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Author:  JeanGreyForever [ Thu May 23, 2019 1:34 am ]
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Hardbackyoyo wrote:
I just talked to someone from Disney Home Entertainment Consumer Relations, and they said that Cinderella WILL come out in 4K at some point in the future, but they don't have a tentative release date yet.

Edit: I don't know if who I talked to was reliable, because I called again to make sure about this, and the other person I talked to said she has no information about it.

Could the first person you spoke to have been referring to the live-action Cinderella?

farerb wrote:
In the bluray.com thread someone said Disney sent him stills from the new edition and it looks awful. Worse than the previous edition.
Marce82 wrote:
As for the mention of the stills that might indicate a new transfer... if it is these:

(starting at 6:21)

Those are NOT stills from the movie. They are poorly redrawn frames. Just look at them! Some dont even match the actual film...

So jury is still out on what transfer we will get....

Those stills are just lithographs so they definitely aren't supposed to represent the transfer of the film, whether it's new or not. Snow White and Aladdin got similar treatments which looked nothing like the actual films themselves.

Author:  Disney Duster [ Thu May 23, 2019 3:21 am ]
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I can't believe you guys don't think a new audio and visual commentary-like feature and pencil animation are great bonus features!

The Disney Store is offering lithographs when you pre-order that are not the usual kind. There is one that is just a film-frame-like publicity image, but the rest are a Disney concept art/1950 publicity art of the transformation, and two Mary Blair concepts.

Author:  Sicoe Vlad [ Thu May 23, 2019 5:35 am ]
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Very nice. I will go ahead and order both the regular and Target editions of the movie. In the Target edition, they have the storybook with new art, so that's a big plus. :) I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a new restoration. The Little Mermaid's press release didn't mention anything about a new restoration, nor did the packaging, and yet, there it was. Hopefully, the same will happen to Cinderella.

Author:  Disney Duster [ Fri May 24, 2019 12:52 am ]
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Marce82 wrote:
Well... her face is off model, as usual. And why are they making her dress all be the same color?? In the movie, the gloves, sleeves and bustle are a different color than the dress...Sigh

I must admit that the possible visual-commentary feature does tempt me to buy this release... but I want to see what the transfer will look like first!!

I know her sleeves, gloves, and bustle are supposed to be lighter than her dress, but the colors work for me on these covers. I just wish the drawings were more accurate and better. The visual and audio commentary and the pencil animations are gonna be great bonus features, but yes, the transfer is what would be the best reason to get this.

JeanGreyForever, that sounds like the same guy who said the same thing over at blu-ray.com, and he said they did know it was about the 1950 one.

Sicoe Vlad, yes the Target storybook had new art, that's so cool! I will be buying the standard, Target, and Best Buy ones for the different covers.

Author:  Matt [ Sat May 25, 2019 2:54 pm ]
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Who sings the new version of “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes”?
It’s in the new Signature Edition trailer. :)

Author:  unprincess [ Sat May 25, 2019 6:56 pm ]
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will we get a Best Buy exclusive steelbook? If we do, I hope its as nice as the Peter Pan one and not some quick clip-art job like the Lion King one. Or Paige O'Hara's art.

Author:  JeanGreyForever [ Sat May 25, 2019 7:01 pm ]
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It's this which I think is frankly worse than any of the other steelbooks we've gotten so far.

Author:  Disney Duster [ Sun May 26, 2019 12:15 am ]
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It's not as good as Peter Pan's, but I think it's better than The Lion King's.

Author:  Escapay [ Sun May 26, 2019 1:15 am ]
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Disney Duster wrote:
Omg Escapay yes, yes, YES!!!! Yes to everything! Well, though I have not seen the Work in Progress yet. I really should. There's lots of things I'm trying to do these days. I told myself as I bought dvds for any films other than my top 3, "When you're rich, or retired, you will have time to watch all these bonus features", but the Work in Progress is a film, like you said, so I that's a big thing I should watch, sooner than the other bonus features.

