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13. The Jungle Book (1967)

"This is the last film Walt Disney worked on before his death, and with it he truly went out with a bang. My favorite scene by far is King Louie rockin' out with Mowgli and Baloo (doing his best ape impersonation) while Bagheera watches the spectacle in disbelief. This is one of Disney's animated classics that sparks the magic of it all, and that all other animated classics should aspire to be."

"The one thing that stands out in my mind about The Jungle Book is the music. Its fun and no matter what you do, you always want to sing along. The animals are loveable and interesting. The story, which centers around a boy who would rather live in the jungle with the animals instead of humans, is touching and will always be tops in my collection."

"The Jungle Book is one of those light-hearted movies that can really make you laugh. Baloo is a large, fuzzy, plump bear who always brings a smile to everyone's face. The song "The Bare Necessities is one I've loved ever since I was little since it is so bouncy and happy."


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