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15. Lilo & Stitch (2002)

"He was small. He was blue. He was an abomination. He was also cute and fluffy. And nobody saw him coming. Least of all, me. With a sense of humour that was completely from left-field for Disney, this simple story of family cracked many a cynical facade, mine included. In an age of souped-up special effects wizardry, the simple brush-strokes of watercolours showed that even the most 'untrainable' of us could still find their places in the world. "

"‘Get your own movie!’ they all said. And he did. And he rocked their socks off! The trailers themselves were intriguing, the visuals just stunning, the songs still rocking and with Elvis crooning in the background against the beautiful backdrop of Hawaii, you just can’t help falling in love *groans at self* with Lilo & Stitch. This movie was remarkably different and unique – but at the same time, reverted back to the magic of classic Disney movies."

"Elvis. Aliens. Hawaii. Odd a coupling as they may be, they work together wonderfully to create a fresh and unique film. Beautiful water color backgrounds with round, bumpy animation, a fun and lively Elvis soundtrack, and off-beat humor all combine to prove that it's possible to stray from what usually works and still create something that's both familiar and new."

"With its mixture of sly humor, alien encounters, Elvis music, and round style of animation, Lilo & Stitch is certainly a bit unorthodox, but it holds its own in the line of Disney's animated classics. This seemingly simple movie is loaded with plenty of charm and sentiment. The childhood wit of Lilo matched with the mischievous Stitch makes for an unforgettable pair, while the messages about family resonate with nearly every viewer."

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