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2. Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)

I will now make a startling confession. Despite having gone to Walt Disney World six times when I was a kid, I was always absolutely terrified of Pirates of the Caribbean the ride and have never been on it. I rue myself for it now, but it’s a mark of how great Pirates of the Caribbean the movie is that I still love it regardless. This was a huge gamble for Disney – a PG-13 Disney pirate movie based on a theme park ride – and in lesser hands, the movie would have fallen flat. But with a script by Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio (the guys who wrote Aladdin, Treasure Planet, Shrek, and The Mask of Zorro) and an incredible, strong lead performance by Johnny Depp (with Geoffrey Rush, Orlando Bloom, and Keira Knightley also shining) it became an epic high-seas adventure that has everything: action, drama, romance, the supernatural, lots of swordfights, humor, and simple, pure, entertaining fun. I can’t wait for the sequel.

-Jake Lipson

Arrr. Avast ye mateys. I'm obsessed with pirates. I admit it. Just like Keira Knightley's character (Elizabeth), I have an odd fascination with them. I feel the same way about Disney. So you'd think this would be a no-brainer for me, right? Right.

As Jack Sparrow, played to the hilt in Keith Richards-inspired fashion by Johnny Depp, sails into harbour on a sinking boat and steps casually onto the docks, you know you are going to be in for a different flavour of pirate film. And from start to finish we have a non-stop adventure yarn that simultaneously harkens back to the days of the great adventure movies, while giving them a uniquely modern twist (I just can't bring myself to use the word "post-modern", despite having a little beard). Although Depp quite clearly steals the show, one can't ignore the supporting cast (especially the incredible, multi-talented Geoffrey Rush) and bit players, who are quite clearly having the time of their life making this. Some can argue the film is overlong - and they may be right - but when you are having as much fun as this, who cares?

At the time of writing this piece, Pirates of the Caribbean has been graced with a number of Academy Award nominations. Having watched this film on a harbour with the the wind and water splashing my face (ok, I was wearing a plastic poncho....) for a third time, I can safely say it deserves them all.

And if you can't get some fun out of this film...then clearly, you've never been to Singapore.

-Richard Gray, M.D.

I've not seen that many film in theaters last year, but two of them left a big impresion on me. The first was The Ring and the second was Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl. It was only a while later that I found out both very different pictures were by the hand of the same director (Gore Verbinski). So I thought, "Wow, this must be a very talented director!"

Speaking of talented people, Johnny Depp steals the show as Captain Jack Sparrow in this film. Not to take anything away from the rest of the cast, but his performance is Oscar-worthy.

When I first saw the film (it was in the sneak preview) I was not sure what to expect. Advertisment had not goten into full gear yet and I only heard a few things here and there. I knew it would have action and effects. And i was happily surprised it had much more than that. Great humor popping up in the most surprising places for one, and an exciting story for another.

here are two kinds of films with a long running time. There's the one where you go "isn't it over yet"and then there is the one where you go "are those the end credits already ?" I'm glad Pirates belongs to the latter. On repeated viewings, this theory still holds. The sequels to this movie that are coming have a lot to live up to. If the main cast and crew from the first picture return to repeat their job, then I'm very hopeful!!

-Marc (Brink!)

Pirates of the Caribbean is a wonderful film with tons of good actors including Keira Kinghtly, Johnny Depp, and Orlando Bloom. When I first went to see it I wasn't expecting much ,but it turned out to have adventure and comedy. Johnny Depp is so funny! As soon as it came out I bought it and added it to my DVD collection.

-Adam Pyarali

Not only is the ride great at Disneyland and DisneyWorld. The movie is the second feature film base on a ride at Disneyland. This movie made a massive profit at the box office. It has lot of action and the Keira Knightley in the film is hot. This movie has a lot of action and great actors Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow and Olando Bloom as a a blacksmith and expert swordsman. I watch it and it blew me off my seat this is a must watch for any Disney fan.

-Alex Pantoja

DVD Details
• As good as Disney has become at giving films a worthy amount of bonus features, they had only given one 'recent' (post-1980) live action film a double-disc set: the terribly dated Tron was given a smashing 20th Anniversary Edition. The second recent live action production to get two-disc treatment was Pirates of the Caribbean, and this one was given its due the first time around. Packed with extras and flawless video and audio, it's no wonder why Disney's 2-disc set was one of 2003's very best sellers. Plus, it was only released in widescreen, kind of a nice "Screw you" to the crowd who just still doesn't get it.

Then, in the summer of 2004, Disney announced a 3-disc gift set with the 2 discs directly from the previous Collector's Edition and "The Lost Disc" - a third disc of bonus features. Though it may disappoint the masses who already bought Pirates, with the modest regular SRP of $29.99, the Gift Set won't set anyone back more than the existing 2-disc edition, making the third disc a nice free bonus and an encouragement to those who have waited to buy.
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