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Donald and Daisy are one of three duos to get their own Classic Cartoon Favorites discs this month. Click to read all about the April 11th "Best Pals" wave of DVDs.
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Classic Cartoon Favorites: Wave 4 - Best Pals
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The Little Einsteins are back for a triple-length adventure, on DVD April 25th. Click to read more and see the menu.

Home Improvement: Seas. 4
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Eight Below
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Cow Belles
The Suite Life of Zack & Cody: Taking Over the Tipton
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"Dinosaurs" will become one of the few television shows bearing the Disney name to come to DVD when its first two seasons are released on May 2nd. Click for full details.
1. Dinosaurs: Seas. 1 & 2
1. High School Musical
3. The Little Mermaid: Platinum Edition
4. Little Einsteins: Team Up for Adventure
5. Walt Disney's It's a Small World of Fun: Vol. 1
6. Walt Disney's It's a Small World of Fun: Vol. 2
7. Dumbo: Big Top Edition
8. The Golden Girls: S5
9. Home Improvement: S4
Preview "The Wild", "Cars" "Pirates of the Caribbean 2", "The Santa Clause 3" and other upcoming Disney films.
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An Interview with Pocahontas: Irene Bedard
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Donnie Dunagan

From Mouseketeer to Musician: Don Grady
An Interview with Jim Brickman, Disney Songbook
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Taylor Lautner

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See Upcoming Schedule for the latest announcements. / Tuesday's New Release Chart

April 15, 2006 - Our Upcoming Disney & Buena Vista DVD Price Drops thread has been updated with permanent SRP reductions now scheduled to take place in July and August. Among the soon to be discounted titles are The Haunted Mansion, Where the Red Fern Grows, Finding Neverland, Shall We Dance?, and Mr. 3000. See the thread for new list prices and links to our detailed reviews.

The debut trailer for Meet the Robinsons has quickly made its way online. (Thanks to "PatrickvD" for pointing this out.)

High-res cover art has been added for Leroy & Stitch.

April 14, 2006 - New press releases for "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody": Taking Over the Tipton and "That's So Raven": Raven's Makeover Madness reveal that each Disney Channel comedy series' July 18th DVD will contain four episodes plus a never-before-seen fifth. "Suite Life" will include episodes guest-starring Jesse McCartney and Zac Efron, plus the bonus featurette "Hanging with Cole and Dylan, with guest star Jesse McCartney." "Raven" will contain the "So You Think You Know Raven" interactive trivia challenge. See the announcements for more details.

Pixar Stock

Today, at 4:28 and 7:39 ET/PT, Starz Kids & Family viewers will get an exclusive look at Meet the Robinsons, the next computer-animated film from Walt Disney Feature Animation which is due to open in theaters March 2007. The latest in a line of Starz Kids & Family/Disney exclusives, the sneak peek will subsequently run through Sunday, April 23 at unannounced times between movie airings. We've updated our capsule preview with new information on the voice cast from this time travel tale based on William Joyce's book.

The Wild, the latest animated release from Walt Disney Pictures, opens in over 2,800 theaters today. It doesn't take more than a trailer viewing to draw obvious comparisons to Pixar's Finding Nemo and, even more so, DreamWorks' Madagascar. Almost every one of the CGI jungle-to-jungle comedy's largely negative reviews does just that. The film marks the feature-length debut for Toronto-based C.O.R.E. Feature Animation, whose visuals are being boasted as photorealistic. Check out our preview for links to trailers, the official website, and tie-in merchandise, plus more information.

According to Box Office Mojo, Disney has set August 25th as the release date for the NFL drama Invincible, which stars Mark Wahlberg and Greg Kinnear. Among other new schedulings/reschedulings are upcoming Touchstone releases directed by Mel Gibson and Christopher Nolan.

