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19. Tarzan (1999)

"Tarzan has to be one of the best animated of all Disney's feature length movies. From the stunning movements of Tarzan to the flawless hand-drawn perspective and angle changes in conjunction with the computer generated 'Deep Canvas' technique, Tarzan exhibits outstanding artistic and technical achievement."

"Perhaps the best film interpretation of Edgar Rice Burroughs' classic story, Disney's Tarzan is a marvel of lush animation techniques and compelling characters all entwined in an emotional and complex story. Minnie Driver's voice work as the loveable and eccentric Jane really shines, especially during hilarious the 'He stole my boot' improvisation. The movie's message of family importance does not patronize the audience, but rather skillfully shows the conflict so the character's dilemmas and subsequent resolutions feel true and not forced. The movie has proven to be entertaining for adults as well as children and will likely continue to do so into the future."

"Although it fits into the traditional Disney formula, Tarzan feels fresh and unique all the same. It features some of the more realistic animation by the Disney Studios as well as a tight script that maintains a perfect balance between humor and drama. It also contains one of the most memorable Disney soundtracks with its percussion-heavy background vocals by Phil Collins. Everything about Tarzan shouts Disney magic and is a prime example of just how good at filmmaking Disney can really be."


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