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BABY’S FAVORITE PLACES: First Words - Around Town,
Parents and Babies Explore the Town to Discover New Places and Ways to Communicate

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BURBANK, Calif. (April 21, 2006) – Moms who enjoyed introducing their little ones to words around the house with the Baby Wordsworth™ title will now love helping them explore beyond the front yard with Baby’s Favorite Places, available nationwide on July 25, 2006. The Baby Einstein Company and Academy Award® winning actress, Marlee Matlin, have come together again, to release the second title in a collection created to expose little ones to the idea that communication can take on many forms, including verbal, written and sign. Recommended for children one year and up, Baby’s Favorite Places provides parents with a fun and engaging way to interact with their little ones and discover the world together from a baby’s point of view.

As babies turn one year old they quickly become curious about the sights and places beyond their front door. From a trip to the mailbox to an afternoon at the park or a drive to the local ice cream shop, everything in the world around them is an exciting adventure just waiting to happen. Baby’s Favorite Places allows parents and children to discover the vocabulary of places around the town and express these new words through both verbal and non-verbal communication. The adventure starts close to home as little ones explore their street from the garden to the sidewalk. Their travel continues with a trip to the park where they are introduced to things such as a pond and the playground. Their journey ends at Main Street where they encounter places such as a café, a school and a library.

Baby’s Favorite Places introduces babies and toddlers to 20 new words in multiple forms, exposing them to what the word looks like visually, how it sounds and how to sign it. First, the written word is shown alongside an image of the featured place or object. Next, Marlee Matlin signs the word, which is then said aloud for children to hear. Once the words have been introduced, a collection of real-world images, art and playful children review each new part of the neighborhood, providing parents with another interactive opportunity to engage in the developmental process with their little one. After each section, little ones are encouraged to join in the fun as children practice signing the new words onscreen. Baby’s Favorite Places also incorporates engaging puppet shows, real world images and classical music from Mozart and Joplin. All are core elements of the award-winning Baby Einstein DVD collection.

“Working with The Baby Einstein Company to create DVD titles that incorporate sign language has been a rewarding adventure,” said Marlee Matlin. “As a mother of four, I understand babies’ endless curiosity about exploring the world around them and parents eagerness to be a part of the discovery process. It is thrilling for a parent to communicate with their child and by introducing non-verbal communication skills parents and little ones are able to interact on a whole new level before a child’s verbal skills are fully developed. There was a great response from parents and babies to the first title I worked on with Baby Einstein, called Baby Wordsworth, and it is exciting to have the opportunity to provide parents with a new title that continues the exploration of language in different forms.” Baby’s Favorite Places is the 21st DVD title from The Baby Einstein Company, the award-winning creator of the infant developmental media category and best-selling brand of videos for infants and toddlers, from birth. The DVD includes three bonus segments hosted by Marlee Matlin and, as with every Baby Einstein DVD, features multi-language viewing options in English, French and Spanish. Bonus materials include “Discovery Cards” that introduce people around the neighborhood, an animated matching game called “What Belongs”, and a sing-along of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star that incorporates sign language and is lead by Marlee Matlin. Available at major retailers and online, the suggested retail price is $19.99 for DVD.

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Read our Baby Einstein: Baby's Favorite Places DVD Review

About The Baby Einstein Company

The Baby Einstein Company, LLC, is the award-winning creator of the infant developmental media category. The company is famous for its best-selling Baby Einstein™ brand of videos, books, music CDs and toys specifically designed for babies and toddlers, from birth. Little Einsteins™, debuting in 2005, is the company’s newest venture, specifically created for the preschool market. Headquartered in Glendale, CA, The Baby Einstein Company is a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. For more information, visit www.babyeinstein.com or www.littleeinsteins.com.

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Marlee Matlin in the Main Street section of the feature program. A still from the My Street section of the feature program. A still from the Main Street section of the feature program.

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