April 13, 2006 - This Tuesday, after forty years in animated movies and eighty years in print, Winnie the Pooh received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It wasn't pure coincidence that the Bear of Very Little Brain's 1997 direct-to-video film Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin made its DVD debut the same day. Tonight, we have a review of this so-called Special Edition here. The film clearly predates Disney's preschool-ization of Pooh and holds up rather well for being one of the studio's earliest DTV forays. It's not perfect or on par with the studio's best Pooh fare, but Grand Adventure delivers plenty of fun. Its widescreen transfer turns out to be a minor issue, as picture is mostly great and sound is top-notch. The bonuses are mostly nothing, with the exception of the Oscar-winning short Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day, probably the biggest highlight of the bear's career. Read our full review for complete coverage of this recent release.

April 12, 2006 - In a departure from tradition, BVHE has stated that there is no Collector's Gift Set currently planned for this fall's Platinum Edition title, The Little Mermaid. The past three Octobers, Disney animated classics have simultaneously made their DVD debuts in standalone 2-disc Platinum Editions and as part of deluxe gift sets, containing a hardcover book, signed concept art of characters, and a film frame and carrying a $49.99 list price. As Mermaid's much-anticipated return to DVD remains just under six months away, plans still could change. As usual, the most effective way to have your feedback reach the studio is by calling their customer hotline (1-800-723-4763) or e-mailing

Disney has made use of the domain for a new official website for the forthcoming box set of "Dinosaurs": The Complete First and Second Seasons. The site holds more than a dozen clips from the show and the DVD extras, plus character bios, wallpapers and buddy icons, and more. With release less than three weeks away, the 4-disc set is the next major DVD bearing the "Disney" name. You can read the press release here.

This Week's Bargains's Hot List (Amazon's most popular Disney and non-Disney DVD deals) Bargains (Support Ultimate Disney: buy online, free in-store pickup.)
Last week: Buy Bambi II and save $3 on a Disney DVD
24 Disney DVDs on Sale - Up to 50% Off! - Pixar, live action & much more
Buy Disney Princess Sing Along Songs V3 and save $3 on another Princess DVD
Buy Meet the Orchestra and save $3 on any other Baby Einstein DVD

April 11, 2006 - Buena Vista Home Entertainment has just issued a Cow Belles press release. The Disney Channel Original Movie will milk your wallet on June 27th. The disc will boast an extended version of the dairy farm comedy, a behind-the-scenes featurette, and music videos for stars/sisters/songstresses Aly & A.J.'s "Rush" and "On the Ride."

Another of today's new DVDs gets reviewed here. The Greatest Game Ever Played tells the underdog story of Francis Ouimet, a working class caddie who became a golf champion in the 1913 U.S. Open. As period golf dramas only have so much appeal, the film, directed by Bill Paxton and starring Shia LaBeouf, makes appeals with a focus on class struggles and repeated attempts to make golf exciting with editing and visual effects. Its disc is surprisingly full of worthwhile bonuses, including two engaging audio commentaries, a making-of featurette, and a very cool 1963 broadcast which caught up with the real Ouimet. Read our full review here.

A fourth episode compilation of the popular Disney Channel comedy series "That's So Raven", titled Raven's Makeover Madness, is coming to DVD on July 18th. The same day, "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody" gets a first release of its own, titled Taking Over the Tipton. Each single disc is expected to hold four episodes and will carry a $19.99 list price. "Suite Life" will include a behind-the-scenes featurettes and an unaired episode. now has both "Raven" and "Suite Life" up for preorder at $13.99 each. Based on the e-tailer's current trends, those 30% discounts should end very soon, so order now and get both to qualify for free shipping in the U.S. UPDATE: it took two days, but they're now up to full SRP, like every other BVHE DVD. Cover art has been posted here.

Tuesday's here and with it, the most new Disney DVDs in over a month. We're hard at work to bring you reviews of all the week's new releases. For now, enjoy Aaron Wallace's look at Classic Cartoon Favorites: Volume 12 - Best Pals: Mickey & Pluto, an 8-short compilation which contains much more Pluto than Mickey. While the disc can be faulted for failing to uphold the title, like others in the series, its content does not disappoint. Among the hour of solid entertainment offered are two cartoons making their DVD debuts. Check back later for more new reviews!

Cover art from the latest wave of Disney Movie Club exclusives. Click to join the DMC.

