WIR vs. MTR Twists: Which is better? (MAAAJOOR WIR SPOILERS)
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Author:  disneyprincess11 [ Thu Nov 22, 2012 1:01 am ]
Post subject:  WIR vs. MTR Twists: Which is better? (MAAAJOOR WIR SPOILERS)

Gonna hide the spoilers to be safe, anyway...
Meet the Robinsons and Wreck It Ralph have great twists in them, But, which do you like better?

I like Meet the Robinsons’ twist a little bit better b/c it’s much more surprising! Really, Wilbur as Lewis’s son? I did not see that coming. I was also was surprised about the Bowler Hat Guy as Mike Gloob. As for the family, looking back, it’s really obivous that the people in the science fair are somehow connected to Lewis. I mean, when you see Francis (or whatever her name is) from the future, you can defientely tell that it’s the girl with the frogs (She was there earlier, right?). And of course, you can identify the coffee girl with the Grandma in a second.

That’s the thing with WIR: They hid that Turbo is actually King Candy REALLY well. Like MTR, they put the twist right in front of you. But, unlike MTR, they hide it really well and you have to pay like VERY close attention to figure out about the twist. Like if you’re good at voices, you might recognize right away, “Oh, these 2 have the same voices. Turbo is somehow Candy!” And during the KC/Hacking scene, you may think, “KC is hacking just like Turbo…” then, “OMG, WAIT A MINUTE!”

Oh, and I forgot. MIR did also hid the villain well too. It was the bowler hat all along and c’mon, that was unexpected. And they didn’t had to hid it all. No one thinks about the hat. Even though there are hints like Goob and Dolores, meeting up to plot revenge.

I like MtR’s twists better. I even remember my brother saying, “The ending goes so well with the future.” And I agree. So, what do you guys say?

Author:  ajmrowland [ Thu Nov 22, 2012 12:03 pm ]
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I kinda agree. While ralph is the overall better movie bhg and lewis relationship was more twisty and less predictable(no flashback prior) and made for a really nice 3rd act.

Author:  TsWade2 [ Thu Nov 22, 2012 12:41 pm ]
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Even though that I enjoy Meet the Robinsons, but I think Wreck It Ralph is a better movie.

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