So this has been a long time coming, but I think, after years dwelling upon what I'd want in an ultimate Beauty and the Beast set, I've stitched together this wishful-thinking list of supplements that will never, ever, ever come true. But, I think it represents everything I could possibly want in a home media collection of Beauty and the Beast, combining existing features with newly-produced ones, and the film presented in ways that will satisfy every mood I may have for how to watch it.

Disc One: Beauty and the Beast: 1991 Work in Progress
--1.85:1 Widescreen
--5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio
--Historical Commentary with producer Don Hahn and film historian Charles Solomon
--Unreleased Temp Soundtrack
--Fantasy in Frames: An Animation Analysis of Beauty and the Beast
--1991 "Behind-the-Scenes" Preview as seen on the VHS for The Jungle Book
--1991 New York Film Festival Highlights Reel

The Work-In-Progress version would naturally be derived from a 4K scan of the original print used at the New York Film Festival. That's as close as we could possibly get to the original theatrical version of that, so no more branching-off-from-a-clearly-restored-master nonsense of past releases. "Fantasy in Frames" would be a picture-in-picture option that compares pencil animation and reference footage to the final film, interspersed with interviews from the original animation team. The VHS preview and New York Film Festival highlights reel provide context for the world of 1991 when the film was in early marketing.

Disc Two: Beauty and the Beast: 1991 Original Theatrical Release - 35mm
--1.85:1 Widescreen
--5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio
--Technical Commentary with art director Brian McEntee, head of layout Ed Ghertner, head of background Lisa Keene, head of clean-up animation Vera Lanpher, visual development artist Sue Nichols, and editor John Carnochan
--Story Commentary with screenwriter Linda Woolverton, story supervisor Roger Allers, and story artists Brenda Chapman, Brian Pimental, Chris Sanders, and Bruce Woodside, moderated by Beauty and the Beast (2017) screenwriter Stephen Chbosky
--Isolated Score
--Layered Dreams: Revealing the Stages of Beauty and the Beast
--1991 Theatrical Trailer
--1991 TV Spots

This disc would offer a 4K digital restoration of the original 35mm master prints, created for the film's 1991 theatrical release, and the basis for the home media releases on VHS and Laserdisc. Essentially, the one folks bitched and moaned about here for years. The two commentaries would provide different background and context based on each speaker's expertise in regards to the film and the subject. "Layered Dreams" is another picture-in-picture option, this one hosted by Ed Ghertner and Vera Lanpher, as they show the different stages of production for scenes, highlighting how each department contributed overall to the making of the film. Not quite animation specific, but more broad to showcase such departments as live-action reference, layout and background, foley, voice acting, CGI, etc. The original trailer would accompany the most theatrical-looking version of the film, obviously.

Disc Three: Beauty and the Beast: 1991 Original Theatrical Release - CAPS/DCP
--1.85:1 Widescreen
--5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio
--Literary Commentary with fairy tale historians Dr. Jack Zipes and Heidi Anne Heiner, and cultural historian Sir Christopher Frayling
--Critical Commentary with "old guard" film critics Janet Maslin (The New York Times) and David Ansen (Newsweek), and "new guard" film critics Alicia Malone (Magnificent Obsession) and Josh Larsen (Filmspotting)
--Isolated Score
--Journey to Enchantment: A Companion's Guide to Beauty and the Beast
--1992 Theatrical Reviews Trailer
--1992 International Reviews Trailer
--1992 TV Spots

Basically, the DCP that's been used since 2016 but curiously not used on that year's Blu-Ray will be put here, giving viewers the most pristine and clear version of the film that's also filmmaker-approved, which is what I often have fought for when it came to how to present Beauty and the Beast on home media. As the two previous discs had commentary all about the making of the film, it made sense for this presentation to have commentary about the cultural context: in literature and in film criticism. "Journey to Enchantment" is yet another picture-in-picture option, basically a visual documentary that plays with the film and akin to Alice in Wonderland's feature-length "Through the Keyhole" viewing option. The 1992 theatrical reviews trailer which was only ever on the laserdisc is included here, along with the alternate, international version that quotes from other countries' reviews.

