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12. Alice in Wonderland (1951)

"So what if Alice in Wonderland is lacking in heart. It doesn't need it in the same vein that Cinderella or The Rescuers does. But, of course, we do feel for poor Alice's situation (after all, who can't relate to Very Good Advice in which Alice realizes that she gives herself very good advice but "very seldom" follows it). It's a story about a girl lost in a crazy world, and as a result, it is one of Disney's funniest pictures. The hilarity that ensues is bountiful, such as poor Alice's attempt to play croquet with a mad flamingo, a cheshire cat who can stand on his head, and a rabbit who calls her Mary Ann. Just as bountiful are its many great songs, fun characters, and breathtaking animation and design. Though the film is formed of episodes, Walt Disney had the genius to give the film a motif of Alice's driving curiosity, so it is never episodic. While he never fully understood the appeal of the film himself, Walt Disney made Alice in Wonderland a Wonderland in itself, one that's always a pleasure to visit."

"What makes Alice in Wonderland stand out for me is its wonderful music and clever lyrics. I frequently find myself humming songs like "All in a Golden Afternoon", "Painting the Roses Red", or one of my all time favourite Disney songs: "In a World of My Own". Perhaps that song sums up what Disney is all about, creating that special private world for each of us to enjoy."

"One of the greatest literary works ever written becomes one of the greatest Disney animated films ever produced. A film that was far ahead of its time, Alice in Wonderland has arguably the most colorful palette of the Disney features as well as the most colorful characters. Its bizarre-yet-witty script sets it apart as one of the brightest gems from the studio."

"Down the rabbit hole *where does it go?* A show of Disney’s dark side *yes it is there* … Alice in Wonderland is, put plainly … *mind-bendingly* fun. With an array of psychedelic colours, warping shapes, offbeat characters, and perplexing little riddles that really do gnaw at your brain *ouch* … Alice in Wonderland lets your imagination run wild and your inner child loose into a world where everything doesn’t have to make sense *after all … we’re all a little bit mad …*"

"Alice in Wonderland is one of the most creative movies ever created, that brings out the child in you."

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