April 8, 2006 - The Disney Movie Club's latest mailing reveals that three new DVDs are making their debuts exclusively through the club. A Tiger Walks, released theatrically in 1964, is a small town drama starring Brian Keith. The other two discs pair up episodes of Disney's long-running anthology series. The Bluegrass Special, a 1977 installment about a teenage girl's dream to become a jockey is teamed with 1974's Runaway on the Rogue River about a runaway circus elephant. The 1965 episode The Yellowstone Cubs (issued to theaters two years earlier) is joined by the equally self-explanatory Flash, the Teen-Age Otter, which first aired in 1961. Each of these three Club Premieres features "The Wonderful World of Disney" logo atop the case; Tiger is priced at $19.95 while the double features are $14.95 a piece; all qualify for the club's usual multi-item purchase discounts. This latest wave, which has yet to be made available online and is not available to enroll with, brings the total number of DMC-exclusives to 15, only two of which have received wide release in Region 1. To join the DMC and support UD, click here.

While has curiously placed just about every single Buena Vista DVD at full retail price, a new preorder listing bucks the trend. The Little Mermaid: Platinum Edition, coming October 3rd, is now on sale for 30% off.

Our second review of next week's numerous new releases looks at Classic Cartoon Favorites: Volume 11 - Best Pals: Donald & Daisy, which lives up to its long title. Presenting nearly every vintage short that stars Donald and Daisy, the disc entertains heartily and marks the DVD debut of four fun cartoons. While the video quality is a little more lacking than usual and extras are still nowhere to be found, this compilation makes is a sampling ideal for the non-completist looking for a solid hour of Donald and Daisy hijinks.

Via Animated News, Yahoo! Movies reports that Destino is scheduled to come to DVD alongside documentary footage "later this year." The surreal 7-minute short, conceived by Walt Disney and Salvador Dali in the 1940s and completed in 2003, was recently screened at Italy's 10th Cartoons on the Bay Festival, where executive producer Roy E. Disney received a lifetime achievement award.

April 5, 2006 - Four of the last six weeks have seen the release of just a single DVD from Buena Vista Home Entertainment, which makes next week's offering of eight titles (five from Disney) a change of pace for the studio. Nonetheless, our reviewers are striving to keep up. Classic Cartoon Favorites: Volume 10 - Best Pals: Mickey & Minnie, the subject of our latest critique, has a title that is not only long but misleading too. That's because the mouse couple takes backstage to Pluto and Figaro, their speechless dog and cat, in a majority of the disc's eight vintage shorts. Four of the cartoons make their DVD debut here, including two from the short-lived Figaro series that are not expected to turn up on Treasures anytime soon. As is usual for the healthy budget line, the disc delivers no extras and a mixed bag of video quality. Read our review for more information.

More than 400 DVDs from Buena Vista Home Entertainment are currently on sale for just $5.99 each at Deep Discount DVD. The discounted titles include special editions of live action hits, various hour-long cartoon compilations, and many from Disney's other film branches. The sale will run until April 24th. You can discuss it here.

Tuesday's New Release - Disney's #1 film of 2005, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, is now on DVD!

Read Our Review Press Release Discuss The DVDs
Order the Special Two-Disc Collector's Edition
Buy the 2-Disc Collector's Edition from: ($34.99) ($26.99, plus 40-DVD wallet for $3 and save $5 on King Kong or save $3 on Bambi II)
Order the single disc Widescreen Edition
Buy the Widescreen 1-Disc from: ($29.99) eBay ($14.99, plus 40-DVD wallet for $3 and save $5 on King Kong or save $3 on Bambi II) ($13.99, free in-store pickup plus 10-minute download)
This Week's Bargains's Hot List (Amazon's most popular Disney and non-Disney DVD deals) Bargains (Support Ultimate Disney: buy online, free in-store pickup.)
24 Disney DVDs on Sale - Up to 50% Off! - Pixar, live action & much more
Buy Disney Princess Sing Along Songs V3 and save $3 on another Princess DVD
Buy Bambi II and save $3 on a Disney DVD (choose from over 100 titles)
Buy Meet the Orchestra and save $3 on any other Baby Einstein DVD

April 4, 2006 - We've got a high-resolution look at what is probably as close to the actual cover of The Little Mermaid: Platinum Edition DVD as you're likely to see before October and it's all yours right here. In case you haven't noticed, Disney has recently carried over their practice of issuing fake Platinum Edition artwork to all of their output, leaving e-tailers' images to often be fairly crude representations of the final product. We'll continue to try our best to bring you the actual cover art when possible and not merely these cartoonish mock-ups.

