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13. Escape to Witch Mountain (1975)
I'd never seen Escape to Witch Mountain until the release of the Special Edition DVD, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I needn't have worried; what I got was a classic Disney film through and through. I feel this film works on many levels. Young children will simply like Tia and Tony's psychic powers. Older children will be enthralled by their escape and adventures. Young teenagers will probably identify with Tia and Tony's feelings of alienation. And parents will identify with Jason - the grumpy man who helps the fleeing couple.

Plus, it has the "puppet dance" sequence (as it's enthusiastically known) - a wonderfully magical moment which I would place as Disney's best live action sequence!

-James Reader

I saw Escape to Witch Mountain when it was first released to the theaters. I was just a little older than Tony and Tia are in that movie, and it was a lot of fun to imagine having those kinds of powers that they had. Ray Milland also made an excellent nasty villain fully in the disney tradition, and so did Eddie Albert as the other side of the coin as the kids' "guardian." I also have an outstanding memory of the "mod" colors used during the opening sequence - a part that I still enjoy seeing today. Great 70's Disney flick - one of the best of that decade for sure.


DVD Details
It took a while, but when Escape to Witch Mountain was finally released to DVD, it was given the Special Edition treatment. As a Vault Disney pared down to single-disc form, Escape's presentation could be a lot more, but is overwhelmingly pleasing nonetheless, with its pristine widescreen transfer and handful of worthwhile extras.
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