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15. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (1989)
I'll admit, it doesn’t look good on paper. "A mad inventor accidentally shrinks his kids and throws them out into his garden, and they have to find their way back home and hopefully get back to normal size." Okay, whatever. Next.

But I would be wrong to dismiss it, because Honey, I Shrunk The Kids is another example of Disney magic. It doesn't quite have the same appeal on the small screen, but watch Honey... on a big screen and you'll see just how magical it is. The special effects may be dated compared to the wonders of today's films, but see them on the big screen and you cannot help to be drawn into the film. It's easy to imagine yourself alongside our heroes. The small truly does look big on the cinema screen. It truly looks real. And that's what movie magic is all about; taking us to places we've never been before. Even if that place simply happens to be an alternative viewpoint of the average garden.

-James Reader

I think the reason I really liked Honey, I Shrunk The Kids was that I was only about five years old when I first saw it. Just the same, it had this real grand, 'larger-than-life' feel to me, which I suppose is the point of the story. Like The Rocketeer, the effects look positively cheesy compared to what can be accomplished now, but that of course did not concern me. It was a rollicking adventure full of chills, thrills, and spills, and plenty of imagination involved. For weeks afterward I fantasized about whether or not a tiny shurnken person might've accidentally fallen into my cereal. That was when I knew the movie had me hooked.

-George Heidkamp

This film will always be one of those classics for me. From the title, you alread know that there will be shrinking involved. The film takes you on a journey in the backyard from the point of view of an ant. You'll be wondering what will happen next since the possibilities are endless. Anything could happen in a backyard. The kids encounter many dangerous situations like insects and a lawn mower. The film also does a good job of classifying itself as a comedy with sci-fi elements.

- MagiChar

DVD Details
• Honey's long-awaited DVD release was entirely a disappointment. A fullscreen-only release without a single bonus feature (not even the accompanying Roger Rabbit short "Tummy Trouble" on the VHS), Disney missed the boat by not treating one of their most successful live action films with the appropriate care. In the UK (Region 2), it's at least presented in anamorphic widescreen, but despite the "Special Edition" moniker, there's not a bonus feature to be found there either.
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