Disc Four: Beauty and the Beast: 2002 IMAX Special Edition
--1.66:1 Widescreen
--5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio
--Production Commentary with producer Don Hahn, directors Kirk Wise & Gary Trousdale, and composer Alan Menken
--Legacy Commentary with The Beast Within author Serena Valentino, As Old As Time author Liz Braswell, and Beauty and the Beast (2017) screenwriters Stephen Chbosky and Evan Spiliotopoulos
--Isolated Score
--The Annotated Sketchbook: The Filmmakers' Archive of Beauty and the Beast
--2002 Large Format Trailer 1
--2002 Large Format Trailer 2
--2002 TV Spots
--2002 Lilo & Stitch Teaser Trailer

For those that want it, the extended version of the film from 2002 is here, intentionally in the 1.66:1 widescreen rather than the 1.85:1 used on the past discs, as that would more accurately reflect the IMAX ratio. This would use the same DCP as the original theatrical, but with the included cosmetic changes: "Human Again" and its modified backgrounds. The original DVD commentary would be here, mainly since it was made for this version of the film and addresses it several times. Accompanying it would be a "legacy" commentary by the alternative-narrative authors for the books and film. "The Annotated Sketchbook" repurposes the 2002 commentary by showcasing artwork and/or commentary-specific caricatures that help illustrate the discussion. Think about the "Telestrator" commentary that's been used on some DVD releases of "The Simpsons" and on the Blu-Ray for Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. Because this is the 2002 presentation of the film, it includes the IMAX trailers, along with the Lilo & Stitch teaser.

Disc Five: Beauty and the Beast: 2010 Sing-Along Version
--1.78:1 Widescreen
--5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio
--Isolated Score
--2010 Sing-Along Event Trailer
--2010 TV Spot

Disc Six: Beauty and the Beast: 2012 3-D Edition
--1.78:1 3D Widescreen
--5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio
--Isolated Score
--2012 Theatrical Trailer
--2012 TV Spots

Nothing to report here beyond the Sing-Along version taking up a disc on its own so you can see the frilly subtitles in high definition, and 3D discs needing to be their own thing anyway.

As for actual bonus features, the quick and lazy response is "everything from the laserdisc, DVD, & Blu-Ray," as it's all quite comprehensive and just needs to be curated into something more organized than the current mess on Movies Anywhere. But I'd still like new material, and for it to be broken down based on what stage of production to which each feature pertains.

Disc Seven: The Beauty and the Beast Story - Part One
**The Fairy Tale Years**
--Tales Retold Through Time: Tracing the Historical & Cultural Significance of Beauty and the Beast (NEW)
--"La Belle et la Bête" in Watercolors (NEW)
--"Omnibus": Disney - The Fairy Tale Years (1992)
--The Story Behind the Story (2002)
--Disney: A Fairy Tale (2010)
--Frame by Frame: A Thumbnail Sketch of the History of Animation (2010)
--#1074: Walt, Fairy Tales & Beauty and the Beast (2016)

"Tales Retold Through Time" is a phrase I've used before (I had it in a wishful-thinking Criterion Collection version of the film, too), but basically a documentary that looks back historically on all the renditions of the "Beauty and the Beast" tale and how they compare to the animated film. "La Belle et la Bête in Watercolors" is another Criterion dream: Robby Benson and Paige O'Hara narrating the original Beaumont fairy tale set to watercolor paintings by Glen Keane. "Omnibus" is a BBC documentary made shortly before Aladdin hit theatres, but has a good chunk devoted to Beauty and the Beast. The rest are all home media supplements.

