UltimateDisney.com's Top 20 Animated Classics Countdown
10. Pinocchio (1940)

"Pinocchio's unique tale of a puppet trying desperately to become a real boy resonated with me as a young kid, and I think it appeals to all children that try their best to do what they're told is right. The moral lessons in the film are clear-cut without being preachy, and the glorious songs like "When You Wish Upon a Star" still send shivers up my spine after 15 years. Many Disney movies are labeled as "magical" or "timeless", but to me, Pinocchio is the one that fits the bill absolutely."

"I believe that Pinocchio was truly Walt's finest achievement in animation. I love this film because it is so rich with stunning animation, delightful and timeless characters (especially the wonderful Jiminy Cricket), and the gripping story of about how someone learns to be brave, truthful, and unselfish, three of the greatest attributes a person can possess. I always cry and laugh no matter how many times I watch it and think that "When You Wish Upon A Star" is one of the greatest Disney songs ever written with its beautiful simplicity and optimism."

"I will always be especially fond of Pinocchio, the first movie I ever saw in theaters. It was during the June 1992 reissue, I was four, and I was so terrified that I wanted to leave before the previews started. But thanks to Dad I didn’t, and I loved it, even if I was scared of Stromboli. I’m not sure what element it was – the music, the story, the characters, and the still-astounding animation are all strong points – but something in Pinocchio changed my life. This is the film that made me love the theater and also turned me into the Disney nut I am today. The movie is true Disney magic."

"Even though Snow White is the 'fairest of them all', Pinocchio still remains one of the best of them all. Every single frame of this film screams Disney magic. What enchants me the most is the attention to detail in all the beautiful watercolor backgrounds, be it in Gepetto's cottage or Monstro's undersea environment, in which the design of the layouts remembers us of the great European illustrations from the storybooks we loved as kids. With its combination of remarkable animation, endearing characters (Ward Kimball's Jimminy Cricket is the highlight of this feature), great songs and those breathtaking Multiplane scenes, Pinocchio is a film that will still be fresh in people's mind in the next 60 years or so."

"There's so much great stuff about Disney's Pinocchio that's its hard to know where to being praising it. Rich deep animation, hugely memorable songs (who in the western world couldn't sing "Give a Little Whistle", "I've Got No Strings", "Hi-Diddly-Dee" or "When You Wish Upon A Star" on demand?), probably the world's best ever sidekick (Jiminy Cricket) and one of the scariest scenes in the history of animation (come on, you know you were scared when Lampwick turned into that Donkey). Pinocchio might not have taken in the big bucks on its first release unlike Snow White but its not hard to see why generations after that have taken this brilliant movie into their hearts."

"The absolute Disney Masterpiece, perfect until the end. Only Disney could make the best Carlo Collodi adaptation, giving a charm and a dark touch never equaled."

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