The only title being released to DVD by Disney today is the blockbuster fantasy adaptation The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, the Special Two-Disc Collector's Edition of which just so happens to be the subject of our 418th and latest DVD review. The film is the best Disney released last year and the two-disc set, while not without a few supplemental shortcomings, is thus far the finest Disney DVD of 2006. Our review looks at C.S. Lewis's bestselling novel's journey to the big screen, its religious overtones, its status among cinematic fantasies, and all the ins and outs of the DVD, which largely satisfies for now but leaves room for future improvement. Click to read.

While Disney has yet to formally announce the contents of this October's Platinum Edition re-release of The Little Mermaid, they have passed on a few details to retailers, which naturally went public very quickly. Those details revealed that the two-disc set will include an all-new digital restoration, an all-new Disney Enhanced Home Theater Dolby 5.1 soundtrack, "FastPlay", deleted scenes, "The Story Behind the Story" on Hans Christian Andersen, "The Making of The Little Mermaid", the Imagineer-spawned Little Mermaid Virtual Ride, an all-new music video, a sneak peek at The Little Mermaid III, and "much, much more." That last part remains to be announced.

Top Selling DVDs

1) Lady and the Tramp: Platinum Edition
2) Modern Marvels: Disney World
3) The Shaggy Dog: Wild & Woolly Ed.
4) Howl's Moving Castle (2-Disc Set)
5) My Neighbor Totoro (2-Disc Set)
6) The Shaggy D.A.: Canine Cand. Ed.
7) Chicken Little
8) Whisper of the Heart (2-Disc Set)
9) Little House on the Prairie (2005)
10) Baby Einstein: Meet the Orchestra
11) Darby O'Gill and the Little People
12) Dream On Silly Dreamer
13) Beauty and the Beast: PE
14) Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
15) Bambi II
16) WD Treasures: Disney Rarities
17) Dumbo: 60th Anniversary Edition
18) Sleeping Beauty
19) WDT: The Chronological Donald V2
20) The Lion King: Platinum Edition
Top Preorders
1) The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (2-Disc CE)
2) High School Musical
3) "Dinosaurs" Seasons 1 and 2
4) The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (1-Disc WS)
5) Dumbo: Big Top Edition
6) Little Einsteins: Team Up
7) "Home Improvement" Season 4
8) It's a Small World of Fun: V2
9) Pooh's Grand Adventure: SE
10) It's a Small World of Fun: V1
11) CCF 10 - Best Pals: Mickey & Minnie
12) CCF 11 - Best Pals: Donald & Daisy
13) Leroy & Stitch
Top Selling Non-Disney DVDs
1) Harry Potter & Goblet of Fire (DE)
2) Wallace & Gromit: Were-Rabbit
3) "The Flintstones" Season 5
4) Pride and Prejudice (2005)
5) King Kong (2005): 2-Disc SE
6) "Batman Beyond" Season 1
7) Walk the Line: 2-Disc CE

April 1, 2006 - The release of Pixar's seventh feature film is just ten weeks away and beginning with Cars, the Emeryville-based studio intends to amp its production rate to one movie a year. That makes Ratatouille, the Brad Bird-directed film on which little is known, a little over a year away. We've updated our Upcoming Disney Movies page with a brand new section on Ratatouille, compiling the few items confirmed about the computer-animated comedy scheduled to open theatrically in June 2007.

March 31, 2006 - Disney's official Leroy & Stitch press release elaborates on the series-concluding direct-to-video feature's plot and reveals that the June 27th release will include only one never-before-aired episode of "Lilo & Stitch: The Series." Click to read it.

