend.
Sometimes it can be a bit of an awkward transition because sometimes the key that the demo was recorded in did not end up being the key chosen for the final recording. Generally, these mixed tracks are done for illustrative purposes. If a demo is a separate track, it is usually in its complete form. Silence is Golden is a gem because they never released it on any other recordings!

In the Legacy Collection soundtrack for The Little Mermaid, some of the cues (such as Wedding Announcement) is merged with other cues and labeled just as "Ariel Left Behind". The Legacy version has the complete underscore of the film.

Disc 4 is where you get to hear the original Aladdin songs that were composed with Howard Ashman before storyline changes. They are mostly sung by him and or Alan accompanied by synth or piano.

Hopefully this answers some of your questions! Someone else may chime in as to other specifics.

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