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26. The Apple Dumpling Gang (1975)

This film is pure nostalgia for me. It's the first film I ever saw in a theater (I was three in 1975). Growing up in the 1970s, this film seemed to have all the "big names" like Don Knotts (soon to join "Three's Company"), Bill Bixby (soon to become the "Incredible Hulk"), and Tim Conway (of "Carol Burnett Show" fame). As I grew, I never lost my love for this movie. It has moments of slapstick comedy (of which Knotts and Conway are undisputed kings), an entertaining little plot, and even a love story. In the end, however, it's the "loveableness" of the two bumbling, wannabe crooks that steals the show -- they may want to rob the town blind, but they somehow have hearts of gold.

-Jim Hudson

This wonderful movie seems quite simplistic at first glance - a bachelor who inherits three "wittle" kids in a Western town. Why does The Apple Dumpling Gang work then? It's all because of Don Knotts and Tim Conway's incredible performances as Theodore and Amos, two gangsters who live outside the city limits. Their antics can't help but make you laugh, whether being held up by children, wandering around the firehouse in the middle of the night, or trying to steal the gold nugget. That alone should be enough for anyone to love this movie. The Special Edition DVD, though only one-disc, is well worth the purchase.

-Captain Hook

Western with some laughs
Knotts and Conway steal the show
High-spirited fun

DVD Details
While not packing the powerhouse punch of the 2-disc Vault Disney releases, the pared-down single disc Special Edition of The Apple Dumpling Gang is still overwhelmingly pleasing. Sporting a pristine anamorphic widescreen transfer, the film looks great and a hearty serving of supplements, including some priceless reflection from stars Don Knotts and Tim Conway, make it even sweeter.
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