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28. The Parent Trap (1998) (1998)

Remakes are considered by many to be a quick way to make some profit off an already well-known film. They're usually never as good as the original and tend to simply be bad films on their own right. Once in a blue moon, though, a film comes along that not only equals its original, but surpasses it. The Parent Trap is one of those remakes. It retains everything that worked in the original (sometimes even line for line) while still adding its own touch to keep this from getting too deja vu. The general tone of the film is classier than the original and less campy (not to degrade the original, which is still brilliant). The romantic scenes are handled more maturely and Lindsey Lohan as twins Hayllie and Annie distinguishes the two better than Hayley Mills did with Sharon and Susan. Charming side plots such as the romance between Chessie the housekeeper and Martin the butler help flesh the story out a tad more. Many would argue that the original Parent Trap is superior, but one would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't like this film in its own right. In my opinion, this is Disney's best and most underrated live action film.

-Kelvin Cedeno

Making a great movie is hard, but making a great remake of a great movie has got be 100 times harder. But they succeeded with the 1998 remake of The Parent Trap. The remake is every bit as fun and entertaining as the original, but up-to-date enough to entertain the 1990's teenie-boopers. Lindsay Lohan's protrayal of the twins may not quite be as legendary as Hayley Mill's, but she's an awesome young actor and very entertaining to watch. Plus, she absolutely gorgeous! The Parent Trap is one of a few recent films that will truly entertain mom, dad, and the kids.

-William West

This is a great movie. It really has the charm of movies from the time of the original, but with a modern tone.

-Jeff Downes

Some remakes are bad
Other remakes not so bad
This one is alright

DVD Details
For a time, The Parent Trap, was oddly out-of-print and difficult to find. It resurfaced in June 2004, but that DVD left out a number of exciting extras from the laserdisc release including audio commentary and a deleted scene. Fortunately, Disney revisited this popular remake in May 2005 with a "Special Double Trouble Edition" as part of the studio's promotion on Lindsay Lohan DVDs, right before her latest film Herbie: Fully Loaded hit theaters. This single-disc Special Edition includes the laserdisc's commentary, plus a making-of featurette, visual effects featurette, a deleted scene, and a dialogue coaching featurette. It also features a new 16x9-enhanced transfer.
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