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UltimateDisney.com: The Ultimate Guide to Disney DVD

July 31, 2004 - Today, we review Disney's new DVD of their dark 1983 Ray Bradbury adaptation, Something Wicked This Way Comes.

July's Most Popular DVDs on the Site

Top Sellers

1) The Ugly Dachshund
2) The Three Lives of Thomasina
3) The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band
4) Mickey Mouse in Living Color Vol. 2
5) Never a Dull Moment
6) Hot Lead & Cold Feet
7) No Deposit, No Return
8) The Little Mermaid
9) Greyfriars Bobby
10) Beauty and the Beast
11) The North Avenue Irregulars
12) Sleeping Beauty
13) Freaky Friday
14) Toy Story 2
15) The Chronological Donald
16) Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
17) Flight of the Navigator
18) Disney on the Front Lines
19) The Cat From Outer Space
20) Toy Story

Top Preorders

1) Darby O'Gill and the Little People
2) Mulan: Special Edition
3) Aladdin: Collector's Gift Set
4) Aladdin: Platinum Edition
5) Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas
6) The Watcher in the Woods
7) The Black Hole
8) Boy Meets World: Season 1
9) Something Wicked This Way Comes
10) Unidentified Flying Oddball
11) Home on the Range
12) Star Wars Trilogy (Widescreen)
13) The Princess Diaries (SE)
14) Oliver Twist
15) The Three Musketeers (Gift Set)
16) The Lion King II: Simba's Pride (SE)
17) Hans Brinker, or the Silver Skates
18) The Island at the Top of the World
19) The Christmas Star
20) The Third Man on the Mountain

July 30, 2004 - Disney's 2-disc Special Edition re-release of The Princess Diaries is the subject of our newest DVD review.

Our latest review covers Disney's new DVD release of their big budget 1979 sci-fi film The Black Hole.

This year has been good to Donald Duck. First his own Walt Disney Treasures set, and now, Donald is turning 70 and getting his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. For info on this and a screening of the upcoming feature The Three Musketeers at the El Capitan Theatre, click here.

July 29, 2004 - In our first review of next Tuesday's new releases, we cover Disney's DVD of their 1981 suspense film The Watcher in the Woods.

Our latest DVD review, the site's 150th overall, covers the wonderful 2-disc Vault Disney release of Swiss Family Robinson.

Today, we get our first look at the Aladdin DVD menus.

New cover art of the '50s films that are coming to DVD this September, Third Man on the Mountain and the Davy Crockett Two Movie Set housing both Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier and Davy Crockett and the River Pirates:

Third Man on the Mountain - click for larger image Davy Crockett: Two Movie Set - click for larger image

Around the World in 80 Days is now up for pre-order at Amazon.com.

July 28, 2004 - Disney has announced November 2nd as the release date for Around the World in 80 Days, the adventure/ comedy that the studio co-produced with Walden Media. Coming off a disappointing box office run, the film will arrive on DVD in separate anamorphic widescreen (preserving the 2.35:1 theatrical aspect ratio) and fullscreen versions. Bonus features will include deleted scenes, a cast and filmmaker audio commentary, a making-of featurette, director Frank Coraci's alternate opening (with optional commentary), a stunt choreography featurette with star Jackie Chan, and the music video for "All Over the World." Click here for the full press release and here to pre-order from Amazon.com.

Having already counted down the best of Disney's animated films, live action films, and songs, UltimateDisney.com is preparing to start a new countdown, and is looking for your ideas and feedback before voting begins in August.

In addition, if you haven't already registered for the Ultimate Disney.com discussion forum, you might want to before we reach 1,000 members, at which time there will be a new contest for registered forum members. Details to come. We're at 957 now. Click here to register.

July 26, 2004 - Courtesy of Richard Gray, we have more pictures from "One by One", the new short film from the creators of The Lion King which appears on the upcoming Lion King II Special Edition DVD.

Also, forum member Leesa informs us of a new confirmation that 3 new Walt Disney Treasures are slated for release on December 7.

Did you know? In our Worldwide DVD+ Shop/Search, you can browse Disney DVDs by actor, decade, and series. You can also view details on upcoming releases by month, search for all the products of a particular movie, and see what's offered overseas. There's even a list (updated daily) of the DVDs most popular with site visitors. Plus, any purchases made on UltimateDisney.com's Shop/Search supports this site.

July 25, 2004 - We are about to send out the latest issue of our free newsletter. If you would like to subscribe, send a blank e-mail to UltimateDisney-subscribe@topica.com or visit here.

July 23, 2004 - We get our first look at the neat menu screens from this autumn's 2-disc Mulan: Special Edition.

We've just posted 4 menus and 4 bonus features screencaps from next month's double-disc Special Edition re-release of The Lion King II: Simba's Pride.

Disney DVD 2004 Holiday Gift Guide

Disney has released their 2004 Holiday Gift Guide, which previews some of the major Disney DVD releases coming later this year and early next. The Holiday Gift Guide includes photos and information from the Disney's highly-anticipated upcoming DVDs such as Aladdin, Mulan, The Disney Princess Collection, Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas, and more.

From this, we learn that the Wonderful World of Disney's 2003 telemovie Eloise at Christmastime will be making its way to DVD on November 16. No word on bonus features, but SRP will be $24.99. Meanwhile, the direct-to-video Mulan II, originally slated for this fall, has been pushed back to February 8, 2005, which rings in the the Chinese New Year. More on Mulan II here.

July 22, 2004 - Disney characters of the past and present are adorning a new, line of customizable clothing. Visitors to the recently-opened DisneyInkShop.com can choose from over 2,000 images of Disney characters plus an assortment of phrases to design their very own Disney T-shirt, sweatshirt, or other top. The online shop allows Disney fans to pick their favorite images from a diverse library of artwork. Plans are already in motion to add mouse pads and posters featuring the studio's characters. For more information, read this USA Today article or visit DisneyInkShop.com.

July 21, 2004 - Amazon.com now has Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas up for pre-order at 30% off.

More disc art comes your way today, as we get a first look at what's inside the case on two Aladdin DVDs and three from "Boy Meets World" Season One:

Aladdin: Disc 1 art -- click for larger image Aladdin: Disc 2 art -- click for larger image Boy Meets World disc art: click for all three discs' artwork

July 20, 2004 - We've just posted the press release for Boy Meets World: Season 1. The three-disc set will include all of the episodes from the 1993-94 season, plus the pilot and a bonus episode. Bonus features include audio commentaries from cast members Ben Savage, Rider Strong, Will Friedle, Danielle Fishel, and producer Michael Jacobs.

Here's a look at the Aladdin: Collector's Gift Set (pre-order):

Aladdin: Collector's Gift Set -- click for larger image

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen comes to DVD this week!

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
is now available on DVD.
Read our review.
Order from:
Amazon.com ($20.99)
BestBuy.com ($17.99,
with free shipping/in-store pickup)

July 19, 2004 - We've just posted sixteen screencaps of bonus features from this fall's highly-anticipated 2-disc Special Edition of Mulan.

July 16, 2004 - We have two new DVD reviews for you today. The North Avenue Irregulars rounds out our thorough coverage of the July 6 catalogue titles. We also look at Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, which is released next Tuesday.

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