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24. Darby O'Gill and the Little People (1959)
Except for Mary Poppins, I think Darby O'Gill and the Little People is the most magical live-action film Walt Disney ever produced! You could show it in a film class as an example of how to put fantasy on the screen. Everything works! The screenplay is absolutely brilliant, ranging from humorous to genuinely frightening. The cast is perfect, right down to the last leprechaun. And speaking of the little people, only Walt could have signed all those usually-camera-shy devils to appear in the picture (I wonder if they had to join SAG?). What's that, you say? Special effects??!! No, no, the scene with Darby in King Brian's throne room looks too good to be special effects. They had to be real leprechauns! (Actually, my favorite bit is Walt's message in the opening credits, thanking King Brian and his leprechauns, "whose gracious cooperation made this picture possible.")

-Glenn Freeze

I love Darby O'Gill and the Little People because it offers such a winning blend of wonderful characters, outstanding special effects, a great story, and a healthy dose of folklore.

-Lon Cseplo

When looking back at the Disney canon, this quaint little film about "the little people" of Ireland (no, not midgets - Leprechauns!) is often overlooked. It was a film Walt spent a lot of time and a lot of heart on and it shows. As we live in an age where computer-generated imagery can easily bring anything to life, it is mind-boggling that the special effects in this film have barely aged. In fact, you'd be excused for thinking they really are Leprechauns! How can anybody not like the film that not only launched Sean Connery's career, but has him singing as well?

-Richard Gray

DVD Details
Darby is finally on DVD in the US, and unlike previous European releases, it has over an hour of bonus features here.
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