**The Birth of Beauty and the Beast**
--A Belle By Any Other Name: The Beauty and the Beast That Almost Was (NEW)
--The Purdum Reel (2010)
--Searching for Beast's Castle (2016)
--The Fishkill Expedition: The Birth of Beauty and the Beast (NEW)
--Early Presentation Reel (2002)
--Purdum Development Gallery (NEW)
--Europe Scrapbook Gallery (NEW)
--Research Trip Artwork Gallery (NEW)
--Fishkill: Then and Now Gallery (NEW)

The "Almost Was" feature would give us more insight into the Purdum version, followed of course by the Act 1 reel that was first shown in the 2010 Blu-Ray. "Searching for Beast's Castle" would no longer be a digital exclusive and actually show up on disc. "Fishkill Expedition" would unite the original creative team in Fishkill, New York, where they'd talk about the very early pre-production days.

**Unseen Beauty**
--Original Concept: Extended Prologue (NEW)
--Deleted Character: Music Box (NEW)
--Alternate Song: "Be Our Guest (Maurice Version)" (1992)
--Deleted Scene: Breakfast Confrontation (NEW)
--Original Concept: Wolf Attack / Beast Kills (NEW)
--Deleted Scene: At Maison des Loons (NEW)
--Deleted Scene: Belle in the Library (2010)
--Deleted Song: "Human Again" (2002)
--Alternate Concept: The Ballroom Dance (NEW)
--Original Concept: Battle with an Audience (NEW)
--Alternate Scene: Gaston's Comeuppance (NEW)
--Original Score: Death of the Beast (2002)
--Alternate Ending: The Duke and the Wise Woman (NEW)

A collection of deleted scenes, some of which are familiar to home media, but the rest of which are from the June 1990 script, so I'm assuming storyboards and scratch tracks still survive for them. I didn't include every major difference between the 1990 script and the final film, just the ones that seemed most relevant to include.

Disc Eight: The Beauty and the Beast Story - Part Two
**The Magic Behind the Music**
--Alan Menken: Musical Renaissance Man (2004)
--Ever A Surprise: A Portrait of Howard Ashman (2010)
--Composing a Classic: A Musical Conversation (2010)
--Menken & Friends: 25 Years of Musical Inspiration (2016)
--Angela Lansbury Sings "Beauty and the Beast" (1991/1992/1993/2002/2016)
--Music Videos (1991/1992/2002/2010/2014)

The Menken documentary is from Aladdin, but I feel it pairs nicely with the Ashman one from the 2010 Blu-Ray, so I included it here. The Lansbury section is literally six times that she's sung the song - first for a 20th Anniversary special on Walt Disney World, two performances in 1992 for both the Academy Awards and the opening of EuroDisneyland, a 1993 performance for a Disney TV special, the 2002 performance from her own Christmas special, and the 2016 performance at Lincoln Center. Music Videos likewise cover the studio-produced videos, along with the full version of 2014's musical performance from the "Disney on Broadway" TV special.

**A Journey Through Songs**
--Introduction (NEW)
--A Beginning is a Delicate Time: "Prologue" (1990)
--Opening Act: "Belle" & "Belle (Reprise)" (1990)
--From "Invention Convention" to "The Fair" (1990)
--Celebrating the Villain: "Gaston" & "Gaston (Reprise)" (1990)
--Evolution of a Showstopper: "Be Our Guest" (1990/1991)
--Sondheim by Disney: "Human Again" (1990)
--It Only Takes A Moment: "Something There" (1991)
--The Magic of Disney: "Beauty and the Beast' (1990/1991)
--Fear and Desire: "The Mob Song" (1991)
--Parting of the Ways: "Death of the Beast" & "Transformation" (1991)

Every song gets its own featurette where Menken and a special guest (either a director, story team member, singer, animator, etc.) discuss it, followed by work tapes and demo tracks, original story reels, studio recording footage, multi-language reels, and any other alternative presentations (example: the Prologue without narration, or the original "Death of the Beast" score set to final animation rather than pencil animation). The Legacy Collection CD omits several demo tracks that can be found elsewhere, and some demos have never been released, so this section would help curate all the material about the making of the music.

