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10. The Santa Clause (1994)
'Twas the night before Christmas, was a divorced dad and toy company marketing executive named Scott Calvin (played by Tim Allen), who has had more success with his career than with his child. After reading his son, Charlie, a bedtime story and hearing a clatter on top of his house, Mr. Calvin surprises Santa Claus and unintentionally sends him falling off the roof to his untimely demise. Scott finds a business card on Mr. Kringle which states "If something should happen to me, put on my suit. The reindeer will know what to do." Charlie persuades his dad to wear the Santa outfit and deliver the Christmas presents, an act which has unbeknownst to Scott caused him to contractually agree to "the Santa Clause" and permanently assume St. Nick's identity. Mr. Calvin's gradual transformation from a trim clean-shaven embittered middle-aged businessman to a fat bearded jolly old child's hero, along with the inner changes and other changes that occur in Scott's world are a catalyst for a fun and magical journey to experience for 97 minutes.

While holiday films such as It's a Wonderful Life display an idealized time capsule from a simpler era, The Santa Clause has now become amongst today's society a modern day classic featuring a divorced family and the cynicism that pervades our current culture. Along the path of life, it reminds us of the importance of family and goodwill towards men. The Santa Clause is certainly an enjoyable lighthearted satirical ho-ho-wholesome film that will entertain generations of families for many years.

Yes, Virginia, in 1994 there is The Santa Clause and eight years later, a sequel titled The Santa Clause 2 debuted on the big screen. If you don't already own a DVD copy of The Santa Clause, please be a good boy or girl and remember to put it on your list of presents for St. Nick to bring you this Christmas.

-Jeff Miller (SillyOldBear)

When I think of holiday movies, several come to mind but the one that sticks out most is The Santa Clause. It's very funny and filled with the holiday spirit. It turns the most reluctant scrooge into a believer. When I first saw this movie, I could not stop laughing. It is so funny. Tim Allen plays the father turned into Santa after an unexpected accident. He doesn't want to believe that he is turning into Santa and the hijinks begin. His son, who knows that Santa is real, has the task of convincing his father he is Santa. When the time comes and Allen finally comes to realize that he is Santa, he embraces the situation and comes to terms with his life changing role. It such a great film for the whole family. It makes you realize that all families are different and you can be still be a family even if you are apart. I recommend you watch this movie when you are feeling low because it can bring you back with so much love and spirit. I have found a new movie to watch during the holidays because it epitomizes the Christmas spirit.

-Monica Smith

The Santa Clause is a loveable comedy that puts a twist on the traditional Christmas story. When a young boy tells others that his father has become Santa Clause, they think he's crazy. He has to prove that his dad really is the beloved Saint Nick. With it's humorous approach, and delightful story, this has become one of the most well known Christmas movies there are. The Santa Clause is a delight for young and old to watch every year, especially during the holiday season.

-Kelly Hornick

DVD Details
Among Disney's earliest groups of DVD releases, The Santa Clause was initially a direct port of the laserdisc with a theatrical trailer. It lost its sole extra for its fall 2002 "Special Edition" DVD re-release, which was actually not that special at all. (Unless you consider cross-promoting for a sequel inherently "special.") Here's to hoping that one day, this modern holiday classic gets its proper due on DVD, with the trailer restored and with the deleted scenes that are only briefly seen in the trailer. An audio commentary would be nice, too.
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