Scrubs S3 - Why no commentaries

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Scrubs S3 - Why no commentaries

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I'm not sure if Scrubs is General or Off-Topic. Anyhow... As some of you may know, for some reason Scrubs is released on DVD in PAL countries before the R1 release. The third season has no commentaries. A recent DVD magazine in the UK reveals why, straight from the horse's mouth, creator Bill Lawrence.

It's odd that they released season three in the UK before they released it here in the US. I worked on all the extras. The real reason to why there are no cast commentaries on season three is that there's a big argument between the Writer's Guild, the Screen Actor's Guild and the studios because there is no extra financial compensation for actors and writers who participate with DVDs. So in the third year of the show, when they're going to make millions of dollars off the DVD, when they ask the cast to participate for free they tend not to be available...

So there you go.
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