Disc Nine: The Beauty and the Beast Story - Part Three
**The Making of Beauty and the Beast**
--Be Our Guest: The Making of Beauty and the Beast (1991)
--Tale as Old as Time: The Making of Beauty and the Beast (2002)
--Taming Beauty (NEW)
--Beyond Beauty: The Untold Stories Behind the Making of Beauty and the Beast (2010)
--Beauty and the Beast: 25th Anniversary Celebration (2016)

These are all the official documentaries about the film (1991 Disney Channel, 2002 DVD, 2010 Blu-Ray), along with the clips from the cast/crew reunion at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater repurposed into an actual documentary. "Taming Beauty" would take the 17-minute Beauty and the Beast portion of Waking Sleeping Beauty and expand it with additional content for a full half-hour.

**The Characters of Beauty and the Beast**
--Creating the Characters (2010/NEW)
--New Digital Horizons (2010)
--Will vs. Nick (2010)
--Acting as a Team: Bringing Belle and the Beast to Life (2010)
--Character Development Gallery (2002/2010)
--Live-Action Reference Footage (1990)
--Maquette Turnarounds (1990)
--Animation Tests (1990)

Basically all the 2010 featurettes, plus newly created ones (I still don't understand why they didn't make a short "Creating Belle" video), plus the usual video ephemera that animation enthusiasts would enjoy.

**The Production of Beauty and the Beast**
--Beauty and the Beast: Breaking Barriers in Digital Animation (NEW)
--Animating a Gothic Style (NEW)
--Analog Background, Digital Playground (NEW)
--Satellite Animation: Collaboration & Competition (NEW)
--The Beauty of Voice Acting (2010)
--The Four Stages of Animation: Dinner Invitation (1992)
--Camera Move Test: The Ballroom (1991)
--Animation Tests, Roughs, & Clean Ups (2002)
--The Transformation: Pencil Version (1992)
--A Transformation: Glen Keane (2002)
--Production Gallery (2002/2010)

"Breaking Barriers" is another Criterion dream holdover, basically all about the use of computers in the creation of the film, and how it made leaps and bounds compared to previous use. The other three new featurettes are all department specific: the Gothic art design of the film, the work that went into the hand-painted backgrounds, and the process of animating the film between Glendale and Orlando. The rest of the stuff is all things we've seen before.

Disc Ten: The Beauty and the Beast Story - Part Four
**The Release of Beauty and the Beast**
--"20/20": One Year with Beauty and the Beast (1991)
--"Good Morning, America": Beauty and the Beast (1991)
--"At the Movies with Siskel and Ebert": Beauty and the Beast (1991)
--"At the Movies with Siskel and Ebert": The Best of 1991 (1992)
--Beauty and the Beast at the 49th Golden Globe Awards (1992)
--Beauty and the Beast at the 64th Academy Awards (1992)
--Home Video Trailers (1992/2002/2010/2016)
--Marketing Gallery (2002/NEW)

Available on YouTube but I'd rather have it on disc is the "20/20" news report that also got heavy use in Waking Sleeping Beauty as well. Basically, this is a section for the marketing of the film, as evident by a "Good Morning, America" appearance, the two excerpts from Siskel & Ebert's show, and all their Award winnings. The VHS/DVD/Blu-Ray trailers would also be here, if only because I couldn't think of where else to put them.

**The Legacy of Beauty and the Beast**
--Wonder Boys: A Conversation with Kirk Wise & Gary Trousdale (NEW)
--Belles on Belle: A Feminist Study of Beauty and the Beast (NEW)
--Beastly Kingdom: The Artists Behind Disney's Beast (NEW)
--Always Belle (2016)
--Forever Beast (NEW)
--Restoring Beauty and the Beast (NEW)
--Belle and the Beast: The New Adventures (1992/NEW)

"Wonder Boys" would be a career retrospective with Wise & Trousdale talking about all their collaborations at Disney, along with their own separate (and non-Disney) projects. The next two featurettes basically are intense character studies of Belle and Beast, as told by the artists behind them (voice actors, animators, stage and screen performers, screenwriters, lyricists, etc.). "Always Belle" from 2016 is now complemented by "Forever Beast," giving us a retrospective by Robby Benson (sorely missed among the 2016 supplements). The restoration featurette would look at the work on all the 4K scans and digital restorations presented in the first six discs. Finally, as something just for me, the "New Adventures" comic book stories get animated into five short films just to give me the Belle and the Beast prequel I always wanted.