Chimney Sweepstakes, a newly-opened website specializing in Disney giveaways, is currently giving visitors the shot to win the Mary Poppins 40th Anniversary Edition DVD plus Golden Mouse Ears and a pin commemorating Disneyland's 50th Anniversary. Beginning in May, the site promises daily prizes of interest to Disney fans.'s Spring 2006 CD Roundup

March 30, 2006 - Our fourth and latest batch of reviews covering the newest output from Walt Disney Records is here. UD's Spring CD Roundup critiques ten albums released in the past few months. There are soundtracks for High School Musical, Bambi II, Lady and the Tramp, The Shaggy Dog, "JoJo's Circus", and "That's So Raven"; Baby Einstein: Meet the Orchestra for tots and Little Einsteins: Musical Missions for the slightly older; DEVO 2.0, which remakes the New Wave band with tweens; and Steve Tyrell's jazzy takes on classic animated tunes in The Disney Standards. Click here to read them all.

Today, we break out a new capsule review format for our debut DVD Roundup, which takes a look at three discs recently released from Disney's Touchstone, ESPN, and Miramax divisions. Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, Rob Schneider's raunchy, successful-enough-to-spawn-a-sequel, R-rated 1999 comedy gets revisited in a "Little Black Book Edition." Through the Fire, a documentary on basketball superstar Sebastian Telfair's exciting senior year in high school, is treated to a very packed disc. While Daltry Calhoun would appear to be a Johnny Knoxville comedy from the cover, it's actually a pleasantly surprising light-hearted drama boasting an impressive list of bonuses. Read critiques of all three right here.

March 20, 2006 - Disney has recently made the hit Disney Channel Original Movie High School Musical available for download on iTunes for the price of $9.99. This is the first time the studio has released a full-length film for iTunes download and comes after the movie's soundtrack and several songs from it have set sales and download records. The film will come to DVD with bonuses on May 23rd. now has the DVD up for preorder.

Recent Disney and Disney-Related DVD Reviews:
Little House on the Prairie - The Wonderful World of Disney's six-hour miniseries aspires to faithfully adapt Laura Ingalls Wilder's widely-read 1935 novel, but it only satisfies in fits. The two-disc DVD is reasonably priced and boasts a stellar soundtrack, but subpar picture quality and the utter lack of extras disappoint.
My Neighbor Totoro - Hayao Miyazaki's acclaimed 1988 film relies on a simple narrative and family drama rather than the usual fantastic elements or confounding messages, but this route serves up his most personal and one of his most satisfying works to date. The two-disc DVD corrects a previous injustice with a more than adequate new dub, the original Japanese soundtrack, and a good widescreen transfer, but its bonuses are light even by Disney's Ghibli standards.
Chicken Little - More than a movie due to its medium, Disney's first fully computer-animated work is a pretty uneven and mediocre debut. Its calculated randomness provides only semi-satisfaction and so does the DVD. Aside from music videos and a game that don't merit repeat viewings, the light disc delivers a standard making-of featurette and genuinely interesting deleted scenes.
Walt Disney Treasures: Silly Symphonies - The better half of the musically-themed '20s/'30s series is given a collector-friendly DVD presentation. The lineup includes several landmark shorts and noteworthy fables. Erring only with an excess of Easter eggs, the 2-disc set boasts deluxe restorations, a handful of inishgtful bonuses, unique pre-deteroriation packaging, and a shortage of cautionary intros.
Baby Einstein: Meet the Orchestra - First Instruments - Simple but easy to commend, this 40-minute program introduces toddlers to the various components of an orchestra with the typically accessible supply of puppetry, bright colors, and small children.
Modern Marvels: Walt Disney World - The History Channel's documentary does as good a job as 89 minutes allow in looking at the achievements in construction and technology for which Florida's much-visited resort is responsible. The program divides its attention among all four parks, boasting nice computer graphics, insights from Disney Imagineers and an adequately-upheld focus. This disc should delight Disney parks enthusiasts and stimulate those with even a slight interest.

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