The next two discs I considered dropping, as they're not really "movie specific" but given that they are part of the legacy of Beauty and the Beast, I decided to include after all.

Disc Eleven: The Beauty and the Beast Story - Part Five
**Beauty and the Beast: Live on Stage**
--Disney-MGM Studios: Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage (1991)
--Disneyland: Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage (1992)
--Disneyland Paris: Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage (1992)
--Disney-MGM Studios: Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage (2001)
--Disney's Hollywood Studios: Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage (2016)
--Beauty on Stage: A Lifetime of Enchantment (NEW)
--New Fantasyland: Beauty and the Beast - From Dream to Reality (NEW)
--Lost Attractions: Disneyland Paris - "Be Our Guest!" (NEW)
--Tokyo Disneyland: "Be Our Guest!" (NEW)
--Theme Park Galleries (NEW)

Basically, full presentations of the original staging of the show from 1991/2, the updated and more linearly-told version that debuted in 2001, and a "25th anniversary edition" from 2016 (well, it could be any recent production, really). This would be followed by a documentary about the making of the stage show and memories over the years, then a documentary about the Beauty and the Beast area of New Fantasyland, also touching on the film's presence in the park before the expansion. Two additional documentaries look at the ultimately-rejected Disneyland Paris attraction and the upcoming Tokyo Disneyland attraction/land.

Disc Twelve: The Beauty and the Beast Story - Part Six
**Broadway and the Beast**
--Beauty and the Beast: The Broadway Musical
--Waiting in the West Wing: Remembering Beauty and the Beast (NEW)
--Backstage Pass: Beauty and the Beast Goes to Broadway (1994)
--Beauty and the Beast: The Broadway Musical Comes to L.A. (1995)
--Beauty and the Beast: A Concert on Ice (1996)
--The Making of Disney's Beauty and the Beast (1997)
--Full Circle to Broadway (2010)
--Broadway Beginnings (2010)
--Backstage with Disney on Broadway: Celebrating 20 Years (2014)
--Broadway Galleries (2002/NEW)

A full, filmed performance of the Broadway musical, which would be more relevant now since it's getting a revival, so think about the Newsies filmed performance, but for Beauty and the Beast. A brand-new documentary about the stage musical would be included, along with television specials and the home media supplements.

I opted not to include discs for the 2017 film because it's a film all on its own, I wouldn't want it to be seen as a supplement to the 1991 film in this collection. It deserves to shine in its own release.

Closing all this out would be a six-disc CD collection that spreads the film's complete soundtrack and score across two discs (like the Legacy Collection), a third disc with work tapes, demos, and unreleased masters, a fourth disc for the theme park stage show and New Fantasyland area background music, then a fifth and sixth disc for the Original Broadway Cast Recording and the upcoming revival's Cast Recording (whenever that may be).

If you made it through this wall of text, congratulations. I honestly don't know who'd be interested in reading through all this, or who'd watch twelve discs worth of material, but that's really what I'd want for my "Ultimate" edition of Beauty and the Beast. I'll get to work on my ultimate Aladdin soon.

And to stay on topic of cover art: the Peter Pan steelbook is gorgeous, but I kind of have a soft spot for the Little Mermaid one because Paige drew it. Getting the Cinderella steel just to continue the collection (although I never got the 4K steel for The Lion King).


Author:  Mickeyfan1990 [ Sun May 26, 2019 3:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Walt Disney Signature Collection

*sigh* Reminds me of the days when we use to make tons of DVD and Blu-ray ideas of films and shows we like. Those were the days...

Wonderful idea btw.

Author:  Sicoe Vlad [ Sun May 26, 2019 1:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Walt Disney Signature Collection

Escapay, I really like your idea. How would you picture the packaging art for this Ultimate Beauty and the Beast collection?

Author:  Disney Duster [ Sun May 26, 2019 7:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Walt Disney Signature Collection

Well, that's comprehensive. Beyond compreshensive. So much that I forgot what I wanted to comment on. Except the idea to use script differences to find alternate or deleted scenes is amazing. I would probably cut the last two discs, but I must say this is really the ultimate release. Oh, but I like your names for new features. What is foley? Also, I don"t think I would have authors do the legacy commentary. I don't know who should do a legacy commentary, but maybe like...historians? And the directors and producers?

Author:  farerb [ Mon May 27, 2019 7:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Walt Disney Signature Collection

Out of all the Cinderella cover I think that the steelbook is the least awful since it doesn't feature that imposter on the cover instead of Cinderella. I still gonna get the standard since I don't want to pay extra for the exclusive covers this time.

Author:  farerb [ Mon May 27, 2019 8:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Walt Disney Signature Collection

So what's next in your opinion? Aladdin? Sleeping Beauty? Beauty and the Beast 4K?

Author:  DisneyFreak5282 [ Mon May 27, 2019 11:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Walt Disney Signature Collection

farerb wrote:
So what's next in your opinion? Aladdin? Sleeping Beauty? Beauty and the Beast 4K?

I would imagine we'll get Aladdin in the fall to coincide with the live action home video release and maybe Sleeping Beauty in the winter to coincide with Maleficent's home video release.

Author:  unprincess [ Mon May 27, 2019 1:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Walt Disney Signature Collection

JeanGreyForever wrote:
It's this which I think is frankly worse than any of the other steelbooks we've gotten so far.

oh I forgot about this, thanks for posting it up again! yeah I do think its better than the Lion King one. But I still prefer the Peter Pan one.

Id love to see a steelbook series that uses the classic movie posters for the covers.

Author:  Mickeyfan1990 [ Mon May 27, 2019 2:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Walt Disney Signature Collection

DisneyFreak5282 wrote:
farerb wrote:
So what's next in your opinion? Aladdin? Sleeping Beauty? Beauty and the Beast 4K?

I would imagine we'll get Aladdin in the fall to coincide with the live action home video release and maybe Sleeping Beauty in the winter to coincide with Maleficent's home video release.

Sleeping Beauty (Blu-ray, DVD, AND 4K) to coincide with the new Maleficent movie and the film's 60th anniversary.

Author:  Sicoe Vlad [ Mon May 27, 2019 5:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Walt Disney Signature Collection

Yeah, I think Sleeping Beauty will be the next one, to coincide with the release of the new Maleficent. I also think there’s a pretty big chance the original Maleficent will be released in 4k, too.

Author:  blackcauldron85 [ Tue May 28, 2019 6:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Walt Disney Signature Collection

Disney Duster wrote:
What is foley?

The creation of sound effects. Think hitting coconut shells on the ground for the sound of horse hooves, or shaking aluminum foil for thunder sounds, etc.

Author:  cuau_cg [ Tue May 28, 2019 11:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Walt Disney Signature Collection

Clindor wrote:
Oh gee... Now it seems official there will be no 4K release of Cinderella, or not before a long, long time. What a shame and a missed opportunity... :cry: It isn’t too exciting if only the movies from the 90’s and the few recent ones get a 4K release. It would have made much more sense to release « Cinderella » in 4K instead of ‘The Lion King’ knowing that the first has been restored in 4K, and the latter was mastered in 2K :? :?

I honestly don't think Cinderella has been restored and mastered in 4K (yet). This blu-ray I think will have the same crappy 2K master from the Diamond Edition.

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